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Chapter 237-The Cooperation Between Pharmacist and Danzo

It is so easy to hand over the roots that he has built so hard.

Danzo only felt his heart dripping blood continuously.

Even if there were all kinds of unwillingness, Danzo did not dare to say the word rejection.

Even Danzo didn't dare to make the slightest little movement, and Qianshou Zhuma was not Sarutobi Hiji.

If he really dared to make any extra moves, Qianshou Zhuma would definitely kill him on the spot without hesitation.

Mito Menyan and Zhuan Ke Xiaochun glanced in the direction of Danzo, then retracted their gazes and moved them slightly to the outside.

On the other side, Jiraiya was obviously a little dazed by Senju Zhuma's acceptance of the dark part and root part.

However, Ji Lai also nodded.

Although Jilai also wanted to leave Konoha and continue to gather information as before.

But Konoha, who had just experienced two battles, obviously needed him more.

"Since no one rejects these two things, it's settled like this."

Seeing no one talking between Qianshouzhu, he touched his head and said with a silly smile.

After confirming these things, there was no change except for the expression of Hyuga Hizu.

Mito Menyan, Koharu, Danzo, Tsunade, Jiraiya and other high-level Konoha, Shangdu each left the Hokage office with a little complicated look.

Until I left the Hokage office building a long way away.

Danzo, who tried his best to keep himself calm, clenched his hands fiercely, his eyes flashed with a cold killing intent.

But soon, this killing intent disappeared again, as if it had never appeared before.

Danzo continued to walk forward, his eyes flickering.

Today Senju Zhuma was really serious and taught him a lesson.

Originally Danzo thought that although the strength of Senjujuma was strong, he might not be proficient in politics, but now it seems that he underestimated Senjujuma!

It's not that Qianshouzhujian is not proficient, but that it is disdain to use.

With a powerful force that can suppress troubled times, any strategy is of no use.

Now Danzo suddenly realized that maybe he had gone into a fork in the road without picking up.

Strength is fundamental!

Although Danzo had already faintly felt that Senju Zhuma was a little dissatisfied with what he had done before.

But he didn't expect that Senju Zhuma would directly remove all the power in his hands.

Without the "root", Danzo is equivalent to losing his hands and feet.

Especially now, Senju Zhuma is already a little disgusted with him.

"It seems that I have to prepare early."

Danzo gently raised his hand, touched his right eye which was covered by gauze, and muttered to himself in a low voice.

This technique has always been used by Danzo as the hole card in the hole card. Originally, this ninjutsu wanted to keep a fellow of the Uchiha clan.

But now it seems that I am afraid it will be used in advance.

Before long, there will probably be a big battle between the Chishou Zhuma and the original Shuiying Youdou.

This will be Danzo's only chance to use this ninjutsu.

Most importantly, this ninjutsu Danzo did not intend to use it on Senjujuma.

Senjujutsuma may be a little disgusted with him, but he will never kill him.

Of course, there is a more important point that Danzo is not sure that he can control Senjujuzuma.

But Danzo knew through Konoha's secrets that the first generation of Shuiying Youdou had very weak resistance to illusion.

Compared with Qianshouzhujian, the success rate of the original Shuiying Youdou is obviously much higher.

Thinking of this, Dan Zang's eyes flashed with excitement.

If he succeeds, whether Senjujuama or Uchiha Madara, he will no longer fear anyone.

Even unifying the entire Ninja World is not a bad idea!

Tuan Zang's pace could not help speeding up a bit.He wants to make some preparations for this as soon as possible.

However, Danzo hadn't gone far, and suddenly stopped at the intersection ahead.

I saw that at the corner of the intersection ahead, a figure was quietly leaning against the wall.

"Pharmacy pocket?"

Tuan Zang narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the medicine master's mouth in a cold voice.

Since the information that Pharmacist Tou told Konoha's people last time was confirmed, the surveillance of Pharmacist's Tou has been removed.

Of course, this is just to remove the ninja from the bright face, there are still ninjas from the dark side watching the Pharmacist pocket.

Konoha's high-level officials had long ignored the conditions that were promised to the pharmacist at the beginning. In short, it was cold treatment.

"I didn't expect to be here, and it was really unexpected to be able to meet Master Danzang by chance."

The pharmacist looked towards Danzo and said with a smile.

Chance encounter?

A sneer appeared at the corner of Tuan Zang's mouth, and Yakushi Tou might have been waiting for him here:

"I can easily get rid of Anbu's surveillance, but I underestimate you."

"It took a lot of effort to get rid of them, but they will find out after a while. Looking at the look of Lord Danzang, it seems that something went wrong with this meeting."

The pharmacist spread out his hands, showing a helpless expression.

"Say something!" Dan Zang said with an impatient expression on his face in a cold voice.

Hearing Danzo's words, a gleam of surprise and brilliance flashed deep in Yao Shidou's eyes.

It seemed that Danzo's situation was worse than he expected.

Otherwise, with Danzang's high self-esteem, he wouldn't waste much time on himself.

"I want to cooperate with Master Danzang."

The pharmacist stood up straight with a serious expression on his face.

"just you?"

Danzo raised his eyebrows, and said in disdain.

After speaking, Danzo turned and continued to walk forward.

"I may not be qualified, but Master Oshamaru is no longer."

Pharmacist Dou gradually moved towards Danzo, who was walking forward, slowly speaking.

Tuan Zang paused, then suddenly turned his head to look at Pharmacist's pocket:

"Oshemaru is dead, are you asking me to make a deal with a dead person?"

"The three heroes in the legend can be resurrected, and Lord Oshemaru can naturally also be resurrected."

With a confident expression on Yakushidou's face, he looked at Danzo.

Danzang took a deep look at the pharmacist's pocket, then turned and left after a while.

It wasn't until Dan Zang's figure completely disappeared from the field of vision of Yakushidou that a smile appeared on the corner of Yakushidou's mouth.

Although Danzo did not agree, he did not refuse either.

This is the best news in the eyes of the pharmacist.

I just wanted to test it out, but I didn't expect to have unexpected gains.

After all, the whole Konoha can help him, probably only Danzo.


Just at this time,

The sound of breaking through the air suddenly came from one side.

Several Anbe ninjas wearing masks appeared around the pharmacist pocket at the same time.

These Anbe ninjas stared at Pharmacist's pocket coldly.

"Next time, don't blame us for doing it."

One of the Anbe ninjas said coldly.

The pharmacist pushed his eyes around, his face was full of innocent expressions.

The ninjas of the Anbe didn't speak, but a flash, all turned into afterimages and disappeared.

The pharmacist put his hands in his pockets and began to return according to the original path.

The prey that Osaimaru-sama had been optimistic about has already defected, and Uchiha Madara is still there.

Under the watch of Anbe Ninja, Yakushidou couldn't do anything even if he wanted to.

But now, for Sasuke who left Konoha, Yakushidou is even more helpless.

Originally, he wanted to use the curse mark left on Sasuke's body to resurrect Oshimaru-sama, and at the same time let Oshemaru directly seize Sasuke's body.

But now it seems that it has not worked.