When You Dou will monitor all the Bai Jue in Wuyin Village and solve them all.

Konoha is doing the same thing on the other side.

On the Naruto Rock.

Thousands of hands put his hands on his chest, quietly standing on top of his stone statue.

And at the foot of Senshou Zhuma, there was a Bai Jue who had died silently.

"What a peculiar life, it is somewhat similar to my Mu Dundao."

Qianshou Zhujian glanced at Bai Jue at his feet, a strange look flashed in his eyes.

Originally, Senju Zhuma didn't pay much attention to anyone watching Konoha.

Of course, it is also possible that Senjuzuzuma didn't care at all.

However, the defect of Neji Hyuga and Sasuke Uchiha made Senjujuama a little wary.

It's nothing more than Neji Hyuga, through the information provided by the Hyuga clan.

Senjujuzuma could roughly guess that before he was resurrected, the guy from You Dou should have been in contact with Neji Hyuga.

As for Uchiha Sasuke, someone should sneak into Konoha secretly and contact Uchiha Sasuke secretly.

It was because of this incident that Senjuzuzu became a little wary.

Unexpectedly, this search, there are really a few guys who are deeply hidden.

And this Bai Jue at the foot of Chishou Zhuma was just one of them.


Qianshou Zhuma withdrew his gaze from the dead Bai Jue, a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

At present, the whole Ninja world maintains this inexplicable balance because of the three of them.

Senshou Zhuma is very clear that this situation will not last long, and sooner or later someone will take the initiative to break the current situation.

Once this happens, it will be thorough.

Senshou Zhuma raised his head to look in the direction of Konoha, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

In a dark underground chamber in Konoha.

This place used to be a place for the roots to train ninjas.

However, people have already left the building here, and all the root ninjas, after Jiraiya took over, all evacuated the secret locations established by Danzo.

With Jiraiya's character, although he can't get used to the dark way on the ship, of course, he will not continue to train the root ninja in the place where Danzo once trained.

Overnight, all the forces established by Danzo were emptied.

After all, this was an order from Senshouju, not to mention that Ji Lai was not easy to fool.

Therefore, Danzo not only did not use any small means, but actively assisted Jilai and took over the roots.

This instead caused Jiraiya, who was already prepared, to not adapt for a while.

Of course, Danzo did not leave behind.

Although his training method like this is somewhat cruel, most of the root ninjas are still absolutely loyal to Danzo.

As for the other unstable guys, Danzo had already set up special sealing techniques on these ninjas.

Although Jiraiya took over the roots, it was impossible to do so in a short time if he wanted to subdue all these ninjas at the roots, so Danzo was not in a hurry.

As long as his plan is successful, the roots will return to his hands without any loss for Danzo.

This is why Danzo took the initiative to assist Jiraiya and take over the roots.


A soft sound of the door opening sounded in this deserted environment.

The originally flat wall suddenly shrank slowly, revealing a portal.

With a sullen expression on his face, Tuan Zang walked in through this portal.

And there was a figure on Danzo's shoulder.

His shoulders shook slightly, and the figure that was carried by Dan Zang on his shoulders was thrown to the ground by Dan Zang casually.

This ninja who passed out into a coma is no one else, but Mitarashi adzuki beans.

Danzo cast a glance at Misasarin Red Beans, and stood there waiting quietly.

If it wasn't for the fact that there was no one under him, he wouldn't need him to deal with Mitarai Azuki.

In his current situation, once discovered by Konoha's ninja, the situation will be very dangerous.

Time passed by, and as time passed, Dan Zang's forehead couldn't help but wrinkle slightly.


At this moment, Mitarai Adzuki bean suddenly let out a painful moan.

Seeing this scene, a cold color flashed in Danzo's eyes, and he raised the crutch in his hand and flicked it slightly.

In an instant, the afterimage of the crutch had knocked on the back of Mitarai Adzuki bean's neck.

Mitarai Azuki, who had just been awakened, fainted again.

"As expected, Master Danzo."

A slight compliment sounded from the door where Danzo walked out.

The pharmacist glanced at the direction of Mitarai Azuki and pushed his glasses.

"You are late, and I hope that Oshe Maru can really be resurrected, and it is best to give me a satisfactory reward, otherwise..."

Tuan Zang looked at Pharmacist's pocket coldly, with an undisguised killing intent in his eyes.

"I will never let the adults down."

Pharmacist's face remained unchanged, still maintaining a gentle look, and said softly.

Danzo took a deep look at the pharmacist pocket, took a scroll from his arms and threw it over.

The pharmacist quickly took the scroll without any hesitation, his hands quickly formed a seal and pressed it on the scroll.

As a burst of white smoke dissipated, a piece of meat with a slight whitish color appeared in front of the pharmacist.

Feeling the vitality from this piece of meat, the pharmacist's eyes lit up.

This is exactly the piece of meat cultivated with the cells between the Senjue pillars.

This kind of thing is not lacking in the secret base of Dashemaru.But now in Konoha's pharmacist pocket, there is no way to get it, so I can only ask Danzo for help.

After confirming that there was no problem, the pharmacist picked up the piece of meat and walked directly in the direction of Mitarai Adzuki beans.

Put the meat on the neck of Mitarai red bean, at the position of the curse seal.

Immediately afterwards, Pharmacist Pouch also took out a scroll from his arms, pulled the scroll apart and pressed it on the slightly wriggling piece of meat.

What is stored in this scroll is the chakra of Oshemaru itself.

After finishing all this, the pharmacist had a serious expression on his face, and his hands quickly began to seal.


After the last mudra was solved, the pharmacist's pocket slammed on the ground and let out a low drink.

A strip of black lines quickly surrounded Mitarai red beans.

next moment.

The position of the curse mark on Mitarai Azuki's neck suddenly trembled.


A white granular sprout suddenly emerged from the curse mark, and instantly transformed into the form of a white snake, slamming into the specially prepared piece of meat.

The piece of meat swelled rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, in the eyes of Dan Zang with a little surprise.

With a smile on the corner of Da She Wan's mouth, he appeared in front of the two of them.