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Chapter 242: Some Messy Big Snake Pill

When the pharmacist saw the figure of Dashe Wan, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

The last anxiety in the heart of the original place disappeared completely.

"Master Oshemaru!"

The pharmacist looked at the big snake pill and hurriedly spoke respectfully. At the same time, the pharmacist quickly handed over the clothes he had prepared.

Oshemaru casually put clothes similar to a robe on her body, looking at Danzo who was standing not far away.

Seeing the resurrection of Da She Wan, Dan Zang's eyelids couldn't help but jump.

Originally, Tuan Zang didn't believe in the fact that Yao Shi said that he could resurrect Da She Wan.

After all, Oshe Maru was killed by You Dou, but many people have seen it.

With the strength of a powerful person like Right Fight, there would be no such thing as a failure to kill.

It's just that Danzo really wants to see what Yakushi is going to do.

But the Dashewan in front of me is indeed resurrected, and this breath cannot be wrong.


Tuan Zang's eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked at Da She Wan's condensed voice.

"Long time no see, Master Danzang."

Dashemaru wears a signature smile on his face, watching Danzo lick his lips.

Hearing the sound of Oshemaru, Danzo glanced in the direction of Mitarashi Red Bean, a sharp light flashed deep in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Da She Wan had hidden such a backhand.

Danzo, who originally thought that Oshe Maru was a bit dangerous, now sees Oshe Maru's resurrection method, and her heart is not only a little afraid.

The method used by the pharmacist just now is not complicated, that is to say, as long as the resurrection conditions are met, the Dashewan will not die.

What's more, Danzo doesn't know if there are other methods hidden in Dashemaru.

"As expected of my outstanding disciple, he helped me a lot."

Oshemaru also saw Mitarashi adzuki beans who had passed out in a coma, and her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.

According to the original plan, it should be resurrected with Sasuke's body, but now it is indeed a backup plan.

Moreover, the Danzo in front of him made O Shemaru understand that they were still in Konoha, and obviously something went wrong.

Thinking of this, there was a dignified look in Da She Maru's eyes.

Although it was only a brief look at each other, Dashemaru still saw a trace of fear in Danzo's gaze.

There is nothing wrong with this.

But it is also the most wrong place for Dashemaru!

Danzo knows about Danzo, and likewise, Danzo also knows Danzo.

Seeing that he was resurrected after his death, Danzo shouldn't just be jealous.

This ninjutsu that can resurrect him, Danzo should not hide his greedy look. No one can refuse the ninjutsu that is resurrected.

Even Danzo can use a forbidden technique like Izanah eleven times.

After all, no one would mind one more life.

Similarly, Oshemaru will use this ninjutsu to negotiate with Danzo.

But now Danzo's look made Oshemaru notice something wrong.

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through Da She Wan's mind.

"Tell me everything that happened during this time."

Da She Wan turned his head and glanced at the pharmacist's pocket next to him, and said in a cold voice.

With a solemn expression on the face of the pharmacist pocket, he said all the things that had happened during this period.

Seeing that Dashemaru had been resurrected, Danzang was no longer anxious.

Danzo believes that after listening to all the things that happened during this period of time, Da She Wan will look good.

Of course, it is more important that Danzo knows what Dashewan will do.

People like Oshemaru would never really take refuge in anyone, even those strong like Senjujuma, Uchiha Madara, and Udou.

Accompanied by the pharmacist pocket, all the information that happened during this period was told one by one.

Dashemaru's face became more and more ugly as Danzo had imagined.

Especially when Onomaru heard that Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara were both resurrected, Onomaru had not concealed the surprise and gloomy look on his face.

"Hey! Worthy of being the three masters of the Warring States Period! The respective methods are really terrible!"

Da She Wan licked his lips, the gaze in his eyes kept flickering.

Oshemaru originally thought that the back hand left by Senju Zhuma was Seal Art or Space Ninjutsu, who would have thought it was him!

However, when such a situation occurred, Dashewan found that it should be expected again.

It is better to believe in yourself than to believe in the ninjutsu you left behind!

There was a strange look on Oshemaru's face, no wonder Danzo was not as interested in his resurrection ninjutsu.

After studying ninjutsu for most of his life, after dying once, he suddenly discovered that there was a tendency toward bad streets.

The resurrection of the original Mizukage Uto was because of the special blood inheritance limit, but what happened to the two people, Senju Zhuma and Uchiha Madara?

In addition, Danzo's current situation is not very good, obviously not thinking about this ninjutsu.

A solemn expression flashed in Da She Wan's eyes, just a first generation Shui Ying You Dou was enough trouble.

Now that Senju Junama and Uchiha Madara are added, all his plans have been disrupted.

"Master Oshemaru, there is one more thing."

Pharmacist Dou hesitated slightly, and suddenly spoke at this moment.

"Say." Da She Wan said in a low tone.

"Uchiha Sasuke has defected, but the opponent was taken away by Madara Uchiha."

The pharmacist lowered his head lightly and said quietly.

With so much preparation, the prey that was already planned was cut off!

After listening to the words of the pharmacist, Da She Wan suddenly laughed, and his body exuded a dangerous breath.

Hearing Dashewan's sneer, Yao Shidou's originally bowed head not only lowered the score.

But soon, the dangerous aura from Dashewan disappeared again.

Uchiha Madara!

With just a name, Da She Wan felt an inexplicable pressure.

Since Uchiha Sasuke is now in Uchiha Madara's hands, it is no longer possible for him to reincarnate with the help of Uchiha Sasuke's body.

This is self-knowledge, Dashewan still has it.

Uchiha Madara!Senshou Zhuma!Right fight!

"Really terrible three guys."

Oshemaru muttered to herself softly, but there was no sign of decadence in Oshemaru's voice.

"Now it's time to talk about our business, and of course your plan."

O She Maru raised his head again and looked at Danzo, with an inexplicable tone in his voice.

"It's indeed time to talk about it."

Tuan Zang squinted his eyes and said flatly.