Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 244 The fog is too deceiving!

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After the resurrection, the hollow eye sockets that You Dou had since dug out the eyes of the writing wheel have also returned to their original eyes.

Although the demihuman resurrection mechanism is very powerful, it has a shortcoming that is not a shortcoming.

That is, whether the organs on the body are damaged or lost, such as broken arms, broken legs, or disappearance of internal organs, etc.

Once resurrected, the body will be restored to its original state.

For example, Uchiha Shisui’s writing wheel eye was pressed by the right bucket in the eye socket,

This is because the eyes are not right-fighters. Therefore, after the right-fighters are resurrected, they will only return to their original eyes.

As for Uchiha Shisui's writing wheel hole if not dug out, You Dou is not clear.

But You Dou guessed that once such a situation occurs, there is a high probability that it will be reset, or forced out of the eye socket.

But no matter which one is, it may cause some damage to the writing wheel eye.

Therefore, this is the reason why You Dou first dug out Uchiha Shisui's writing wheel before committing suicide.

"Really, I have to repeat it again."

You Dou looked at the writing wheel eye in his hand, and couldn't help but vomit.


You Dou dug out his eyes again, squeezed them and completely destroyed them, and at the same time pressed Shishui's writing wheel eyes again.

After a while.

You Dou took a deep breath, stood up again, and stretched while looking in Konoha's direction.

The reason why You Dou rushed toward Konoha with all his strength was naturally because he wanted to make a move before Senjujuan made a move on him.

Although the Bai Zee monitoring the Wuyin Village has been completely wiped out by You Dou, Uchiha Madara will definitely find the problem after a long time.

Therefore, Youto must rush to get the other Shisui Sharonyan in his hand before Uchiha Madara comes to the disruptor.

At that time, you can completely master the right fight of the "Farewell God", whether it is launched on Senju Zhuma or on Uchiha Madara, it can change the current situation of the entire Ninja World.

Although there is no such thing as the best time to use "other gods", it is one of the few opportunities.

"First of all, we need to bring out the guy from the Senjue Zhuma."

You Dou's eyes flickered while muttering to himself.

next moment.

A fierce breath suddenly erupted from You Dou.


The horrible energy fluctuations centered on Right Dou, pouring toward Konoha.

Let the air above the right bucket roar like a muffled thunder.

The originally clear sky suddenly felt a little gloomy under this terrifying atmosphere.

People who make everyone feel a breath have a sense of depression deep in their hearts.

Konoha party.

Tsunade, who was handling various documents in the Hokage office, suddenly stood up from his seat.

Tsunade widened his eyes and looked in the direction of the terrifying breath, clenched his fists abruptly, and took a few quick breaths.

"This is the breath of the original Shuiying Youdou!"

"Wuyin Village deceives too much!"

Tsunade's voice was full of anger, and his chest rose and fell violently.

Wuyin Village and the first generation of Suikage Youdou, one after another provoked Konoha, how could he endure with Tsunade's violent temper.

If it hadn't been for Tsunade to know that his strength was too low, I'm afraid he would have violently beaten Youto.

Just when Tsunade's face flashed with anger, he was about to rush out of Hokage's office.

Accompanied by a "click" sound.

The door of the Hokage office was opened, and Jilaiya walked in with a solemn expression on his face.

"Tsunade, you are Hokage right now, not the time to impulse."

As soon as Jiraiya walked into the office, when he saw the expression on Tsunade's face, he already knew what Tsunade was going to do, and said quickly.

"I did this Naruto, not because of you!"

Hearing Jiraiya's words, Tsunade's face immediately showed a look of dissatisfaction, and he glared at Jiraiya.

Jilai also scratched his head, an embarrassing expression flashed across his face, but soon, Jilai reappeared with a serious expression:

"We can't participate in that level of battle at all, not to mention the presence of Lord Senshou Zhuma."

Tsunade took a breath, and she knew this kind of thing naturally, but she was a little unwilling in her heart.

"We haven't gone to the trouble of Wuyin Village. We were hit by the other party again this time. What I am worried about is whether Uchiha Madara will come together."

A worried look flashed in Tsunade's eyes, and he said solemnly.

"Don't worry, with Uchiha Madara's arrogance, how can it be possible that there is only the breath of the original Mizukage Udou in the breath that burst out."

"Furthermore, I believe Master Senjujuma!" A firm look appeared on Jilaiya's face.

"There is one more thing. The Pharmacist's pocket has disappeared. The three Anbe ninjas who were monitoring the Pharmacist's pocket have just been found, and they are still in a coma."

"The pharmacist's pocket did not kill him, and we have somewhat underestimated his strength. With the means shown by the pharmacist's pocket, I am afraid that it is not under Kakashi."

Ji Lai also spoke again, and his tone was full of unkindness at this time.

Originally, Jiraji had doubts about the reason why Dashemaru's subordinate came to Konoha.

It was just because the pharmacist reminded him that he helped Konoha a big favor, so Konoha was embarrassed to take the action, and temporarily just sent someone to monitor it.

But now, the act of blatantly rebelling against Konoha by Pharmacist had already moved Zilai Ye to kill.

Hearing Jiraiya's words, Tsunade was a little stunned. If it hadn't been for Jiraiya, she would have forgotten this guy called Yakushidou.

"Find him!" Tsunade frowned slightly, and said in a cold voice.

The other direction in Konoha.

Danzo, who was secretly preparing a plan, suddenly raised his head when You Dou's breath broke out.

"how is this possible!"

Dan Zang's expression was already gloomy in an instant.

Danzo thought that there might be various problems when his plan was implemented, but he never thought that his plan would be dead before implementation.

The people from Senjujuma and Konoha haven't gone to the Wuyin Village to trouble. Instead, the first generation Shuiying Youdou came to the door by himself.

You Dou's appearance of playing cards out of routine completely made Dan Zang a little confused.

Gazing at Konoha, the horrible aura that made people feel depressed.

Danzo raised his hand and touched his right eye, which was covered by gauze. A fierce color flashed in the other eye.