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Chapter 246: Doubts Between Pillars, Battle of Doppelganger

"You guy..."

Senshou Zhuma clenched his fists and looked at the right fighting on the opposite side, his voice was slightly low.

The anger that suddenly rose from the depths of Senjujuma's heart was not about the hatred between Konoha and Wuyin.

If you really want to describe it specifically, it is simply anger at what You Dou did.

Seeing Senshou Zhuma who suddenly clenched his fists in front, You Dou spread his hands and made a helpless expression.

You Dou knew very well that whether it was Senjujuma or Uchiha Madara, the three of them had already detached from the relationship between ordinary enemies.

But it is precisely because of this that once there is any way to defeat the other party, the three will definitely not have any soft heart.

The writing wheel in Right Dou's left eye turned slightly, but stopped quickly.

Both of Uchiha Shisui's eyes contain the technique of "other gods". As for the difference between the "other gods" in the eyes of these two writing wheels, You Dou is not clear.

But one thing is for sure. There is definitely a difference between having two writing wheels simultaneously activating "other gods" and one writing wheel activating "other gods".

You Dou calmly stared at the Senjujuma in front of him. Since that was the case, he didn't mind waiting first.

"You guy...what are you going to do!!"

Senshou Zhuma looked in the direction of Right Dou and let out a loud roar.


At the same time as the sound came, the ground at the feet of Senshou Zhujian exploded instantly, and the figure of Senshou Zhujian had long since disappeared in place.

A gust of wind suddenly erupted from in front of You Dou, blowing the clothes on You Dou.

It took almost an instant.

Qianshou Zhuma was already standing in front of You Dou, raised his fist, and blasted towards You Dou's head.

Weird power!

A piercing sound blasted in You Dou's ears, and You Dou's expression remained unchanged, and he reached out like lightning, and easily caught the fist that slammed between the Qianshou Zhujian.

A punch that caused a sonic boom in the air, the moment it touched the palm of You Dou, the burst of power was instantly absorbed by You Dou.

"You really haven't changed at all, between the pillars!"

With a smile at the corner of your right bickering, he stared at the front of Senjujuzuma plainly.

Seeing You Dou easily caught his punch, Qianshou Zhujian's face had an unexpected look.

With a thought in Senjujuma's heart, a terrifying Chakra quickly rose from Senjujuma's body.

In the blink of an eye, a black pattern appeared on the forehead of the Senshou Zhujian.

Fairy mode!

"Some things will never change, right fight!"

Qianshouzhu opened the mouth in a cold voice, and the wrist that was caught by the right fighting fist made a quick turn, easily rounded the palm of the right hand, and grabbed the right hand.


Numerous branches swiftly drilled out of the arm between the Qianshouzhu, and entangled You Dou at a terrifying speed.

At the same time, on the surface of these branches, mysterious black lines began to emerge quickly.

"Oh, it's been a long time since I saw the sealing technique of the whirlpool clan."

"It seems that you don't know how to adapt."

You Dou opened his mouth like a joke, but there was a dignified look in his eyes.

No one dared to underestimate the ninjutsu of the Uzumaki clan, after all, this is a family that the entire ninja world has united to deal with.

Hearing the words "the whirlpool clan", a trace of sadness flashed in the eyes of the Qianshouzhu, but it quickly disappeared again.


A series of dense breaking sounds sounded from the tied branches.

The terrifying Chakra centered on the right fight, pouring out in all directions.

Under the impact of this Chakra, the wooden ninjutsu in the binding of the right bucket all collapsed.

Seeing the right fight that broke through his ninjutsu, Senjujutsuma didn't have any unexpected look on his face, but his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

"Right fight, your strength is weakened."

Qianshouzhu flashed away, and quickly backed up a few steps, and a flat voice came into Right Dou's ear.

"Really?" You Dou's face was indifferent, and he stepped on the ground abruptly, and the whole person directly turned into a place where afterimages disappeared.

Senshou Zhuma's eyes narrowed, and a wooden pillar tens of meters high quickly rose from the feet of Sensuji Zhuma, raising the Senshou Zhuma into the air.

But the next moment!

A violent vibration came from under his feet.

The tens of meters of wooden pillars at the foot of Qianshouzhu was violently broken by You Dou's punch.

The huge broken wooden pillars connected to the Senjue pillars and fell from the air at the same time.

Right Dou squatted slightly, then jumped quickly, and rushed directly into the air.

"What is your purpose, right fight?"

Seeing the right fighting rushing up from below, Senjujuma fell from the air and not only did not have a nervous look on his face, but muttered to himself.

From the moment I saw You Dou, Senshou Zhuma noticed something wrong, but for a while, Senshou Zhuma didn't know what was wrong.

While guessing at Senjujuma, the movement of Senjujuma was not slow at all, slapped his hands quickly!

Mu Dun-the technique of the wooden dragon!

The huge wooden pillar tens of meters high that was broken by You Dou quickly began to twist in the air, turning into a huge wooden dragon in the blink of an eye.


A sound like a dragon's chant blew from the air.

Thousands of hands rode on the wooden dragon's neck and rushed straight down from the air.

The huge wooden dragon opened its big mouth and bit down on the right bucket.

"Mulong? It's just a bug in my eyes!"

With a sneer on your face, You Dou quickly stretched out his hands and grabbed Mu Long's upper and lower mouths.

The wooden dragon bit down hard, but no matter how hard it was, there was no way to move his mouth half a minute, and even under the violent power of the right fighting, his mouth was more and more supported by the right fighting.

Seeing the movement of You Dou, Qianshou Zhujian also moved, and quickly jumped up from Mulong's neck, raised a palm, pressed it in the direction of You Dou's forehead, and shouted:

"The secret technique-Lang'an enters the hand!"

A black word "za" quickly appeared in the palm of the Qianshouzhu.

When You Dou saw this ninjutsu, his eyelids jumped.

In You Dou's eyes, the only place in Senjujuan that was more threatening than Uchiha Madara was the endless sealing techniques in his hands.

When Uzumaki Mito married Senjuzuma, the Uzumaki family lost a lot of seals as their dowry.


With a thought in You Dou's heart, several diamond blockades rushed out of his body quickly.

In a blink of an eye, these chakra chains quickly bound the Qianshou Zhujian, and firmly fixed the Qianshou Zhujian on the top of the right bucket.

Under the downward impact of the wooden dragon, Qianshou Zhuma and Youdou, together with the wooden dragon, quickly fell down from the air.