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Chapter 247 Panic Danzo


The wooden dragons of the two people fell to the ground fiercely, making a huge roar, and the whole ground was directly knocked out of a big hole.

A large amount of dust rose into the sky, burying everything around.

In the pothole, neither the right fight nor the Qianshouzhujian were unharmed.

You Dou let out a low drink, and violently opened Mulong's mouth to both sides, and the amount of violence poured out along You Dou's shoulder.


The sound like a torn piece of cloth sounded throughout the center of the battle.

The wooden dragon, which was more than ten meters long, was torn in half from the middle under the power of the right fighting arms.


There was a sound like broken glass.

Qianshou Zhuma broke free from the shackles of the King Kong blockade almost at the same time, and attacked the right fighting again.


The huge roar blasted again centered on the two.

Some distance from the Qianshou Zhujian and the right bucket, under a big tree in the forest.

"The battle is really fierce, but the fake is fake after all. You must find Danzo as soon as possible before you find it among the thousand hands."

Right Dou sat on a branch with one hand in front of his forehead, looking at the battle scene in the distance, the corner of his mouth was slightly tilted.

The Right Fighter who was fighting between Senjujutsu was naturally just a clone, but not an ordinary clone.

Not to mention ordinary avatars, even ninjutsu such as shadow avatars can be easily seen by Senjujutsu.

The avatar of Youdou was created through the "Skill of Water Mirror" and "Mirror Image" together with a large number of Chakras and a few other ninjutsu as an aid. The fake chaotic real clone.

But the fake is only fake after all, and this clone can't last long.

and so……

You Dou's eyes flashed, his hands slammed hard, and the whole person jumped directly from the tree, rushing towards Konoha without a sound.

Telling others that it is difficult to find Danzo's position in Konoha.

But this is not a difficult thing for You Dou.


The figure of You Dou was like a black shadow, passing through the huge trees and quickly approaching Konoha.

At the same time, under the influence of Xianshu Chakra, You Dou slowly sensed the surrounding situation.

However, the next moment.

The right fighting, which was moving rapidly, suddenly stopped.

With a strange look on You Dou's face, he raised his head to look in the direction where Senjujutsu was fighting with the clone, muttering to himself:

"Is this a surprise?"

The rumbling explosion sounded from time to time in front.

The aftermath of horror swept away all the surrounding trees.

Danzo lowered his body slightly, restraining the chakra fluctuations on his body, trying to minimize his breath.

Danzo raised his head and looked at the battlefield far away, his forehead was covered with a layer of sweat.

"Although it is not the first time I have seen it, such a terrifying combat power is really shocking."

Obviously there is still some distance from the battle center here, but feeling the shock from the ground, Dan Zang couldn't help sighing deep in his heart.

The stronger the combat effectiveness of the two sides, the more greedy in the depths of Danzang's eyes.

Thinking of the scene of controlling the original Shui Ying Youdou under his other god, Danzo couldn't help swallowing.

It's not the time yet!

For this level of battle, let alone participating, Danzo knew that once he entered the center of the battlefield, he would be easily killed by the aftermath of Senjujuma and Youdou in a short time.

Although he has ten chances to resurrect, it does not mean that Danzo likes to die.

Tuan Zang is waiting.

The moment when Senjujuma and Youdou stopped in such a high-intensity battle.

Now the mental power of the two is absolutely tight. Under such circumstances, once someone enters the center of the battle between the two, even if they are not killed by the aftermath, they will be attacked by both at the same time.

Tuan Zang crawled on the ground, his eyes fixed on the battle in the distance.

Konoha's opportunity to dominate the Ninja World is here!

If it succeeds, even the first Hokage who established Konoha and put an end to the troubled times will not be able to stop his will.

Danzo did not agree with the so-called peace of Senjuzuzu from beginning to end.

I'm the one who truly inherited the thoughts of Lord Feima, but why should the position of Hokage be handed over to the guy Sarutobi!

Danzo clenched his fists slightly, and fell into a certain memory unconsciously.

Suddenly, Danzo's expression froze, and a cold sweat broke out all over his body.

Without noticing it, he actually fell into illusion.

Dan Zang just wanted to turn around and look behind him. Suddenly, a faint voice suddenly sounded behind Dan Zang.

"Has the illusion been lifted? The increase in illusion by Shao Lun Yan is really good."

This voice just fell into Dan Zang's ears, and before Dan Zang could react, a sharp pain came through his right arm.


It was like the sound of rags being torn apart, and it was transmitted to Danzo's ears.

A lot of blood splashed out!

Tuan Zang let out a scream, got up from the ground a little embarrassed, and retreated violently in the direction of one side.

Until after a full distance, Dan Zang looked at the torn right arm with a look of disbelief and fear on his face.

"My arm...my Shalingan... Shalingan!!"

At this time, Tuan Zang's eyes widened, he had completely forgotten the pain in his arm, and there was a trace of madness in his voice.

At this time, Danzo suddenly raised his head and looked at the figure attacking him.

In the next moment, Dan Zang's whole body stiffened, with an unbelievable look on his face, and he couldn't help but step back again:

"The first generation Shuiyingyou...youdou, aren't you fighting with Lord Senjujuma...fighting!"

With a plain expression on You Dou's face, he looked at the arm that was pulled down by him and still wrapped in gauze.

Without the restraint of the big gauze on Danzo, the gauze on his arm slowly fell to the ground, revealing a somewhat pale, weird arm with ten round eyes on the arm.

"It's really disgusting. It seems that you have collected a lot of Uchiha's eyes, but now it seems that you can't use it anymore."

Right Dou glanced at Tuan Zang's arm, and a large number of Chakras suddenly appeared in his hands.

Under this violent force, Dan Zang's arm turned into ashes and disappeared completely before Dan Zang's eyes.

Tuan Zang's troublesome place, from You Dou's point of view, is this arm.

Therefore, at the moment Danzo entered the illusion, You Dou directly pulled Danzo's arm off.

You Dou is not good at illusion, but with the increase of Uchiha Shisui Sharonyan, the effect seems to be pretty good now.

Although within a short period of time, Danzo discovered that he had been hit by an illusion, and then quickly solved it.

But at least the immediate goal was achieved. As for the power of the illusion, You Dou didn't care much.

As for why you didn't get the illusion in Danzo, dug out Danzo's right eye about Uchiha Shisui.

Because it makes no sense at all.

As long as Danzo casts the "Izanachi" ninjutsu, Danzo will change all the negative states of his body into dreams.

In short, as long as the ninjutsu of "Izanah" is there, even if Danzo is killed in a flash, it doesn't make any sense.