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Chapter 248 Danzo's despair, everything is over!

Danzo is very smart.

Therefore, the technique has been set in the eyes of these writing wheels long ago, whether it is killed by a spike or not.

As long as Danzo dies, the ninjutsu "Izanachi" will be activated by itself.

This is why, as soon as You Dou took the lead, he tore off Danzo's right arm first.

With a rare panic and a look of disbelief on Danzo's face, one hand covered his right arm that was constantly flowing blood:

"How could...how could it be, how could you know that my arm has a writing wheel?"

Danzo backed away while looking at Right Dou with some horror.

Danzo's right arm has the thing about writing round eyes, not to mention the entire Konoha, even the closest person does not know it, after all, this is one of the largest chassis in his hand.

In some respects, even Zhishui's writing wheel is not as real as this hole card.

As soon as the first generation Shui Ying You Dou made a move, he directly destroyed one of his hole cards, which was obviously known in advance.

But this matter can't be known by anyone other than himself, which is why Danzo is a little frightened and can't believe it.

However, the next moment.

Dan Zou's horrified eyes when he looked at You Dou suddenly flashed a trace of stunnedness.

Write round eyes?!

Tuan Zang swallowed his saliva and looked at the writing wheel in the left eye frame of You Dou, his eyelids jumped.

I don't know why, the writing wheel eye in the right eye socket always makes Danzo feel familiar.

Seeing Tuan Zang's somewhat sluggish gaze, the corner of his right bickering slightly tilted.

"Are you curious about this eye, this is the trophy you got from Itachi Uchiha."

"And it's better not to start other gods on me, because with this eye, I can clearly perceive this technique."

You Dou stretched out his finger and gently pointed at the Shalanyan in his own eyes, with a relaxed expression on his face.

Uchiha Itachi is dead!

Danzo's body shook, no wonder it had been a while since he had not heard from Uchiha Itachi.

But right after that, Danzo suddenly understood why You Dou appeared here and what the purpose was!

Damn it!

The other party wants the other eye of Uchiha Shisui!

In an instant, Danzo had already figured out the general situation.


Without the slightest hesitation, Danzo turned and ran in the direction of Senjujuma.

In such a situation now, only Senshou Zhuma could save his life.

Of course, after knowing what happened, there was another thing that made Danzo feel even more terrifying!

The original Mizukage Youto clearly wanted to control Senjujutsuma through Uchiha Shisui's eyes!

If this matter is successfully defeated by the original water shadow right, then Konoha will be completely over!

Uchiha Itachi killed me Konoha!!

Danzo didn't have the slightest hesitation, turning around and running away, while reaching out his fingers to penetrate his right eye, trying to destroy Uchiha Shisui's eyes.

The other gods that are activated by one Shalanyan and the other gods that are activated by two Shalanyans are completely two concepts!

Never let the first generation of water shadow fight right, get this eye!

"Do you think you can run away in front of my eyes, or destroy this eye?"

A faint voice suddenly sounded from behind Danzo.

The next moment, a sharp pain came from Danzang's right eye socket.

"Do not!!!"

Danzo let out a loud roar with a frightened and unwilling look on his face, trying to regain Uchiha Shisui's eyes.

But with Danzo's strength, how could it be possible to compete with You Dou.

After easily grabbing the other eye of Uchiha Shisui, and seeing Danzo who was struggling desperately in his hand, Youdou raised his arm expressionlessly and threw a punch.


The air in front of the fist made a rapid sonic boom!

Blood is flying!

A big hole the size of a palm appeared on Danzo's chest.

The violent power blasted Danzang towards the rear!


The entire ground suddenly cracked, and in the next instant, a huge vine quickly rose from the ground and rolled towards the bombed Danzo.

Danzo's body was firmly caught by the vine that grew suddenly, and then slowly fell down from the air.

Obviously, Senjuju made a shot.

Although this place is still some distance away from the direction of the battle between Qianshouzhu, the aura that broke out when the right fighting attacked Danzo just now was naturally easily felt by Qianshouzhu.

The only pity is that it took some time for Senju Zhuma to resolve the clone of Youdou.

Otherwise, even though Senjujuju might not be able to save Danzo under the right fighting attack, it should be no problem to catch Danzo's body, instead of catching it with wooden ninjutsu like in front of him.

You Dou didn't care about the Qianshou Zhuma who was coming in this direction. With a thought, his whole person instantly entered the state of fairy mode.

You Dou raised his arm and dug out his right eye without hesitation, and at the same time pressed the other eye of Uchiha Shisui.

"Complete power of other gods!"

You Dou closed his eyes slightly, perceiving the power of the two writing wheels.

At the same time, Xianshu Chakra quickly repaired the injury in his eye socket.

Using Xianshu Chakra to urge the two Shalun eyes can not only quickly restore the pupil power in Shaolaun’s eyes, but also increase the level of ninjutsu in Shaolaun’s eyes.


A rushing sound came from the front.

After a few jumps, the figure of Qianshou Zhujian had been standing next to Danzo.

Senjuzuzuma quickly looked at Danzo who fell to the ground with more and less air, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

In fact, it didn't take long for the battle with the avatar of You Dou, before Senshou Zhuma had discovered the problem.

But even if he knew that the Right Fight in front of him was fake, it still took some effort to completely solve the clone of Right Fight.

The palm-sized hole in Danzang's chest made Qianshou Zhuma understand that Danzang might not be able to save him.

Even though Senju Zhuma mastered extremely strong medical ninjutsu, but Danzo was missing a large part of his internal organs, how could he be saved.

Danzo, whose aura was getting weaker and weaker, also felt the arrival of Qianshou Zhuma.

"I'm sorry Konoha, sorry...Senjujuma-sama, hurry up...hurry up!"

"In any case, Senju Zhuma-sama, you must... definitely not be controlled by the illusion of those eyes."

"Otherwise... Konoha will be completely hopeless!"

Danzo struggled to open his mouth, a look of despair and regret appeared on his face.

Tuan Zang is doing his best to remind Qianshou Zhujian to be careful of the writing wheel eyes of You Dou.

Without having those eyes, no one can experience the horror of the ninjutsu of "other gods".