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Chapter 251 My Name-Asura!

Not only that, but the originally struggling expression on Senshou Zhujian's face suddenly became calm at this time.

The scene before him was different from the other gods set by You Dou.

Right Dou frowned slightly, just about to do something,

Suddenly, an indescribable sense of horror poured into You Dou's heart.

This sudden sense of terror.

Even with the strength of the right fight, there is some hairy in my heart.

You Dou hadn't felt this kind of dangerous feeling spontaneously on the body for too long.

You Dou's gaze fixedly stared at the front of Senjuzuzuma, with a rare solemn expression on his face.

Using a kaleidoscope to write the feedback of the wheel eyes just now, the Farewell technique was launched successfully.

But there was obviously something wrong with the look of Senjuzuzuma!

And don't know why, Senjuju before him suddenly gave You Dou an ambivalent feeling.

at this time.

In the spiritual world of Senjujuan.

A pair of blood-red writing wheels with pupils spinning like blades are floating above the spiritual world.

The power of the other gods is rapidly modifying the will of the Qianshouzhujian.

With an expression of anger and struggling on Senjuzuzuma's face, he wanted to break away from the power of these eyes.

But unfortunately, the power of other gods has completely transcended the concept of illusion to some extent.

Under this force, Qianshou Zhujian had no way to resist.

Uchiha Shisui's eyes can be called the "eyes that govern the will"!

Right fight!!!

The only thoughts in the Qianshouzhu room were filled with anger and unwillingness.

Just when the power of the other gods was about to modify the will of the Senju Zhuma.

A special chakra suddenly emerged from the spiritual world of the Senjuzuzu.

This chakra was exactly the one that was attached to Senjujuma when she left for Naruto's spiritual world.

With the strength of the Senjujuma, this chakra has been hidden in the body of the Senjujuma, but has not been discovered by the Senjujuma.


Along with the appearance of this chakra, a sound like glass shattering sounded in the spiritual world.

Dense cracks began to appear in the huge writing wheel eyes in the sky above the spiritual world.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into fragments and completely melted.

Yes, it is ablation!

It's like melting snow!

At the moment when the power of other gods was cracked, Senjuzuma's spirit was a little weak and half kneeling on the ground.

Senshou Zhuma raised his head weakly, and saw the chakra that shone in front of him with a special light, his face was even uglier than when he hit the right fight "Farewell God".

The moment he saw this special chakra appeared, Qianshou Zhuma knew that this power definitely did not belong to him.

Although this special Chakra had just rescued him, the power of others was hidden in his own body, and no one would be happy!


This special chakra began to burst out with a lot of light, and in the blink of an eye, it enveloped the entire spiritual space between the Qianshouzhu.

outside world!

Although many things have happened in the spiritual world, for the outsiders, it is only a moment of effort.

Under You Dou's somewhat solemn gaze, Senjuzuzuma's eyelid, who was closing his eyes, suddenly moved slightly.

Immediately afterwards, Senjuzuzuma slowly opened his eyes.

This is a pair of eyes full of curiosity and extremely soft.

Anyone who sees these eyes can feel that this is a harmless person.

This kind of look, in You Dou's memory, has only been seen by very young children.

But I don't know why, a feeling of cold suddenly rose in You Dou's heart.

"You are not Senjujuma!"

You Dou stared at the opposite Senshou Zhuma with a gloomy look on his face.

After Senjujuma opened his eyes, he didn't look at You Dou. He didn't even respond to what You Dou said just now, as if he didn't care much.

Senjuzuzuma took a deep breath, then looked around and let out a small sigh:

"It really hasn't changed much."

Seeing the movement of breathing between Senjuzuzu just now, You Dou's eyelids held back a jump.

The breath that was inhaled between the Qianshouzhu just now can no longer be regarded as a simple inhalation. The breath that was drawn between the Qianshouzhu just now was pure natural energy permeating the air.

"This body really seems to be my offspring."

Thousands of hands clenched his fists, as if sensing the strength of this body, and said softly.


An inexplicable breath suddenly rose from Senshou Zhujian's body, and in the blink of an eye, a terrifying force enveloped Senshou Zhujian's entire body.

A pure white robe with a black circle pattern on it appeared out of thin air and was draped over Senshou Zhujian's body.

At the same time, six black jade for seeking Taoism also appeared behind Qianshou Zhujian.

Seeing this scene in front of him, the corner of his right bicker twitched fiercely.

Someone opened up!!!

Right Dou's body tightened for an instant, remembering what Senjuzuzu said just now and the scene before him.

Although You Dou already had some guesses in his mind, he spoke solemnly in the Senshouzhu who was still staring at the opposite side:

"The power of the six realms! Who are you?"


There was a soft huh between the Qianshouzhu, an interesting expression appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were carefully looking at the right fighting on the opposite side for the first time.

"I am afraid that a thousand years have passed. I didn't expect anyone in this world to know the power of the six realms."

"Oh, these eyes are writing round eyes. You are the offspring of your brother? No, you don't have the breath of brother."

"It seems that these eyes are not yours!"

Senshou Zhuma squinted his eyes slightly, watching You Dou calmly.

Feeling the look between Qianshouzhu, a coldness flashed in You Dou's eyes, but it was more solemn.

The power of the six realms!

This is the power that Uto and Uchiha Madara are working hard to obtain, but they did not expect to appear at this time.

In a way, the power of the six levels is already the ceiling in the world of Naruto.

With the power currently mastered by You Dou, apart from Xianshu, there is no way for other powers to resist the power of the six levels.

"Although I don't know where you learned the power of the six realms, remember my name, my name-Asura!"

After Ashura took a deep look at You Dou, his voice solemnly spoke.

After speaking, a gentle expression reappeared on Asura's face: "Speaking of which, I have to thank you for being able to recover."

"In that case, kill you."

As soon as Ashura's voice fell, the jade for seeking Taoism floating behind Ashura was blasted in the direction where You Dou was standing in the blink of an eye.