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Chapter 252 A chilling guess


A terrifying loud noise came from the place where Qiu Daoyu fell, and the whole earth trembled violently, as if a magnitude nine earthquake had occurred.

Terrifying energy spread to the surroundings, and a pure energy storm pulled around.

The surrounding dense forest was emptied at this moment, and the entire ground was directly moved into a flat ground.

Although the Qiu Dao Jade is small, it has a very powerful power. Once it explodes, it can easily destroy a forest. To a certain extent, it can be understood as a tail beast jade, but it has a much higher level than the tail beast jade.

Dashewan and the pharmacist, who had already escaped for a certain distance, were walking around at this moment, and they also felt a huge vibration from a distance.

Pharmacist dumbly looked at the smoke rising into the sky in the distance, and couldn't help swallowing his saliva.

Thanks to Master Onemaru forcibly taking it away. Otherwise, with the power generated by the explosion just now, even if they couldn't kill them, it would be enough to seriously injure him and Master Onemaru.

Da She Wan's eyes flickered, and he glanced in the direction of the explosion sound, and then turned his head and continued to flee towards the distance.

Although I am very curious about what happened in the explosion center, Dashemaru now dare not rush to spy on this level of battle.

Not only Dashewan and Yaoshi's pockets, but Konoha, who was a little far away, could feel an obvious vibration.

However, with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Konoha's many high-level leaders, Konoha did not appear to be confused.

It's just that the faces of Tsunade and others have worried expressions from time to time.

The battle center.

Not far in front of Asura, a huge pit appeared in Asura's field of vision.

The deep pit was dark, and layers of black char-like particles were mixed in the soil on the ground at the edge of the deep pit.

And these coke-shaped particles are obviously the huge energy exploded by Qiu Daoyu in the surrounding soil, compressed to the extreme.


A wind sounded from the deep pit, and the black Qiu Dao jade flew out of the deep pit and flew back to the back of Asura.

"Has it been reduced to ashes?"

Asura glanced at the deep pit and spoke blankly.

Immediately afterwards, Asura regained his gaze, turned his head and looked somewhere:

"It seems that this recovery is only me? Or maybe it was because of an accident."

Asura's gaze flashed with deep gaze, she said to herself.

The only thing that makes Ashura feel pity is that this recovery is not in their plan, and the preparations they have made in the millennium are not for this accident.


An extremely small sound came from the huge pit in front.

Although this voice was extremely weak, the moment it sounded, Asura had already heard it.

Asura was taken aback for a moment, an unexpected look flashed in his eyes, but was quickly replaced by interesting eyes.

When Qiu Daoyu attacked, the energy that burst out not only blasted a deep pit, but also the surrounding walls and ground in the deep pit became extremely hard because of the high temperature generated by this energy.

And on a hard wall in the pit.Suddenly, a small crack appeared, and immediately after that, the crack spread all around in the blink of an eye.

Accompanied by a loud and dense clicking sound.

A pair of hands stretched out directly from the hard wall.

"Cough! Cough!"

You Dou couldn't help letting out two soft coughs, and he bounced out of the wall slightly embarrassed.

Although You Dou did not receive any serious injuries, it was the first time that You Dou encountered an attack that was almost unstoppable with just one blow.

The power that Qiu Daoyu exploded was indeed a little beyond You Dou's imagination. As for the terrifying power of the Six Dao, You Dou found that he still underestimated it a little.

The reason why You Dou didn't suffer much serious injuries was because of blocking with the defense of Xianshu and the black emperor's absorption of energy. The real reason was that Ashura's attack was missed.

That's right, the attack was off track!

Although he couldn't believe it, You Dou was still quite sure. When Qiu Daoyu's attack was about to attack him, he suddenly missed an angle and landed beside him.

Although the power that Qiu Daoyu burst out was equally huge, Right Dou could still resist it, but if Qiu Daoyu was really attacked, even Right Dou could not withstand the blow.

As for whether this blow was intentional by Asura, it was obviously impossible!

Right Dou's eyes flickered slightly, and a gloomy and solemn expression appeared on his face.

Damn it!

Almost followed the way of Asura!

The moment Asura said his name, You Dou was already vigilant, but the only thing that you didn't expect was that Asura would directly do it without warning.

This is also the reason why You Doude's face is gloomy.

Because You Dou found that he had overlooked one thing, and that was the character of Ashura.

If you replace the previous Asura with Indra, I'm afraid that the moment the opponent said his name, You Dou had already strayed away from the place.

But because the opponent was Asura, Right Dou was just a little wary, so when Asura shot without warning, Right Dou had no time to avoid it.

Although Qiu Daoyu's attack was terrifying, there was also a weakness that was not considered a weakness.

That is, Qiu Daoyu's attack range is only about 70 meters. Of course, due to differences in personal strength, this data may change a little, but the range will not be too great.

The distance of about seventy meters does not seem to be short, but for a strong man like You Dou, he can leave this range in the blink of an eye.

Either asura or Indra!

The quality of these two people is not defined by the world. After all, these two people are people thousands of years ago. Even if there are any records, they may have long since disappeared in the long river of history.

All the definitions of good and bad about these two people, in the original work, are all just what the Six Dao Immortal guy said.

What the Six Ways of Immortals said about the past is what it was, because no one knows what happened in the past, and no one dared to refute the existence of Liudao Immortals.

As for whether it is true or not, nobody knows except for themselves!

Of course, it's not that Indra's character will be better than Asura's character. Judging from the direct actions of Asura just now, I'm afraid Indra's character is worse than Asura's.

Thinking of this, You Dou's body was a little cold, and this Ninja World might not be as simple as in the original work.

Datongmu Kaguya, Datongmu Yuyi, Datongmuyu Village, and even Indra and Asura.

Obviously, with the exception of Datongmu Huiye who was sealed, the other guys have been dead for thousands of years, but the whole world seems to be still under the leadership of these people, moving in a certain direction. go with.

The most suspicious thing is that Asura and Indra have been reincarnating continuously, fighting for thousands of years.

Is it really just for the so-called faith and peace?

Others don't know if you believe in You Dou, but you don't believe it deep down.

You Dou had a look on his face, and slowly raised his head, looking at the eyes that were looking at him outside the deep pit, his heart couldn't help but feel cold.