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Chapter 255 The counterattack begins!

Normally, when such a large body moves, it will inevitably arouse the surrounding air and generate strong wind pressure.

But the huge Buddha statue in front of him seemed to be directly out of a certain law, and just a movement of his body appeared directly in front of the right bucket.

There is no imaginary wind, and no roar when moving.

You Dou just felt a flash of purple light in front of him, and the huge Buddha statue was already standing not far in front of him.

The huge Buddha statue was pinched with one hand and placed on the chest, and the other hand was wrapped with purple thunder.

A purple light flashed in the air, and in a short time, a huge bergamot was already in front of his eyes.

The speed of this blow was too fast, and the right fighting didn't even have the ability to evade, so he could only control Suzuo Nenghu holding two chakra knives across his chest.

At the same time, they controlled the diamond blockades and swarmed towards the giant bergamot.

A large number of chakra chains broke into two parts while frantically surging, one part blocked in front of the right bucket, forming a shield composed entirely of chakra chains.

The other part is like a series of sensitive snakes, swiftly winding towards the bergamot.

Unfortunately, the moment these Chakra chains touched the Buddha's hand, they were all easily crushed by the dense wind blades surging on the face of the Buddha's watch.

The huge bergamot instantly attacked the chakra chain defense formed by the massive diamond blockade in front of the right fighting body.

Without the slightest pause, under such an attack, the defense formed by the Diamond Blockade was broken in an instant, and it blasted in front of You Dou in the blink of an eye.


There was a sound like broken glass.

The two Chakra long knives that were completely crossed across the chest shattered instantly, and the terrifying power directly fell on the body.

The dense cracks have spread all over Suzuo Nohu's body in an instant.

The small wind blade flowing above the giant bergamot cuts all the defenses of Susanoh to shatter at an extremely terrifying speed!

The purple thunders were like electric snakes, completely defeating Suzuo Nenghu, and the power of terrifying thunder and lightning instantly fell on You Dou.

A violent pain came from all over the body. Right Dou's eyes widened slightly, and blood was spilling from the corner of his mouth.

The energy generated by this blow was too terrifying, even with the Black Emperor's ability, it could not be absorbed all at once.


A huge roar sounded in the sky.

The right fight that originally flew in the sky was directly shot down from the air by Ashura's blow, and it fell to the ground like a meteor, smashing a huge pit.

The entire ground seemed to have been hit by a small earthquake, and the ground around the deep pit showed large cracks.

"Really tenacious, not dead yet?"

Asura sitting on the head of the huge Buddha statue slightly sensed the situation in the pit, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

In the pit of the ground.


You Dou took a few violent breaths and raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth forcefully. Obviously, he had encountered such a powerful attack, but not only did You Dou's face not be decadent, but his mouth had already cracked uncontrollably.

In You Dou's eyes, there was an unabashed excitement and a trace of madness.

You have not experienced this kind of threat of death in a long time!

What's more, You Dou itself is not afraid of death!

This kind of battle is the real battle!

Either you die, or I live the battle!

The last time Right Fight faced such a battle, he was attacked by Senju Junma and Uchiha Madara.

You Dou stood up from the pit, not caring about the already somewhat tattered clothes, looking at the huge smoke that obscured the vision, with the undisguised excitement on You Dou's face, he raised his palm and gave a strong wave to the front.

A gust of wind was generated out of thin air from the deep pit on the ground, blowing away the surrounding smoke instantly.

You Dou raised his head and looked at the huge Buddha statue standing outside the pit.

Asura, who was sitting on the top of the Buddha statue, also lowered his head and looked at the right fighting in the pit on the ground.

Due to the long distance, although two people can't see each other clearly, they can clearly feel each other's existence through perception.

You Dou split his mouth and slammed on the ground. A deep pit appeared directly under You Dou's feet.

At the same time, with the help of this power, the right fight soared from the deep pit, as if it turned into an arrow, and shot at the Asura on the head of the Buddha.

You Dou no longer intends to use Suzuo Nohu. Although the defense power of the complete Suzuo Nohu is good, it is still comparable to that, not to mention such a large body can not avoid the attack of Asura.

An undisguised killing intent radiated from You Dou. With the Black Emperor's full firepower, a large amount of energy rippling around gathered in You Dou again.

Looking at the right fight rushing towards him, Ashura's face showed a rare solemn expression.

Even if Ashura is arrogant, he now understands that the ant in his eyes is just a beast, and it is still a beast that is not afraid of death.

Obviously knew the power of the six realms and the gap between them, but the guy in front of him had no intention of running away from beginning to end, instead thinking of various ways to resist him!

This is a lunatic!

Asura's eyes flashed fiercely, his thoughts moved slightly.

The huge Buddha statue moved again.

The Buddha statue that used only one hand just now, now the other hand that was placed on the chest, holding the Buddha seal also moved.

Two bergamot hands burst into purple thunder light, and the sound of almost negligible cutting sounded continuously from the Buddha hands.

In an instant, two huge Buddha hands simultaneously blasted towards You Dou who had jumped into the air.

The huge Buddha statue's attack speed is extremely fast. In the eyes of ordinary people, I am afraid that only two purple rays of light can be seen flashing through the air.

Looking at the huge bergamot that exuded the power of terror and bombarded him.

A frantic look flashed across You Dou's face, and he suddenly activated the Black Emperor's ability again, forcibly absorbing all the energy in the surrounding air.

Under the urging of the black emperor's full firepower, the space around You Dou suddenly became darker for a while.

As soon as these violent energies entered the right fighting body, they were quickly transformed into the chakras he needed.

In terms of protracted warfare, You Dou has never been afraid of anyone!

As a certain captain said, I can fight for a day at this level!

The Asura on the head of the Buddha statue that he wanted to attack could not be avoided by the blow against the Buddha statue.

Because only when attacking, there will be flaws, and that is the only opportunity that You Dou currently has!

Right Dou quickly folded his hands together and let out a sharp shout:

"Xianfa-Secret Art-Cut Rain!"


A burst of thunder suddenly exploded in the air, and immediately after the cloudless sky, a huge black cloud quickly filled with the naked eye.

Immediately afterwards, a lot of rain water dripped from the air, showering the huge Buddha statue in the rain instantly.

Unlike the situation that enveloped Konoha last time, Right Dou clearly reduced the scope of this ninjutsu by several times this time, only covering the direction of the head of the Buddha.

Although the scope has been reduced, the power of ninjutsu has more than doubled.

If it was a drizzle that dripped over Konoha, it is now heavy rain.

At the same time this ninjutsu was launched, the two palms of the huge Buddha statue also crashed down.

A huge sonic boom exploded beside You Dou's ear, and a shadow instantly enveloped You Dou.


The terrifying force bombarded You Dou's body with a loud roar. The violent vigor erupted from the Buddha's palm, passing through You Dou's body, directing the large air behind You Dou directly. Boom!

This is not the most terrifying place. Pure physical attacks are not a big threat to You Dou, but the purple thunder and wind power entwined on the huge Buddha statue really makes You Dou feel jealous.

Six levels of ninjutsu can already be said to be the ultimate ninjutsu, and this level of ninjutsu is not completely absorbed by the right fight.

Even with the replication ability extended by the Black Emperor's control of energy, it is impossible to replicate this level of power.

The terrifying bombardment continued, and every shot fell, it seemed as if a mountain had hit You Dou.

Right Dou didn't care about the blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, and constantly raised his somewhat paralyzed hands, and used his best to blast the bergamot that fell in front of him.

The right fighting that originally jumped into the air has been smashed to the ground again by the attack of the Buddha statue.

The whole earth was constantly shaking with the attacks of Buddha statues.

But the right fighting that was smashed into the ground, his hands almost danced into shadows. Every time the Buddha statue hits, the right fighting blasted dozens of punches to resist this terrifying force.

Obviously it was a tendency to fall to one side, but You Dou's eyes became brighter.

Right Dou had already begun to feel the strength of the Buddha's attack began to weaken.

Naturally, it was not that Ashura's men were merciful, but the ninjutsu he had launched just now worked.

Asura sitting on the Buddha statue suddenly raised his head and looked at the heavy rain that was falling in the sky.

The rain did not shower on Asura's body, but at the top of Asura's head, it separated automatically and flowed around.

This is also the reason why Ashura didn't care at all in the beginning. Perhaps in his heart, Ashura didn't care about any ninjutsu used by Youdou.

But now, Asura has clearly felt that the six ways of immortality on the Buddha statue are constantly weakening.

Although Ashura was not exposed to the rain from beginning to end, the humid air caused by the surrounding rain still made Ashura feel a little uncomfortable.

This ninjutsu can actually weaken Chakra!