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Chapter 256 The power of the tail beast, flying asura

Asura narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the right fighting on the ground that he had smashed into the pit:

"You can get entangled with me to such an extent, ordinary human beings, you can already be proud."

"Such games should be over!"

The power of the Six Paths that made one's heart palpitating rose again from Ashura's body.

The huge Buddha statue that was attacking You Dou suddenly paused, then raised one of its arms and slammed it into the air.

The dark clouds pervading the head of the huge Buddha statue were slapped away by a blow under the huge palm of the Buddha statue.

As a result of retracting a bergamot to solve the dark cloud on the head, the pressure on You Dou was naturally greatly reduced, giving You Dou some breathing time.

As for this situation, Asura naturally knew it, but he didn't care at all, because then Asura would completely kill You Dou.

Six Immortals-Yan!

Under the control of Asura, on the other arm of the Buddha statue, a scorching flame rose instantly.

As soon as the blazing high temperature appeared, the moisture in the surrounding air was instantly evaporated.

The power of thunder, the power of the wind, and the power of the flame echoed each other, and slammed down the right Dou below.

Right Dou's pupils shrank slightly, and then he suddenly laughed in a low voice: "Do you think you've taken me down?"

I originally wanted to be a back player, but now it only seems to be exposed!


The chakra galloping in the right fighting body instantly changed, and a tyrannical chakra suddenly rose from the right fighting body.

A large amount of white steam erupted from the body of the right bucket to the surroundings.

The power of the five-tailed Mu King-Boiling Escape, Unparalleled Power!

The muscles all over the right bucket began to harden and swell in an instant.

Five-tailed Muwang’s boiling escape is not the same as Terumi Ming’s boiling escape that directly affects the attack. This power is a special boiling escape that acts on one's own chakra and increases physical strength.

Five-tailed King Mu is known as "the strongest impact among the tail beasts!"

A large number of chakras in the right bucket began to transform into the five-tailed Mu King's tail beast Chakra, accompanied by a roar that resembled the five-tailed Mu King, appeared on the right bucket's arm.

"Now it's my turn!!"

You Dou let out a roar again, raised his fist and blasted at the huge Buddha hand falling from the sky.

Two outrageous arms, one big and one small, violently collided in the air, making a deafening noise.

An unexpected scene appeared in Asura's field of vision, and the huge bergamot stopped in the air, unable to continue to shoot downwards.


Asura's eyes widened suddenly, an incredible look appeared on his face.

This power... is the power of the tail beast!


At this moment, Ashura's face showed an angry look, and he repeatedly resisted his attack, how could Ashura not be angry.

The huge Buddha palm moved again, his hands clenched like fists, and he wanted to hold the right hand in his palms.

At the same time, the three powers of the Six Dao Immortal Techniques began to fuse towards the palm.

Obviously, he intends to grab Right Dou into his palm and completely destroy it.

At this moment, the power of the tyrannical tail beast within You Dou's body began to change.

A brand-new tail beast Chakra instantly wrapped the entire body of You Dou.

The power of the six-tailed rhinoceros-strong acid and soft body!

Under the package of Six-tailed Chakra, the whole body of You Dou appeared dark purple.

At the same time, Right Dou's entire body began to soften, and when he was about to be grasped by the Buddha's palm, he quickly squeezed it out of the tiny hole.

Right Dou followed the arm of the Buddha statue directly into a purple afterimage, rushing towards the Asura on the top of the Buddha at a very fast speed.


Huge vines spread out from the body of the Buddha statue, trying to tie the right bucket and hinder the right bucket from moving forward.

However, these vines were completely corroded by the strong acidic chakra on the right body the moment they approached the right fighting.

He raised his head and looked at Asura who was looking at him coldly above the Buddha statue. Right Dou opened his mouth and uttered three words:

"Kill you!"

Asura's face instantly turned pale, although he couldn't hear what You Dou was talking about, he could still analyze it through his mouth.

The speed is still too slow!

With a thought in You Dou's heart, the Chakra in his body changed again, and the red-tailed chakra began to wrap Right Dou's body, forming a tail beast coat.

The tails of the chakras simulated by the tail beast chakras slowly protruded from the back of the right bucket.

With the Black Emperor's ability to switch, as long as You Dou is willing, except for the tail beastization.You can use the chakra of the tail beast without any restrictions, and even use the chakra of the tail beast to imitate the tail beast jade easily.

The power of the Seven Tails—Flying·Scale!

The tail formed by the chakra from behind the right bucket quickly changed into a wing-like shape, and flew out directly with the right bucket.

Although Uchiha Shisui's Susano can fly, he is too big to be targeted.

not to mention……

Shimmering scales emerged from You Dou's body, and in an instant, the figure of You Dou disappeared from Asura's vision.


In order to prevent being easily found by Asura, You Dou deliberately blended in the scales with Chakra, the fairy technique of natural energy.

Seeing this scene, Ashura's face rarely showed a solemn look, and quickly sensed the surroundings.

Although You Dou's Xianshu Chakra was mixed with Asura's powerful perception, he could still roughly sense the location of You Dou.

But the speed of the right fight was too fast, and there was no time to mobilize the Buddha statue to attack.

Perceiving the right fight that was constantly approaching him, Shura's face was solemn, but there was no panic.

This time he woke up, the right fight in front of him gave him such an unexpected surprise!

Unexpectedly, in this era, someone knew that Chakra started using the tail beast!

Such a person...must die!

Asura, who had originally sat cross-legged on the top of the Buddha, stood up again, and the six Taoist jade shook slightly behind him.

Asking Daoyu's attack distance limit, Asura naturally knew.

So Asura is waiting...Waiting for You Dou to approach him!


You Dou had already lifted his invisibility when he was not far from Asura.

When You Dou saw that Asura was looking in his direction, he already knew that the so-called invisibility was completely useless.

You Dou still rushed towards Asura at an extremely fast speed. As he got closer and closer to Asura, the expression on You Dou's face became more and more serious.

The real danger is coming!

Seeking Daoyu is a deep ditch across the eyes of all ordinary ninjas.

Even Uchiha Madara, who holds the eyes of reincarnation, can only perish if he is attacked by Kudoyu.

Without mastering the power of the six realms, no one can resist the attack of Qiu Daoyu.

Suddenly, the distance between the two people was less than 100 meters.

At this moment, two people attacked at the same time!

Chakra, the tail beast in the right bucket, changed again.

The Power of Nine Tails-Nine Tails Chakra Mode!

In an instant, the whole body of You Dou was covered by a layer of golden chakra.

Nine Chakra's hands that resemble the sharp claws of a demon fox protruded from You Dou. In each Chakra's hand, a small tail beast jade mixed with celestial energy appeared!

Nine powerful and terrifying tail beast jade, at the same time blasted in the direction of Asura!

Asura flashed in his eyes, six fairway jade appeared in front of Asura at the same time, forming six huge black shields!


The huge explosion sounded constantly in the sky.

Although it is a small tail beast jade, it is also a tail beast jade, not to mention that it is mixed with the energy of Xianshu Chakra, and its power is not weak.

Under the simultaneous attack of the nine tail beast jade, the shield formed by Qiu Dao jade was quickly broken through at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It was not until the last heavy Qiu Daoyu shield was shattered by You Dou that You Dou discovered that Asura, who was supposed to be standing behind Qiu Daoyu, had long since disappeared.

"It's over."

A faint voice sounded from behind Right Dou.

Asura raised his hand, which was also formed by Qiu Daoyu, and plunged it into You Dou's body without hesitation.

Accompanied by a series of blood blossoms, the black stick pierced past the right side.

At the moment of being pierced by the black rod, the nine-tailed Chakra on Diudiu's body quickly began to dissipate, and at the same time, centered on the wound pierced by the gang, a crack like the body of a porcelain doll quickly spread to the whole body of the right Dou.

Right Dou stiffly turned around, looking at Asura behind him, suddenly the corner of his mouth picked up.

Right Dou's entire body banged and turned into an arm that fell to the ground. Due to the black stick piercing the entire arm, it turned into black dust and dissipated in a short time.

Eight is the power of the bull ghost-docking to escape!

The ability to escape by docking the tail is the most special ability of all the tail beasts. The eight-tailed human pillar power is the only human pillar power that is taken away from the tail beast and will not die.

Right fight is the price of abandoning an arm to avoid this mortal blow.

In fact, this ability is like a chicken rib for You Dou, after all, even if you have the demihuman resurrection ability, you will not care about Death You Dou.

But only in the face of seeking Taoism, Yao's ability is crucial.

Seeking Taoist jade can not only completely destroy the human body, but also damage the human soul!

Although you can resurrect physically, if the soul is damaged, the demihuman's ability to resurrect may not be useful.

Seeing the completely wiped out arm, Asura couldn't help but was stunned for a moment, but the next moment he reacted, he wanted to leave the place.

But it is too late!

"Scenarios, you guys get out of here!!"

The right fighting figure suddenly appeared beside Asura, raised the only remaining arm, and blasted Asura's face with all his strength.

"you dare!"

Asura only had time to let out a roar, and the whole person was blasted out with a punch from the right fight.