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Chapter 257 Don't God Light, Asura Defeats

You Dou's punch almost exhausted all his strength, and without rushing to make a defense, Asura took the blow abruptly.

He was hit by a right fist from the top of the Buddha statue to the ground below.

With a loud bang, Ashura smashed a huge pit directly on the ground.

As Asura was blasted out of control, the huge Buddha statue also stopped moving, and the two palms that were supposed to line up towards the top of the Buddha instantly stiffened in the air.

Without the blessing of Asura, the Buddha statue in front of him is at best a huge target.

You Dou fiercely stepped on the top of the Buddha's head and turned into a black afterimage, rushing towards Asura with a frightening aura.

In the spiritual world!

Between Senjuju, you guys get out of here!!

If there is Ruuowu's voice, it keeps echoing in the spiritual world of Senjujuan.

At this time, the entire spiritual world of the Senshou Zhujian was filled with white light everywhere.

Only in the most central position, an extremely strong green light swayed continuously, as if struggling.

The surrounding white light constantly suppressed the green light, preventing him from making greater movements.

At this time, the Qianshou Zhujian was shrouded in this green light, accompanied by the sound of the right fighting in the spiritual world.

The calm aura on Qianshou Zhujian's body suddenly began to boil, and at the same time, the green light erupted immediately, opening and spreading to the surroundings.

Senjuzuzuma suddenly opened his eyes and looked at everything around him, his face extremely ugly.

His body was actually controlled by this chakra that he didn't notice!

Senju Zhuma has always been a proud person.

If Uchiha Madara’s pride is on the surface, then Senjuju’s pride is on the inside.

How could such a proud person endure the control of his body by others!

Along with the awakening of the Senshou Zhuma, the originally suppressed green light suddenly exploded, and the white light that enveloped the entire spiritual world began to shrink slowly, and was gradually replaced by the green light.

However, when the green light occupied one third of the entire spiritual world, it stopped.

It wasn't that Senshou Zhuma didn't want to regain his control sister, but Senshou Zhuma found that in his body, the opponent's will was even stronger than him!

"who are you?"

Senjuzuzuma looked ugly forward.

"My name-Asura, is your ancestor."

"I saved your life just now, and now I am helping you solve your enemy."

Asura's figure slowly emerged in front of the Qianshou Zhujian, and slowly spoke with his hands supporting his chin.

Saved my life?


Senju Zhuma was taken aback for a moment. Only then did Senju Zhuma remember the ninjutsu that Youdou had launched against him.

As for the enemy mentioned by Asura, it is obviously the right fight.

"I will solve the matter of the right fight by myself, don't bother you to do it!"

Senshou Zhujian's face was full of cold expressions, and after speaking, he rushed directly towards Asura.

Not to mention that Ashura is his ancestor, even if someone close to him controls his body, Senjujuan will turn his face!

In the spiritual space, when fighting with Ashura between the Qianshou Zhujian, the outside world.

Right Dou, who rushed down from the Buddha statue, rushed directly into the pit that was smashed by Asura.

Chakra's hand rose from the right side of the body and turned into a huge Chakra fist, slammed directly in the direction of Asura.

With anger and killing intent on Asura's face, he slapped the ground abruptly, and the whole person directly rose into the air, quickly lifting off.

Seeing Ashura avoiding the blow, You Dou quickly turned around, trying to catch up and launch another attack.


Asura, who was originally ascending into the sky, suddenly stiffened for a moment, and then, the stunned land fell directly from the sky.

Seeing this scene, You Dou was first stunned, and then a flash of joy flashed across his face.

You Dou knew that he was right!

The sudden appearance of Asura was completely outside of You Dou's plan.

At first, You Dou thought that this was a special method used by Senshou Zhujian.

But when Asura attacked You Dou with Qiu Daoyu for the first time, and when that strike deviated, You Dou began to suspect. I'm afraid that Asura appeared, Senjujuma didn't even know it.

Asura’s state was completely in charge of Senshou Zhuma's body. As for Senshou Zhuma's own will, I am afraid that Asura was suppressed.

Looking at Ashura who fell from the air, a sneer appeared on You Dou's face.

It seems that the will of Qianshouzhujian has already begun to resist.

That being the case, I will help you!

The Chakra in the right fighting body surging rapidly, the whole person once again turned into an afterimage and rushed directly.

"Damn it!"

Asura covered his head with one hand, and saw the right fighting rushing towards him, quickly mobilizing the six powers in his body.

Qiu Dao Jade, who had been defeated by You Dou's immortal attack, began to condense in front of Asura again.

It's just that, unlike the six Taoist jade appearing directly at the beginning, the current Asura seems to be able to barely stand in front of him, reuniting one Taoist jade.

"It seems that your strength has begun to weaken!"

A cold voice suddenly sounded from the side beside Ashura.

In the next instant, the huge claws of Chakra blasted from Fang Dang where the sound passed.

With an ugly look on Asura's face, he raised the gang weapon in his hand and pointed it at the direction where Chakra's hand blasted, and pierced it directly.

The two collided, making a sound like a metal collision.

At the point where the black rod touched the claw of Chakra, the magic technique attached to the claw of Chakra was quickly consumed.

You Dou knew that once the Xianshu Chakra was exhausted, the Claw of Chakra might be quickly defeated by the black rod.

Asura's eyes flashed with Sen Han's killing intent, and with a thought in his heart, the jade for seeking the truth, which had just been condensed, blasted directly in the direction of You Dou.

Seeing Qiu Daoyu leaving Asura's side, a sharp light flashed in You Dou's eyes.


Suddenly, a puff of white smoke rose from You Dou's body, and then it turned into a stream of water and fell on the ground.

Water body!

At this moment, the real right-fighter figure had already appeared in another direction of Asura.

"Do you think I will be fooled twice for the same move!"

Asura turned his head abruptly to look at the real right fight, and turned towards Qiu Daoyu who blasted past Shui's body, turning a huge solitude in the air, and shot it over.

"The same move is indeed useless, but my goal has been achieved."

You Dou looked at Asura close in front of him, and the kaleidoscope in his eyes turned quickly.

Thanks to the amount of Chakra in You Dou's body that was not inferior to the Qianshou Zhujian, the cooling time required to activate the other gods has been greatly shortened.

But even so, You Dou knew that if he were activating it, he would have caused serious damage to the eyes of the writing wheel.

But even so, so what?

"I am a person who always speaks for words. I said I would kill you, so I must do it!"

With an undisguised killing intent in You Dou's eyes, he stared at Asura coldly.

Don’t God, Light!!

Shishui's Wanhua pupil's writing wheel suddenly brightened, and then a wide range of golden light burst out.

The terrifying pupil power swarmed out, forcibly pulling on Ashura's mental power, trying to pull it into the illusion space.

If "other gods" is an illusion that can control the enemy's will, then "other gods·Rays" are stored in the eyes of Shisui's kaleidoscope writing wheel, which can pull the enemy's mental power into the illusion space and completely turn it into ashes. Illusion!

A strong pulling force erupted from the eyes of the writing wheel, and Ashura felt a trance suddenly appeared in his spirit.

Even Qiu Daoyu, who was shooting towards the right bucket, stopped in midair.


Asura let out a roar, with a hint of pain in his voice.

At the same time, Asura urged Qiu Daoyu, and once again slammed in the direction of You Dou.

You Dou's face changed slightly, Ashura actually resisted this ninjutsu!

But now, the arrow is on the line and has to be sent.

The Chakra in the right bucket once again poured into the eyes of the writing wheel, forcibly squeezing the eyes of the writing wheel, squeezing the pupil power in the eyes of the writing wheel to enhance the power of this ninjutsu.

The golden light erupting from the eyes of the writing wheel instantly rose to a new level.

And Qiu Daoyu's attack had already blasted over at this time.

But now the right head can't avoid it, and can only activate the Chakra inside his body, covering his body with a layer of Xianshu Chakra protection.


Qiu Daoyu directly hit You Dou's body, making a very slight muffled sound.

No blood spattered as imagined.

Starting from the part on the left shoulder that was attacked by Qiu Daoyu, it quickly began to crack, like a porcelain doll, which turned into small pieces, falling to the ground and disappearing.

At the same time, a very weak feeling came from the spirit.

Right Dou bit his lip fiercely, and quickly stretched out one of the Chakra's claws from his body, cutting off the cracked position of his left shoulder from the right walking body.

A large amount of blood sprayed out from the wound of You Dou. Seeing such a scene, You Dou must be in his heart.

At the same time, Senjuzuju, who was fighting with Asura in the spiritual world, also found Asura who was suddenly weakened.

Although it was not clear what was going on, Senju Zhuma would naturally not give up this opportunity.

Under the joint attack of the two people between You Dou and Qianshouzhu, in a certain way, Ashura's mental power was finally unable to resist, and was completely absorbed into the illusion space of other gods.

At the moment of being sucked into the illusion space, the golden light completely overwhelmed Ashura's mental power.

I would be defeated by two younger generations!

Asura's eyes were filled with disbelief and unspeakable anger.