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Chapter 262 Xiao Nan and Nagato's departure

Seeing the dead wood that perfectly absorbed the two-stranded tail beast Chakra, You Dou couldn't help but startled.

Without the slightest hesitation, You Dou quickly converted the chakras in his body, and input the chakras of different tail beasts into the dead wood at the same time.

When the fifth different tailed beast Chakra was imported, the dead wood that had been dry and dry, quickly became full.

It was as if the originally scrawny person suddenly became plump.

At the same time, a very unique breath radiated from this dead tree, and this breath was filled with violent, cold negative emotions.

It seemed that the dead wood about half a meter in front of him was not a dead thing, but a beast that could violently violently rise at any time.

A thoughtful look flashed in You Dou's eyes, but the movement on his hand still did not stop, and the sixth different tail beast Chakra entered the dead wood again.

With the input of this tail beast Chakra, the violent aura became stronger and stronger, and at the same time, the dead wood that had been filled up slowly began to change.

The whole dead wood began to expand at a speed visible to the naked eye, but only when it expanded to about one meter, it stopped.

At this time, the appearance of the dead wood had already changed. On the surface of the original flat dead wood, ten pillars were slowly raised.

Seeing the look of the dead wood in front of him, You Dou's originally calm face showed a stunned look, followed by a sharp light flashing in his eyes.

You Dou originally planned to import Chakra, the last tail beast in his body, but seeing the dead wood in front of him, You Dou stopped his movements.

Right Dou has a feeling that if the chakra of the seventh tail beast is put into the dead wood in front of him, it is very likely to cause a qualitative change.

You Dou is not worried about this kind of change. What You Dou is worried about is whether the Outer Golem will perceive such a change.

The piece of dead wood in front of him was cut from the body of the outer golem after all. No one can guarantee whether there is still some connection between the dead wood and the outer golem.

Although there is no need to continue the experiment in front of you for the time being, you are already satisfied with the current results.

Just gathered six different tailed beast chakras, this dead tree has undergone such a big change, if all the chakras of the last three tailed beasts are gathered together and input into this dead tree.

You Dou guessed that the dead tree in front of him might be able to turn into a small ten-tail.

You Dou remembered that the legendary Ten Tails had the ability to split countless individuals.

It seems that this idea is correct.

A smile appeared at the corner of the right bickering mouth, and a thought moved in his heart.


A diamond blockade quickly gushed out from the body of You Dou, binding the dead wood in front of him.

The dead wood, which originally exuded violent and cold aura, was quickly weakened and sealed under the binding of Chakra chains.

"For the time being, put this dead tree in the enchantment, with a seal of the King Kong blockade. Even if there is any reaction between the dead tree and the outside golem, the current outside golem will not perceive it.

Glancing at the dead wood bound by Chakra chains, You Dou spoke softly.

After doing all this, You Dou got up and walked out of the barrier.

Changjuro and Momoji, who had been guarding outside the barrier, didn't cut anymore, and they trembled again when they saw that they walked out, and their faces quickly showed respect.

"Thank you two."

You Dou looked at the two Nagjuro, with a gentle smile on their faces.

"This is what we should do, Master You Dou." Tao Di no longer gave a solemn expression.

Chojuro on the side also nodded his head.

Looking at the appearance of the two people, You Dou shrugged while walking forward, while quietly asking:

"How is Ringo Yu Yuri's recovery from injury?"

"Chiyo in Sandyakura Village is indeed a medical ninja comparable to Konoha Tsunade, Ringo Yu Yuri has basically recovered completely."

Although Taodi's voice was cold, there was already a smile on her face.

For Ringo Yu Yuri, it is quite acceptable not to cut the peach field. Ringo Yu Yuri can recover, and the others in the misty seven knives are equally happy.

"At present, Chiyo in Shayin Village should be in the office of Lord Shuiying."

After Momoji did not cut his words, Chojuro on the side also spoke softly.

You Dou nodded. He naturally knew what Qiandai mother-in-law was doing in the Water Shadow Office. Since Shayin Village is willing to be a younger brother, there is no reason for Wuyin Village not to accept it.

While the three of them were walking along the street, Changjuro and Momoji would report to You Dou one by one the information of the Ninja World during this period of time.

When hearing about Konoha's information as usual during this period, You Dou raised his eyebrows gently:

"It seems that Uchiha Madara didn't go to Konoha after stopping him."

With just this information, You Dou can analyze a lot of things.

The last blow that he blew himself did not kill Senjujuma, or if Senjujuma died, Konoha would not be able to hide it at all.

With Konoha's high-level urinary sex, I really know that Senjujuma is dead, I'm afraid they are the first to mess.

Thinking of this, You Dou's face showed a slight smile.

Zhengyou Dou is preparing to ask some information about the current Ninja World.

I saw that a shadow was standing not far in front of the street, watching them quietly.

"Xiao Nan?"

You Dou glanced at Xiao Nan in front of him, and couldn't help but froze.

Momoji and Changjuro, who stood behind You Dou, glanced at each other slightly, and slowly slowed down.

And You Dou walked over directly, looking at Xiao Nan Dao with a puzzled look on his face:

"wait for me?"

Xiao Nan nodded softly.

Seeing You Dou walking to his side, Xiao Nan turned and stood on the side of You Dou and walked forward along the street.

on the street.

Xiaonan and Youdou walked in the forefront, while Changjuro and Momoji would lag behind and follow them after they did not cut.

"Changjuro, do you think Shuiying-sama is beautiful, or is the woman in Yuyin Village beautiful?"

Momoji didn't glance at the two people in front of him again, quickly retracted his gaze, and looked at the neighbor Changjuro in a low voice.

"Master Shuiying!"

Chojuro was stunned for a moment, scratching his head and opening his mouth very firmly.

Seeing Changjuro's solemn face, Momoji no longer cut his lips slightly.

When Changjuro and Momoji no longer discussed in a low voice, Xiao Nan, who hesitated for a moment, spoke softly in front of him:

"About Yuyin Village, thank you."

Yuyin Village?

Youto was taken aback for a moment, and then he remembered that Uchiha Madara had just exchanged terms with him.

"It seems that Uchiha Madara's people have already withdrawn from Amagi Village? The action is really fast."

Right Dou waved his hand casually, and said with a chuckle.

Seeing You Dou not caring, Xiao Nan still looked solemnly:

"This matter may seem to your Excellency You Dou to be a trivial matter, but to the civilians of Yuyin Village, it is a major matter concerning their lives. I thank you for Yuyin Village.

Xiaonan knows very well that Yoto, Senjujuma, and Uchiha Madara are definitely the center of attention of the entire ninja world.

Once Ninja War breaks out, the place where these three people are will definitely be caught in the flames of war in a short time.

Now Uchiha Madara has left Ugin Village, which is equivalent to the war to get Ugin Village away temporarily.

"Well, after all, the current Yuyin Village is our ally in Wuyin Village, and help is needed."

You Dou looked at Xiao Nan solemnly, with a faint smile on his face, and continued to speak:

"Moreover, you should not only thank you for coming this time, but also say goodbye."

Xiao Nan nodded, and the usual expressionless expression on his face was restored:

"Since Uchiha Madara has left Ugin Village, Nagato and I naturally need to rush back. Ugin Village will be the firmest ally of Ugin Village!"

Having said this, Xiao Nan's voice paused slightly, with an inexplicable look on his face, looking at You Dou said:

"Will the peace that You Dou said will really come true?"

"Yes." You Dou still had a casual look on his face, but there was a firmness in his voice.

Xiao Nan took a deep look at Right Dou, then turned and walked forward, not knowing if it was an illusion, Xiao Nan felt that his footsteps were much lighter than usual.

Yahiko, your dream may really be realized in this man.

If this is the case, let me take a look for you.



Since Tsunade went to the corpse bone forest with the seriously injured Senjujuma, Konoha's affairs naturally fell on Jiraiya.

Although Konoha looks the same on the surface, it is already loose on the outside and tight on the inside.

Even the senior Konoha, who had always been against Tsunade and Jiraiya, began to gather at this time.

In particular, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun did not hesitate to assist Jiraiya during Tsunade's absence.

When Konoha has no external threats, it's fine to sing the opposite, but no one is a fool at this time and will drag Konoha's hind legs.

Pharmacist pocket is missing!

Danzo's accidental death!

Senjujuma was seriously injured!

These three things are connected together, enough to put Konoha into a state of high alert.

Although there was no news of Senjujuma's serious injury, Jiraiya told the other Konoha executives.

But how could someone who can be a high-level Konoha be a fool.

Such a terrifying battle took place outside Konoha, and after the battle was over, Senju Junama and Tsunade suddenly disappeared. If you move your mind slightly, you can guess what happened.

Suddenly, there was a slightly strange harmony in front of him.

Not to mention Jiraiya, no one from Konoha's high-level people asked about it, and instead gave full assistance to Jiraiya at this time.