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Chapter 263 Naruto Who Wants to Be Taught Between the Pillars

In the Naruto office.

Jilai also rubbed his swollen temples, and couldn't help taking a deep breath.

Ever since Tsunade took the Senjujuma to the Wet Bone Forest, Jiraiya's spirit has been tense all the time.

I thought that the first generation Shuiying Youdou would take advantage of this time to attack the machine again, but it did not appear.

Even, through reports from the Konoha ninja stationed at the border, Wuyin Village seemed to show no signs of troops dispatched.

Although Zi Lai was a little confused about Wuyin Village's quiet behavior, at the same time he was relieved.

"The current Konoha is no longer the leader of the Five Ninja Villages. The passive situation in front of us really needs to be changed."

Jilaiya looked at the rolls of information on the table, his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

I didn't feel it at the beginning, but with the serious injury of Senju Zhuma this time, Jiraji also felt more and more the current drawbacks of Konoha.

Since the resurrection of Lord Senjujuama, although it did make the Konoha people who had just been attacked by the four great Shinobu villages freed from panic in a short time.

But at the same time, because of the resurrection of Lord Senjujuama, the many ninjas of Konoha lost a certain kind of motivation called "upward."

Jiraiya could also fully imagine that if the news that Senju-ju-ma was seriously injured was spread this time, Konoha would be plunged into panic in a short time.

When such a situation occurred, Jiraiya thought about it for a moment, and then he understood where the problem was.

The panic is due to two reasons, one is external threats, and the other is internal problems.

"If the old man is still alive, I'm afraid this situation won't happen."

Thinking of the three generations of Hokage Sarutobi, Jiraiya's eyes flashed a sad look.

With the prestige of Sarutobi Hi-Slash among all civilians and ninjas, even if Senju-sama-sama is seriously injured, Saruto Hi-Slash can calm the panic in a short time.

Although Tsunade is also Hokage, his time in office is too short, and it is impossible for him to have the prestige of Sarutobi Hizen in a short time.

In addition, Konoha has too few strong players. Apart from Tsunade and him, Jilai also discovered that there are no people at his level.

Although Kakashi's strength is good, it is only good. The Wuyin Village only needs to dispatch two members of the Seven Swordsmen, which is enough to drag Kakashi out and even cause Kakashi to be dangerous.

As for Metkay, who opened eight doors, he was indeed strong, but the sequelae were too serious.


Jilai also thought of the Toad Immortal and the "son of prophecy" he mentioned.

Unfortunately, since the toad immortal predicted that Konoha would fall into the flames of war last time, he has been in a deep sleep.

Otherwise, Jilai really wanted to ask about the Son of Prophecy again.

Perhaps Konoha needs a hero now.

A hero who belongs to this era!

Jilaiya put his hands on his chin, his eyes flashed with thoughtful expressions.


A knock on the door suddenly sounded from outside the door.

The next moment, Naruto walked in carelessly from outside the office.

Following Naruto were Kakashi with a tired face and Sakura without much fighting spirit.

"Huh? Lecherous fairy, why are you sitting in that position, Granny Tsunade?"

Seeing Jiraiya sitting in Hokage's position, Naruto's eyes widened, revealing a confused expression on his face.

"Naruto, you guy, you all said that I am not a lecherous fairy, I am a toad fairy, and also! I am your master!!"

Jilaida had a look, and looked at Naruto with an unhappy expression.

"I did not admit that you are my master."

Naruto curled his lips and said quietly.

Jilaiya's eyelids couldn't help but jump, and then a helpless look appeared on his face.

For some reason, he tripped his mouth with Naruto, and Jilai suddenly felt a lot better.

Jilai also raised his head and looked at Kakashi and Sakura behind Naruto. Seeing that they were a little bit decadent and unmotivated, Jilai couldn't help but feel a headache.

It seems that Sasuke's defection had a great impact on the seventh class.

Of course, the third-spot Metkay’s team also has some influence, but compared with the active atmosphere and full of passion, Kakashi’s inherently silent character makes this team more a little bit. Depressed.

Thinking of this, Jiraiya turned his gaze to the side with a smirk, as if Naruto was the least affected.

Jiraji also knows better than anyone that Sasuke's defection had the greatest impact on Naruto compared to Kakashi and Sakura.

However, compared to Sakura, who expresses emotions, Naruto regards this pressure as a motivation to become stronger.

"Master Jilaiya."

Kakashi also glanced at Jiraiya sitting in Hokage's position, and a look of doubt flashed in his eyes.

"Tsunade has more important things to deal with. I will act as an agent for Hokage for the time being."

Jilai also naturally felt Kakashi's doubts, and said casually.

Kakashi's eyes flashed, and he nodded plainly. Tsunade-sama's departure was obviously related to the battle that took place outside Konoha a few days ago, but this matter is obviously not something he can talk about.

"Laughter fairy, last time you called me the spiral pill, I have learned it, and I have become stronger."

With a look of excitement and expectation on Naruto's face, his hands were immediately folded up and down.

Along with a chakra pouring from the celebrity's hands, a spiral pill quickly appeared in Naruto's palm.

Seeing this scene, Zi Lai Ye's face was slightly stunned, and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

It took less than a week to learn it, which was much shorter than the time Jilaida estimated from the beginning.

"It took a week to learn. It was really slow. With Uchiha Sasuke's talent, he was taught by a strong man like Uchiha Madara. Now Sasuke is probably stronger. You are still far behind Naruto. ."

Jilai also saw the look of expectation in Naruto's eyes, and unexpectedly guessed what Naruto was thinking, curled his lips slightly, and attacked Naruto.

Naruto's eyes dimmed slightly, and his fist tightened, as a Naruto chasing behind Sasuke.

Naruto knows Sasuke's talent better than anyone.

Sasuke must work harder than me now, and I have to become stronger!

Thinking of this, Naruto's face reappeared with a smile, and under the stunned expressions of everyone, while smiling, he strode towards the direction of Jiraiya.

Seeing Naruto's movements, Jiraiya's mouth twitched, he had a bad feeling.


Naruto suddenly came to the table in front of the sound, and said in a discussing tone:

"Laughter fairy, you see, Sasuke is taught by someone as powerful as Uchiha Madara. Even Neji seems to have the first generation of water shadows, hehe..."

"Can you let Hokage-sama teach me too."

Naruto blinked, with azure pupils, looking at Jiraiya expectantly.

Jilai couldn't help but roll his eyes, he naturally knew who Naruto was talking about.

"What you said is easy, and I have said that my name is Immortal Toad!!"

Jiraiya also looked at Naruto with an unhappy expression.

No wonder Naruto has been inquiring about Senjudama's news from time to time during this period. It turned out to be this attention.

In other words, he was the teacher who handed over Naruto, okay, although Jilai also knew that he was not as good as the two who were as famous as Senju Zhuma, but he still felt a little unhappy.

Just when Naruto wanted to say something, Kakashi came from behind and pulled Naruto back:

"Well, Naruto, we have more important things."

Naruto pursed his lips slightly, and did not speak any more.

"Master Jilaiya, is there any task to summon us this time?"

Kakashi raised his head to look at Jiraiya, and asked softly.

"It's not a mission. A ninja team itself consists of an instructor and three ninjas. Because of Sasuke's defect, your seventh class is already vacant, so naturally you don't want this person."

Jilai also glanced at the Kakashi trio and said with a chuckle.

Of course, this is not the root cause. The main reason is that if a new companion is added, the current situation of Class 7 will be improved.

Accompanied by Jiraiya's opening, Kakashi nodded lightly, which was expected.

The faces of Sakura and Naruto on the side changed.

Before Naruto and the others, they already knew the position of the third group of Hyuga Neji, and someone had already replaced it, who was also a member of the Hyuga clan.

Regarding such a thing, both Naruto and Sakura were somewhat resistant in their hearts.

"Sasuke's position cannot be replaced by no one!"

Kozakura looked at Jiraiya, her voice a little excited.

Kakashi's eyes flashed, and he reached out and pressed Sakura's head and rubbed it vigorously.

Along with Kakashi's movements, Sakura's originally agitated emotions slowly eased.

"Sakura, this is not a replacement, but a new companion to you."

Jilaida also looked at Naruto and Sakura with a solemn expression.

After speaking, Jilai also clapped his hands gently, and a very slight sound disappeared from outside the Hokage office.

Kakashi's ears moved, not from Anbu.

Thinking of the fact that Lord Jilaiya took over the roots of Danzo some time ago, it seems that this companion who is about to join the seventh class is from the roots.

Before long, a slight knock on the door sounded from outside the Hokage office.

"Come in." Jilaiya said with a smile on his face.


With a soft sound, a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy with a half-black upper body and a slightly larger scroll hung on his waist, walked in from outside the door under everyone's attention.