The surface of the entire stone pillar was covered by a dense layer of special charms with faint light.

These spells have extremely powerful sealing power, especially for the tail beast Chakra.

Both the five-tailed Mu King's Chakra and Han himself were suppressed.

On the opposite side of Han, is the eight-tailed pillar Rabbi who is also tied to a stone pillar by a strong iron chain.

Compared with Han's silent look, Kirabi was obviously much more active.

Due to Kiraby's constantly struggling movements, the chains tied to Kiraby's body constantly collided, making a harsh sound.

"It's useless. There is no way for the two of us to become beasts. It is almost impossible to break free with our own strength."

As Kirabi continued to struggle, a sound fell into Han's ears, Han raised his head helplessly, and said.

"Even so, you can't do nothing."

Kirabi curled his lips, and said in a somewhat uncomfortable voice.

"Konoha's people are only temporarily shutting the two of us here. If you want to come, we will be able to go back soon."

Han didn't care about Qi Rabbi's dissatisfaction, and said calmly.

Hearing Han's words, Kirabi struggled hard again, then let out a deep breath.

Kirabi was naturally aware of their current situation, except that some of their discomfort was tied to the stone pillar.

As Kirabi stopped, the entire prison fell into silence again.



Several light footsteps were received, which sounded outside the prison.

Kirabi and Han raised their heads abruptly and looked in the direction of the sound.

The two of them are in trouble here. Except for the daily food delivery, almost no one comes here, and at this point in time, it is obviously not here to deliver the food.

A sharp glow flashed in Han's eyes, that is to say.

It seems that the people in the village have reached some kind of reconciliation with Konoha.

Kirabi on the other side was the same as Han thought.

But compared to Han, Kirabi could completely imagine that after returning to Yunyin Village, he would be violently beaten by Ai.

At the thought of this, Kirabi's neck couldn't help but shrink.

Before long, several Anbe ninjas and Jiraiya also appeared in front of Kirabi and Han.

"Put them down."

After taking a look at the two of them, Jilai said flatly.

The several Anbe ninjas who followed Jilaiya nodded and quickly stepped forward, appearing in front of Han and Kirabi, and at the same time began to seal.


Accompanied by two sounds like glass breaking.

Kirabi and Han only felt that the imprisoned power that was bound to them disappeared at the same time.

The five-tailed and eight-tailed chakras that had been sealed once again appeared in the perception of the two.

"Bi, how is it!"

Yao's worried voice sounded in Kirabi's mind.

"Eight, there is nothing wrong for the time being, just a little curious, what is going on with this sealing technique?" Kirabi moved his wrist and replied in his heart.

Konoha's sealing technique that can suppress the tail beast really made Kirabi feel a little shocked in his heart.

"This sealing technique is related to the dying Maelstrom family."

After a while, the voice of the eight-tailed bull ghost sounded in Kirabi's mind.

On the other side, Han looked at Jilaiya who had put him down, a cold expression appeared on his face:

"If you let us go so easily, you are not afraid that we will beasted and attack Konoha."

At this time, Kirabi also raised his head to look at Jiraiya, rising up with a breath of Chakra that belongs to Yao.

Hearing Han's words, the surrounding Anbe ninja showed nervous expressions, and quickly prepared for battle.

"You won't."

Jilaiya glanced at Han and Kirabi calmly, then turned and walked outside the prison.

It wasn't until after a few steps that Kiraby and Kirabi had no extra movements, did Jilaiya breathe a sigh of relief deep in his heart.

It seems that the means arranged in advance do not need to be used. This is the best result.

Although Ji Lai also looked calm on the surface, the moment Kiraby and the others were put down, Ji Lai was also ready to fight.

Although the entire Ninja World had known about the resurrection of Master Senjujuama, Kirabi and Han had been kept in prison, but they didn't know.

Once Gorui and Yaojin Zhuli riots, it will definitely cause big trouble to Konoha, so how could Jiraji not make any preparations.

Kirabi and Han glanced at each other slightly, and did not speak. The two followed Jilai and walked outside the prison.

Although there is a lot of hatred between Yanyin and Wuyin, both of them are human pillars. Coupled with being locked in prison for so long, even if they were somewhat hostile at first, they have now been eliminated.

"Tsk tusk, it seems that Konoha also has something to rely on."

There was a hint of rap in Kirabi's voice, and he whispered to the Han next to him.

Han nodded, still silent.

It didn't take long for a few people to walk out of the underground prison.

The dazzling sunlight appeared in the eyes of Kirabi and Han.

The two people narrowed their eyes slightly and adjusted to a while before opening their eyes completely.

Seeing the surrounding scenes, Kirabi and Han knew at this time what kind of place they were being held.

I am afraid that this position is already on the edge of Konoha, because looking along their eyes, two people have already seen the Konoha gate in the distance.

Moreover, there is a huge enchantment above their heads, covering this area.

Given where they are now, even if both of them are all beasts, the damage to Konoha will be minimal.

"It seems that Konoha has taken a lot of precautions because of the last attack of the Four Ninja Village."

With a sneer on Han's face, he said to himself.

But compared to these, what really puzzled her was that there seemed to be a lot of wooden buildings nearby.

Kirabi on the side naturally saw these buildings, and the faces of the two people were slightly ugly.

As soon as they saw the wood, the two thought of the Buddha who had defeated them.

At this moment, several cracking sounds came from another direction.

I saw that four ninjas appeared in the field of vision of several people.

The loess of Yanyin Village, Wenya.

Darui of Yunyin Village, Xi.

"Darui, Xi didn't expect it to be you two."

Kirabi saw the two, scratched his head, and said unexpectedly.

"Master Kirabi, are you okay?"

As soon as Xi appeared beside Kirabi, he asked with concern.

At the same time, I hope to look up and down this Kirabi, wanting to see if he is injured.

Darui on the side also changed his usual laziness and looked at Kirabi with the same concern.

Kirabi waved his hand, indicating that he was fine.

The other side.

"Master Han."

Wen Ya appeared beside Han and spoke respectfully.

"Unexpectedly, Master Tuying would send you two here."

Han nodded slightly, and looked at Wen Ya and Huang Tu with some surprise.

Wenya is a well-known ninja in Yanyin Village, and even the captain of the seal squad. As for Loess, he is not only powerful, but also the son of Ohnoki.

Sending these two people over is enough to show how much Onoki cares about him.

"Let others come, the old man is not at ease."

Huang Tu shrugged and said with a smile.

"Ianyin, Yunyin and Konoha have reached some kind of agreement? Sorry, the village must have paid a lot."

Han glanced in the direction of Kirabi, then looked at the loess in front of him, with a look of shame on his face.

Konoha released the two of them so easily, and even let Yunyin and Yannin's people appear here, which is normally impossible.

Therefore, Han only wondered if there was another agreement between the big Ninja villages.

"Don't worry, Han, the village hasn't lost much, this matter is a bit troublesome to explain."

"To put it simply, now the entire Ninja world has changed. Senju Zhuma, Uchiha Madara, and Utoto have been resurrected."

"Four Ninja Villages' attack on Konoha was also secretly guided by the first generation of Suikage Youdou."

Huang Tu shook his head, with a solemn expression on his face, and said roughly what happened recently.

A look of consternation appeared on Han's face, and it took a long time before he digested the information Huang Tu said.

The legendary three masters were resurrected!

Had it not been said that the person with this information was Loess, Han would definitely think it was playing him.

Thinking of this, Han suddenly understood why people without Konoha Ninja obtained information from them during the time they were imprisoned.

Originally, Han thought this was the result of negotiations between the villages, but now it seems that after the resurrection of Senjue Zhuma, Konoha's people don't care about them at all.

At this time, Mito Menyan and Zhuanxi Xiaochun also appeared behind Ji Laiya.

"The people of Yanyin and Yunyin don't doubt, right?"

Jilai also glanced at the place where Han and Kirabi were, and whispered.

At present, Tsunade and Senjuju-sama are not in Konoha, and this matter must not be known to anyone in other villages.

"With our two consultants personally negotiating, Yanyin and Yunyin's people will not doubt, even if they doubt, they dare not do anything now."

Turning to bed, Xiaochun spoke with a plain expression on her face, softly speaking.

"However, Yanyin and Yunyin seem to have no plans to form an alliance with Konoha. It seems that the old man Ohnoki and the fourth generation of Raikage Ai have other ideas."

With a thoughtful look on Mito Menyan's face, he whispered.

Hearing Mito Menyan's words, Jiraiya's brows showed a dignified look.

The last thing Konoha wanted to see had happened.

Compared with Uchiha Madara and the original Mizukage Right Fight, Senju Zhuma is obviously much more reliable.

But through negotiations with Loess and Darui, Yanyin and Yunyin, the two big Ninja villages, I'm afraid they have been grouped together in Konoha and Wuyin villages.