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Chapter 269 Outer Golem Appears, Swallowing It Directly!

Madara Uchiha lifted his head and looked at King Mu and the eight-tailed bull ghost.

"Are there five tails and eight tails? Since they have both appeared, the warm-up should be over."

Madara Uchiha twisted his neck with a smile on his face, raised his hand and slammed it on the ground.

Spiritualism-Outer Golem!


As a huge white smoke rose up, a huge humanoid monster with nine eyes and a subject-like body appeared in front of Kirabi and Han.


As soon as the Outer Golem appeared, it seemed to feel something and let out a long roar.



When the five-tailed King Mu and the eight-tailed bull ghost saw the appearance of the outer golem, the two heads and tails trembled at the same time!

"Han, escape!"

"Bi, run away!"

Five-tailed Mu Wang and eight-tailed bull ghosts spoke loudly at the same time facing Han and Kirabi in their spiritual world.

Immediately afterwards, the five-tailed King Mu and the eight-tailed bull ghost did not hesitate at all, turned and fled in the opposite direction.

No one can understand the fear in the heart of the tail beast facing the outer golem.

Since they had independent consciousness, these tail beasts had no intention of returning to that one, their body.

"I want to escape now, it's already late."

A sneer appeared on Uchiha Madara's face looking at the two-headed beasts escaping in the opposite direction.

Just now!

Uchiha Madara frowned suddenly and quickly left the place.

Lan Dun-Encourage setbacks and lock in demand!

Several lasers formed by powerful water vapor shot from the artistic direction in the forest towards Uchiha Madara at a very fast speed.

In almost an instant, several large potholes had been exploded where Uchiha Madara was standing.

Darui came out of the forest slowly, breathing heavily.


At this moment, another huge roar sounded, and the entire ground seemed to have suffered a strong earthquake.

Earth Escape-The Art of the Mountain!

The ground quickly cracked, and then two huge hemispheres made up of rocks suddenly rose from the ground.

Like a hill, it flanked towards the summoned outgoing golem.

At this time, the Outer Golem also seemed to feel the threat, let out an angry roar, quickly opened its two arms and forcibly supported it, hitting the huge hemispherical rock from two directions.

With a huge muffled sound, the whole air vibrated.

"Finally caught up!"

Huang Tu took a breath and said weakly.

In order to create a huge rock that could block the Golem of the Outer Dao, two-thirds of the chakra of the loess was consumed in an instant, and the loess was almost killed.

Darui also appeared beside Huang Tu, with a solemn expression on his face, looking at Uchiha Madara in the distance:

"Huang Tu, the two of us must make every effort to create time for Han and Kirabi to escape!"

Huang Tu nodded heavily. For whatever reason, Han and Kirabi must not fall into Uchiha Madara's hands.

"Since I am not dead, I dare to appear in front of me."

"Create time to escape? Are you two too self-righteous?"

Seeing that the loess and Darui that had stopped him reappeared, Uchiha Madara's face was already impatient.

"This game should be over!"

Uchiha Madara glanced at Huang Tu and Darui with disdain, and quickly moved his hands together.

The Outer Golem that was clamped by two huge semi-circular rocks suddenly opened its mouth.

The next moment.

Numerous chains spewed out from the mouth of the outer golem, turning into streams of light, and the five-tailed Mu Wang and eight-tailed bull ghosts who had fled in the opposite direction shot past them.

The speed of these chains is extremely fast, and in just a blink of an eye they have caught up with the two escaping tail beasts.

With a silent sound, these chains directly bound the eight-tailed bull ghost and the five-tailed King Mu.

These chains seem to have a strong suppression on the chakra of the tailed beast, no matter how the five-tailed Muwang and the eight-tailed bull ghost struggle, there is no way to break free from these chains.

"Nine Huanlong banned!"

Madara Uchiha folded his hands together and his eyes glared.

From the open mouth of the Outer Golem, two Chakrasaurus spouted again.

The two Chakrasaurus swiftly twisted their bodies and rushed towards the bound five-tailed Mu Wang and eight-tailed bull ghosts.

In the spiritual world.

"Han, stop struggling, it's meaningless anymore."

Five-tailed Mu Wang looked at the Han who still wanted to struggle, and said in a low voice.

Hearing the words of King Mu Wang, who was struggling desperately, his body trembled suddenly and he couldn't help stopping.

Han sat in the mental space, looked at King Mu Wang, who was opposite, was silent for a while, and suddenly said, "Sorry, Wuwei."

"I hate the name Goto, my name is-Mu Wang!"

Five-tailed Mu Wang shook his tail and said flatly.

the other side.

"What's the matter with these chains, why can't they break free?"

Kirabi kept twisting his body, with a hint of anxiety in his voice.

Obviously there are not many chains, but Kirabi felt a strong suppressing force against the tail beast Chakra.

"Bi, as the guy who makes me agree, I won't let you die."

The eight-tailed bull ghost looked at Kirabi and solemnly said.

outside world!

The two chakra dragons directly pounced on the five-tailed King Mu and the eight-tailed bull ghost who were bound by the chain.

In the next instant, the two Chakrasaurus quickly opened their mouths and bit directly on the neck of the tail beast.

As for the Outer Golem as the source, it opened its mouth wide and made a sucking action.

The five-tailed Mu Wang and the eight-tailed bull ghost had no room for resistance, they were directly picked up by two chakra dragons and sucked into their mouths by the outside golem.

However, Han and Kirabi, who were originally in a tailed animalized state, retreated directly from the tailed animalized state, and fell directly from the air.

The breath of Han had completely disappeared the moment King Mu was taken away.

As for Kirabi, before losing consciousness, he only heard the sound of the eight-tailed bull ghost in his head.

Dock and escape!

When the eight-tailed bull ghost was taken away by the outside golem, it left a tail in Kirabi's body.

The eight-tailed human column force is probably the only one among all the tail beasts that will not die after being pulled out of the tail beast.


Directly took off the eight-tailed bull ghost and the five-tailed Mu Wang's outgoing golem, and let out a huge roar again.

The original nine closed eyes on the head of the Outer Golem slowly opened at this time, revealing scarlet eyes.

"how is this possible?"

Huang Tu stared at this scene blankly, with an incredible expression on his face.