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Chapter 272 The Importance of the Country of Waves to the Country of Water

For a landlocked country like the Land of Fire, Neji naturally rarely sees such a large ship.

Even if the boat in front of him was just an ordinary medium-sized boat, Ning Ci couldn't help but look at it more.

The speed of this ship is not slow, and it didn't take long for the ship to have docked at the port on the beach in front of Youdou.

I have to say that in addition to the peculiar energy of Chakra, Naruto World also has a crooked technology tree.

Ordinary technological products can still be seen in this ninja world from time to time, but if it brings much change to this ninja world, it is almost zero.


As soon as the ship reached the shore, several figures jumped off the ship and rushed in the direction of You Dou and Ning Ci.

These people are obviously all ninjas from Wuyin Village.

"Master You Dou!"

Respectful voices sounded from the front.

Seeing the blond misty ninja standing in the front, a smile appeared at the corner of his right bicker:

"It seems that you, the Kinoshita clan, are developing freight forwarding well."

"These are naturally the credit of Lord You Dou, but the patriarch has always mentioned Lord You Dou."

The ninja of the Kinoshita clan, with a respectful look on his face, answered cautiously.

"Let's go."

You Dou turned his head and glanced at Neji, then raised his foot and walked towards the port.

The ninja of the Kinoshita clan quickly followed.

"How is the country of Wave?"

Right Dou, who was walking ahead, suddenly asked.

With a large number of ships as the foundation, the original Kado, but controlled the economic lifeline of the entire wave country, and the Kinoshita clan who took over the Kado forces naturally had no problem.

Even if there is a bridge built between the country of fire and the country of wave.

"At present, the entire country of Wave is under the control of our Wuyin Village."

"Once a war breaks out, our mist can occupy the entire country of Poland in the shortest time. Then, with the help of the bridge of the country of Poland, we can directly enter the border of the country of fire, attack the village of Konoha, and even enter the inland to attack other major cities. Shinobu Village."

"If the country of waves is used as a transit point, even if we lose the war for a while, we can withdraw safely."

The ninja of the Kinoshita clan spoke with a hint of excitement in his voice.

The country of Nami is located just west of the country of water, with a sea in between.

In a sense, the Nation of Waves that built the bridge is simply a natural war fortress for the Nation of Water.

Advance can attack, retreat can defend!

As for the previous, the water country attacked the fire country or entered the interior, all around the circle.

In the southwest of the country of water, there is a larger country called the country of tea, of course it is incomparable with the country of water.

Although there is also a sea between the two, there are a large number of small islands in the middle. The troops of the hidden villages usually pass through these small islands, then enter the territory of the country of tea, and then enter the inland through the country of tea or It is the border of the country of fire.

As for the question of whether the country of tea is willing or not, Wuyin Village has never thought about it. After all, this is a country without even Ninja Village.

Without strength, there is no autonomy, and the country of tea proves this.

In the original work, Morino Ibi’s younger brother lived in the country of tea, and the same wasabi Jiro who had a close relationship with Tsunade also lived in the country of tea.

If the troops in Wuyin Village follow the tea country route, not only will it take a long time, but it will also be easily blocked by Konoha.

In the third Ninja World War that year, Oshe Maru, one of the three Ninjas, set up a line of defense at the junction of the Fire Country and the Tea Country, easily blocking the troops in Wuyin Village for a week.

Therefore, the emergence of the new route of Nami no Country is of great significance to Wuyin Village. This is also the reason why this Kinoshita ninja is excited.

You Dou glanced at the ninja of the Kinoshita clan, a trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes.

In other words, the ninjas of Wuyin Village seem to have a natural fanaticism for war.

Neji, who followed You Dou, could naturally hear the conversation between the two clearly.

Especially when he heard something about attacking Konoha, Neji's eyes flashed, but soon Neji returned to calm again.

Neji understood that the moment he left Konoha and stood in Wuyin Village, he and Konoha had become enemies.

If the two sides meet again, I am afraid there will be only one battle.

For the current Neji, he only wants to become stronger.

Although You Dou didn't look back, he could clearly perceive Ning Ci's emotional changes.

As expected of the genius of the Hyuga clan, Utoto liked the sensible and calm genius of Neji more than the emotional genius of Sasuke Uchiha.

A smile appeared on You Dou's face. Obviously, he was in a good mood now.

"Master You Dou, are you going to the country of Poland this time?"

The ninja of the Kinoshita clan who had eased from the excitement just now said cautiously.

"What's your name?"

You Dou did not answer directly, but asked curiously.

"Koshita Yusan, my lord."

Yusan Kinoshita's face was serious, and he replied respectfully.

"Go to Yunokuni."

At this moment, You Dou had already walked under the boat. You Dou grabbed one of Ning Ci's shoulders, and their figures disappeared in a flash.

When You Dou and Ning Ci appeared again, they were already standing on the ship's deck.


Yuzo Kinoshita was a little stunned, obviously not understanding why You Dou-sama suddenly wanted to go to Yuno Country.

But such things are obviously not something he can deal with.

Thinking of this, Kinoshita Yusan hurriedly rushed towards the direction of the ship.



With waves of water splashing.

The ship where the right bucket was located quickly turned the bow and headed towards the sea.

The slight cool breeze and the pleasant sound of splashes came from time to time, causing You Dou to stretch his waist lazily.

Compared to You Dou's enjoyment, Ning Ci on the side had no such thoughts, and could only stare at You Dou eagerly.

"Unexpectedly, you still have the potential for training madness."

Seeing Ning Ci's look of expectation, You Dou couldn't help but spread his hands.

"You have only mastered the melee attack methods like Baguazhang, and the next training is for long-range attacks."

On the bow, You Dou looked at Nei Ci, with a serious expression reappearing on his face.

"The means of long-range attack?"

Ning Ci was stunned and couldn't help muttering to himself.

"Sure enough, with your current status, I am afraid that you have not yet come into contact with the long-range attack methods of the Hyuga clan, but it does not matter, I will teach you."

Seeing Ning Ci's blank face, You Dou spoke casually.

As You Dou contacted Ningji for a long time, You Dou felt more and more that the Hyuga clan's different treatment of the clan and the division of the clan was really stupid.