For the Hyuga clan, it would be nothing more than simply dividing the family into clan and clan.

However, all members of the family who were planted as caged birds were naturally limited in their ability to roll their eyes.

The so-called blind spot of vision appeared under the action of the bird in the cage with the original white eyes of 360 degrees without blind spots.

This approach of the Hyuga clan is simply self-binding.

What makes You Dou feel even more funny is that some powerful ninjutsu in the clan family is not qualified to learn from the division.

It's no wonder that the Hyuga clan, which has the longest inheritance, is not strong.

There are only a few members of the Hyuga clan.

You Dou didn't think that the Hyuga clan was only a genius ninja like Neji.

I am afraid that most of the genius Hyuga ninjas have been wiped out under the effect of the separation system and the caged birds.

The color of thinking in You Dou's eyes flashed, and he lowered his head to look at Nei Ci:

"You demonstrate first, your Hyuga clan's Huitian."

Ningci nodded, squatted slightly, and then a large amount of chakras were released from the chakra points in Ningci's body.

Neji rotates in a circle like a top.

In an instant, a semi-circular chakra ball wrapped Ning Ci's entire body, forming a layer of absolute defense.

You Dou looked at Ning Ci's movements earnestly, and a sudden look flashed in his eyes from time to time.

It has to be said that only by controlling the Chakra meridians in the body, the Hyuga clan is probably the strongest clan in the entire Ninja world.

After a while, the rapidly spinning Ning Ci stopped breathing heavily.

With the current strength of Neji, it is obvious that using such a move as Huitian still has a lot of burden.

"Master You Dou!"

Ning Ci looked at You Dou with a solemn and expectant look on his face.

"Since you can comprehend Huitian with your talents, then you should understand the characteristics of Huitian moves better than I do"

"If you want to master the long-range attack method, in a way, it is similar to Huitian's move, which is to release Chakra from acupuncture points in the body, such as this..."

Right now said that there was a slight pause in his voice, and then he adjusted Chakra inside his body and raised his palm to slap the front.

A chakra rushed out of the palm of the right hand quickly, forming a chakra shock wave, and slapped it against the distant sea!


With a loud noise, under this chakra shock wave, a stream of several meters high rose into the sky.

Ning Ji opened his eyes wide, his eyes filled with surprise.

Through the action of white eyes, Neji can see the flow of Chakra very clearly.

The blow made by You Dou just now was completely imitating Huitian's movements, but the whole body was scattered and concentrated in the palm of the hand.

Through precise control, the chakra radiating from the palm of the hand is concentrated on one point.

Compared to Neji's surprise, You Dou frowned.

"The blow just now was a bit flashy to me, and the chakra's flow was still a bit too scattered, but if you have white eyes, you should be able to control the chakra that burst out from the acupuncture points easily."

Right Dou clenched a fist, and spoke to Ning Ci.

After that, a sharp glow suddenly flashed in You Dou's original thinking eyes.

"Stay back."

You Dou looked into the distance and said flatly to Ning Ci.

Ning Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then took a few steps back without hesitation.

At this time, Right Dou suddenly straightened his arms and crossed his palms outwards:

"This trick is called-Breaking the air!"

Hyuga Neji widened his eyes again and looked at the two arms of Right Dou.

A large number of chakras flowed along the meridians of the right arms and quickly gathered on a few specific acupoints in the palm.

At the same time, this chakra continues to gather in a special proportion.

A palpitating breath rose from You Dou's body.


The chakra pillar, which looked like a laser beam, shot out from the palm of the right bucket and directly hit the sea in front of it.

Accompanied by a loud noise, this chakra ray unexpectedly split the sea surface in two forcibly, huge waves rushing to both sides, and the entire sea surface suddenly became choppy.

Along with the changes in the sea, the ships that had been traveling smoothly also kept swaying back and forth following the current.


A sound of breaking through the air sounded from behind.

Yuzo Kinoshita appeared behind Youdou and Neji during a few jumps.

"Master Right, are there any enemies?"

Kinoshita Yusan spoke while preparing for battle.

"I just tried the new ninjutsu just now to appease the workers on the ship, nothing happened."

Right Dou waved his hand with a casual look on his face.

At this time, Yusan Kinoshita also saw the sea divided into two in the distance, and swallowed his saliva vigorously.

"Yes, Master You Dou!"

Yu Sanyi Kinoshita looked respectful, even with a hint of humility in his voice.

Ever since the Kinoshita clan took over Kado's company and the huge wealth brought by shipping.

It can be said that the originally second-rate Kinoshita family has become the entire Wuyin Village, a first-class family that can be compared with the ancient families such as Guideng.

People are ambitious, especially in the context of rapid expansion.

But now, Kinoshita Yuzo suddenly understood why Kinoshita Yoshiro had made such a choice.

Even, why did the elders of the Muxia clan, when the family grew stronger, they acted more low-key instead.

Strength is the root of everything!

Back then, Master You Dou was able to throw such a big cake to the Kinoshita clan at will, so he could get it back at any time.

The Kinoshita clan was able to swallow this cake so easily, because other families in Wuyin Village knew that this cake was given to them by Master You Dou, so no one dared to move it.

But if one day, their Kinoshita clan really did something that made You Dou-sama upset, there would be no need for You Dou-sama to speak.

Those families in Wuyin Village can instantly divide them under the tree.

Thinking of this, the look on Yusan Kinoshita's face became more respectful.

Stepping back a few steps, the figure of Yusan Kinoshita disappeared from the vision of You Dou and Ning Ci.

Regarding Yuzo Kinoshita's departure, You Dou didn't care, turned his head and looked at Ning Ci with a smile:

"The move just now is based on your Huitian plus the characteristics of the tail beast jade. It seems to be quite powerful. If you can master it, it should improve your strength a lot."

Of course, although the tail beast jade is used for reference, this move naturally cannot be compared with the tail beast jade.

"Yes, Master You Dou!" Ning Ci's spirits shook, with a rare expression of excitement on his face.

The two moves demonstrated by You Dou just now are the mid- and long-range ninjutsu that Ning Ci lacks.

Although You Dou only demonstrated two moves, these two moves were developed based on Ning Ci's Huitian.

In a way, these two moves were created specifically for Ning Ci.

And with the help of these two ninjutsu characteristics, Neji can develop several similar ninjutsu based on the characteristics of Baguazhang.

After all, the series of ninjutsu of the Hyuga clan can be said to be in the same line.

This can be seen in the sixty-four palms of the eight trigrams, one hundred twenty-eight palms of the eight trigrams, and even the three hundred and sixty-one eight trigrams.