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Chapter 274: Let Your Tang Ying Come to See Me

Looking at the casual look of the right fight, Neji's eyes kept flashing with respect.

Ning Ci always thought he was a genius, but now.Ning Cicai suddenly felt that the right fighter in front of him was a real genius.

Only through the Huitian demonstrated by him, a ninjutsu with Huitian characteristics can be developed. What is this not a genius?

"Trouble you, Master You Dou."

Ning Ci bowed deeply at You Dou, and said respectfully.

"I have played against many of you Hyuga clan, the moves of your Hyuga clan are cyclical and gradual, starting from the soft boxing and Baguazhang, to the application of Huitian moves, and then the development of the Bagua empty palm. ."

"The laws between these moves are linked together, but it is a pity that Qing is not here this time. Otherwise, he can explain some basic things to you."

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he stretched.

Although Qing is not a member of the Hyuga clan, the experience of using white eyes by an elite of Shinobu is more than enough to teach Ningji who is still Shinobu.

Ning Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded in the same way.

During this period of time in Wuyin Village, Ning Ci didn't do nothing. After all, Ning Ci still has the identity of the Seven Swordsmen of Wuren.

Therefore, Ningji naturally learned about some famous ninjas in Wuyin Village in private.

Dark Captain-Green!

But apart from Konoha in the entire ninja world, how could Neji not know the only ninja from the outer village with white eyes.

The sound of "crashing" flowing water, accompanied by the sides of the cabin, retreated backwards.

The cool sea breeze blows across the sky, filling the air with the breath of the sea.

On the deck of the cabin.

Ning Ci was staying in a corner, constantly training what You Dou had taught.

On the other side, the right bucket was lying on a bench with his eyes closed slightly, as if he was asleep.

But Ning Ci, who was training, could clearly perceive that Chakra in the right Dou body was unusually active at this time.


It is located in the northwest of the water country, just to the north of the wave country.

Moreover, the positions of Nami and Yunoko are not far away.

Of course, compared with a country like Nami country where there is no Shinobu, Yunokuni is already a relatively rich country.

Unfortunately, the strength of Tangren Village is not strong, let alone compared with Yunin Village or Takinin Village, even if compared with other small ninja villages, Tangren Village's strength ranks low.

This is not only because Tangren Village itself does not have any powerful ninjutsu, but also because Tangren Village itself is a peaceful village.

In the Ninja world, the so-called "village that forgets the war" is the description of Tangren Village.

However, it made You Dou feel a little funny. In such a peaceful village, a bloodthirsty ninja Hida appeared.

With the passage of time.

The ship is getting closer and closer to the location of Yunokuni.

As a dark shadow flashed past, Yuzo Kinoshita had appeared beside You Dou.

"You Dou-sama, you have already arrived in Yunokuni. Do you need our ship to dock?"

Yusan Kinoshita bowed his body with a respectful look.

"Oh, is it already here."

Right Dou got up from the bench and looked at the land outside the ship, with a smile on his face.

At this time, Neji stopped training and walked in the direction of Right Dou.

"Just wait on the boat, let's go, Neji."

You Dou spoke to Yuzo Kinoshita plainly. After speaking, you Dou and Ningci had disappeared.

The territory of Yunokuni.

"It's worthy of being called the "village that forgets the war." The tense situation in the world of Shinobi from the outside world seems to be hard to feel in this village."

Feeling the peaceful breath of life around him, a dumb color flashed in the right Dou.

"This village seems to have a lot of hot springs."

With surprise in his eyes, Neji kept looking at the hot springs in Yunin Village.

"Unfortunately, I didn't come to enjoy this time, otherwise I really want to take a bath in this hot spring."

You Dou shrugged and made a helpless look.

"Master You Dou, what are we doing this time?"

Ning Ci's cold face was full of curiosity.

Ning Ci didn't know the purpose of coming to Tangren Village this time. Along the way, Ning Ci wanted to ask questions many times, but in the end he was held back. Now he obviously couldn't help it.

"You will know soon."

There was a smile on the corner of the right bickering mouth, and he stared straight ahead.


At this moment, a series of slight breaking sounds came from a distance.

"White eyes!"

Neji was shocked and quickly squatted down to prepare for battle.

In the blink of an eye, You Dou and Ning Ci were already surrounded by the ninjas of Tang Rencun.

Tang Ren, who was obviously the leader, first glanced at You Dou, and finally set his eyes on Ning Ci.

After all, Neji's eyes were too recognizable.

"The Konoha people?"

The leading Tang Ren frowned first, and said suspiciously.

Konoha's ninjas came to Yunin Village, but they did not receive news in advance.

So for the appearance of You Dou and Ning Ci, although these Tang Ren had some doubts, they were not nervous when they first appeared.

The relationship between Tangrencun and Konoha is an ally, so Tangrencun will naturally not be too vigilant for Konoha's people.

"We are not Konoha's people."

Neji still kept his eyes open, and said solemnly.

This was not only what Neji said to Tang Shinobi's ninja, but also to himself.

You Dou glanced at Ning Ci, then raised his head again, looked at the leader Tang Ren, and said in a flat voice:

"Let your Tang Ying come to see me."


With the sound of You Dou's words, the expressions of the many Tang Ren present couldn't help but change, and their expressions suddenly became gloomy.

"Who do you think you are, dare to speak like this!"

A Tang Shinobi's face was furious, and he lifted his foot and walked in the direction of Youdou.

However, the ninja hadn't made two steps yet, the leader Tang Ren stretched out his hand to stop the ninja.

"Your Excellency is from Wuyin Village?"

The leading Tang Ren seemed to have thought of something, his body tense, and his voice couldn't help but a tremor.

You Dou still had a Ruoyouruowu smile on his face, squinting his eyes lightly, and staring at the Tang Ren in front of him plainly.

Suddenly, the entire air seemed to freeze.

It was You Dou and Ning Ci who were obviously surrounded, but Tang Ren around him looked cold and sweaty.