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Chapter 276: You Dou's Trial, Jilaiya's Guess

As a country with many hot springs, Yunokuni is simply the most suitable place to gather wind in Jiraiya's mind... No, it is a place to gather information.

Jilaiya's face blushed slightly, as if he had thought of something, but soon he returned to his serious look.

Raising his hand and opening the scroll in front of him, Jilaiya's originally calm face quickly showed a solemn expression.

The first Mizukage Uto appeared in Yunokuni, and there was also a ninja from the Hyuga clan with him!

The ninja of the Hyuga clan?

After a little thought in his mind, Jiraiya realized that the ninja of the Hyuga clan mentioned in the information was Neji who defected.

Why did these two people appear in Yunokuni?

Ji Lai also frowned, his eyes flickering slightly, and any information about the original Shui Ying You Dou needs to be treated very carefully for the current Konoha.

After all, compared to Uchiha Madara, who is honest and quiet now, the right fight of the misty village, but from time to time provoke Konoha.

In Jiraiya's view, at least the threat of right fighting is much greater than Uchiha Madara.

Putting the information in front of him on the table, Jilai also grabbed the messy white hair.

Whether it is because of Hyuga Neji or Yunokuni's status as Konoha's ally, Konoha needs to send someone to Yunokuni to check it out.

"This Tang Ying really poses a problem for me."

Jilai also sighed slightly, with an ugly look on his face.

Although it seems that Tangying simply sent Konoha a piece of information, if this matter rises between the country of fire and the country of Yuno, then it is not a matter of intelligence.

The country of fire with a thousand hands pillars.

The country of water with the first water shadow right bucket.

This is a multiple-choice question, a multiple-choice question given to Konoha by Tang Ying.

As an ally of the Fire Nation, if Konoha does nothing now, then the ally relationship between the two will inevitably break.

It is even very possible that Yu no Nation will fall to the country of water!

Even this possibility seemed very low to Jiraiya, but with Konoha's current situation, Jiraiya did not dare to take the slightest risk.

During this time, Wuyin Village did a lot of actions.

Through the information collected by Anbe, Takinin Village has already formed an alliance with Wunin Village, and Yunin Village where the demigod was located. Although there is no definite information yet, it seems that there is a tendency to form an alliance with Wunin Village.

What makes Jiraji most nervous is Shayin Village, one of the five ninja villages!

The grandmother-in-law, who was acting as Fengying, disappeared for a while, and during this time, no one knew where the grandmother was.

But Ji Lai also had a bad feeling.

During the time when the mother-in-law of the thousand generations disappeared, she probably went to Wuyin Village.

Although this was only a guess of Konoha's senior management, it also vaguely revealed that the current situation in the entire Ninja World is not optimistic.

So at this time, Konoha must not lose the ally of Yunokuni, and now, Konoha needs to give Yunokuni an attitude.

Thinking of this, the eyebrows on both sides of Jilaiya couldn't help but wrinkle together.

The strength of the first generation of Shui Ying You Dou was too strong, except for Lord Senshou Zhuma, no one had the confidence to fight against You Dou.

Under such circumstances, sending anyone to Yunokuni would be like dying.

Of course, sending people to Yunokuni was not to fight against the original Mizukage Youdou.The main purpose is naturally to ascertain the situation.

But in case of encounter, the possibility of doing something with You Dou's attitude towards Konoha is extremely high.

Just when Ji Lai was thinking hard about how to solve the immediate problem, a strange idea suddenly appeared in Ji Lai Ye's mind.

and many more!

Although it is currently unclear to Jilaiya, the purpose of You Dou's sudden appearance in Yunokuni.

But only from the information sent by Tang Ying, Zi Lai was able to analyze that You Dou did not have much interest in Tangzhiguo or Tangren Village.

Otherwise, this information may not be sent by Tang Ying at all.

Yunokuni is the matter of Konoha's ally, and the entire Ninja world knows that it is naturally impossible for the original Mizukage Right to be unclear.

Jilai lowered his head again, looking at the piece of information placed on the table, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

Although the information in front of him was sent by Tang Ying, in a sense, it was not because the original Shui Ying Youdou deliberately asked Tang Ren to send it out.

This is a test of Konoha by You Dou!

"Damn it! This old monster's behavior is really a headache."

"Speaking of which, at the beginning, Senshu Zhuma-sama was seriously injured, but You Dou did not appear in that situation. I am afraid that someone suddenly appeared and blocked the first generation of Shui Ying You Dou!"

Jilaiya spoke to himself with a wry smile on his face.

Such a thing, I thought of it now!

At the beginning, Tsunade took the seriously injured Senjujuma to the Wet Bone Forest, but there was no corpse of the original Suikage Right at the scene.

Therefore, Jiraji was also very worried at the time, whether the first generation of Mizukage Youtou would attack Konoha again when Senju-jumami was seriously injured.

As a result, after many days, the original Shuiying Youdou did not appear.

Originally, Jilai thought that the first generation of Shuiying Youdou was delayed because of things in Wuyin Village.

It just so happened that during that time, it was a period of time when the mother-in-law of Shayin Village disappeared.

This is also the fundamental reason why Konoha's senior management analyzed that the mother-in-law Qiandai was likely to appear in Wuyin Village during the period of disappearance.

But now, in Jilaiya's view, that is just their self-righteous idea!

Even if she is the grandmother of the thousand generations acting as Fengying, she really went to Wuyin Village, this matter does not need to worry about the original Shuiying Youdou.

Terumi Ming who is a water shadow is not a display!

"Speaking of which, under the circumstances at the time, the only one in the entire Ninja World who can stop You Dou from going to Konoha is the only one - Uchiha Madara!"

There was a trace of shame on Jilai's face. He didn't expect that after so long, he would only react now.

And what makes Jilai even more shocked at the moment is why Uchiha Madara does this?

One thing is certain, that is, Uchiha Madara would never be so kind!

Among them, Madara Uchiha definitely has his own purpose. As for what Uchiha Madara wants to do, he has no way of knowing and has no time to take care of it.

What Jilaiya has to deal with now is the temptation from the original Shuiying Youdou!


Jilaiya's eyes quickly flashed a thoughtful gaze, and he raised his hand and gently tapped on the table twice.


A slight wind sounded, and in the next instant, a half-kneeling Anbu ninja appeared in Naruto's office.

"Excuse me, help me pass the third class."

Jilai also looked at the ninja in Anbe and spoke softly.

"Okay, Lord Jilaiya."

The Anbe ninja nodded, stood up, and disappeared into the room in an instant.

Seeing this Anbe ninja leave, Jilai also let out a sigh of relief.

As long as he clarified his thoughts, what the original Shuiying Youdou wanted to test Konoha, Ji Lai was now somewhat clear.

No one knows information about Senju Zhuma's trip to the Wet Bone Forest, except for Jiraiya and Tsunade.

What You Dou wanted to test was nothing more than the current situation of Senjuzuzuma.

If Senjujuma's current situation is not good, then Right Dou appears in Yunokuni, and Konoha is bound to get nervous and will not send anyone to Yunokuni.

And if someone is sent there, it proves from the other hand that Konoha is at least emboldened.

Of course, from the perspective of Zi Lai, You Dou has more than just this purpose.

If it's really just a simple test, you Dou needn't bring Hyuga Neji.

"In this way, no matter what the reason is, you need to send someone to visit Yunokuni."

Jilai sighed and gently rubbed his swollen temples.

"Really, compared to thinking about something like this, it's easier to fight a fight."

Jilaiya was talking to herself, and couldn't help but vomit.

It didn't take long.

Accompanied by the Hokage office door rang.

Metkay took Li Rok, Tiantian, and a ninja from the Hyuga clan who replaced Neji, and the four slowly walked in.

Metkay, with white teeth and a bloody expression, looked towards Jiraiya and said:

"Master Jilaiya, specially called us over, is there any special task?"

Jilai also glanced at the blood-filled Metkay, then glanced behind Metkay, Xiao Li, who was not so emotional, Tiantian and others, flashed a firm gaze in their eyes.

Xiaoqiang such as Xiaoli, Tiantian, Shino, Toa, Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, and the future pig-deer butterfly are Konoha's hope in Jiraiya's eyes.

It's time to make a break, and we can't let these people become decadent.

"There is indeed a special mission that requires you to go to Yunokuni, but this mission is very dangerous, so you need to think about it before going."

Jilai was silent for a while, with a smile on his face and spoke to Metkay and the others.


Metkai froze for a moment, and just about to ask about the content of the mission, only a piece of information was seen, which was thrown by Zi Lai too.

"Ninja of the Hyuga clan? Neji!"

Metkay raised his hand to catch the information, and when he read the lines of the information clearly, he couldn't help but let out a soft cry.

And with the sound of the words "Ning Ci", Xiao Li, who had bowed his head in silence, Tian Tian and the Hyuga Clan's Xian Ren, raised his head and looked at Mike Kay at the same time.

"Ms. Kai! Is it news about Ning Ci?"

Xiao Li suddenly appeared beside Metkay, trying to raise his head and look at the scroll.

But the next moment, Metkay stretched out a pair of big hands and pressed Xiao Li's head back.

Metkay pressed one hand to Xiao Li, his eyes kept scanning the information in his hand, and a solemn expression gradually appeared on his face.