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Chapter 277 Let's Go, Let's See Ning Ci!

After reading the information in his hand, it became clear to Metkai that the danger Jilaiya said was just how dangerous it was!

After a little silence, Metkay bared his teeth and looked at Xiao Li and the others:

"The three of you should go out first. You have to discuss with Master Jilaiya alone about one thing."

Hearing what Metkay said, the three of Xiao Li and Tian Tian were stunned for a moment, and looked at each other slightly. The three nodded lightly, turned and walked outside the Hokage office.

When the sound of the door closing sounded, Metkay turned his head and looked at Jiraiya:

"This matter is probably not as simple as the intelligence said."

"It's really troublesome."

Jilai also nodded, and smiled bitterly without evasiveness.

Don't look at his usual careless, not very clever appearance.

But how can he be really stupid to be a ninja who can become a ninja and even survive a war.

Next, apart from the thing about Senju-ju-ma, Jiraiya also kept silent, and explained the general situation to Metkay.

"This is the general situation, but my idea is to try not to meet You Dou and Ning Ci?"

Jilai finished speaking in one breath, and looked at the silent Metkai and asked.

"Speaking of which, part of the purpose of the original Shuiying Youdou was for Neji."

Metkay was silent for a while, and his bloody appearance had disappeared.

"You can say that." Seeing the look on Metkay's face, Jilai nodded helplessly.

"That said, on the other hand, this is probably the last chance to bring back Ning Ci. Although the chance is very slim, it still depends on the situation that the original Shui Ying You Dou can't make a move. "

A big smile suddenly appeared on Metkay's face, and he looked at Jiraiya with a smile on his face.

Even so, Zi Lai is also very clear that even this slim chance is slim.

Ning Ci's departure was not forcibly taken away, but his own will.

Even if Ning Ci had a chance to choose again, I am afraid that Ning Ci would still make the choice he has now.

"Ning Ci's departure may be due to a mistake in my teaching. In any case, I will personally meet Ning Ci again, not only me, but also Xiao Li and Tian Tian!"

"Relax, even if the worst happens, even if I sacrifice my life, I will protect Xiao Li and the others!"

"This is the vow of being a blue beast of Konoha!!"

Metkay showed his white teeth and said solemnly.

After speaking, Metkay turned and walked toward the door. Just when Metkay was about to reach the door, Metkay stopped suddenly.

"Master Jilaiya, thank you for telling us about this incident."

"Even if you really do a decision, whether it is me as a teacher or Xiao Li and Tiantian as my companions, I need to face all this personally."

"Because this is youth!"

Metkay strode out of the Hokage office.

Seeing Metkay walking out, Xiao Li outside the Hokage office, Tian Tian and the Hyuga Clan's ninja, he raised his head at the same time.

"Teacher Kay!"

"Teacher Kay!"

Xiao Li and Tian Tian took the lead to speak, expectant expressions in their eyes.

Metkay nodded lightly, and instead of looking at Xiao Li and Tiantian, he saw the Shinobu of the Hyuga clan next to him.

Before Metkay could speak, the Hyuga clan's Shinnin shrugged and laughed:

"To tell you the truth, both are separate families, but I have always wanted to meet, the only one of the Hyuga clan who can defect in the hands of the clan."

"very dangerous."

Metkay was silent for a moment, and said in a solemn voice.

The Shinnin of the Hyuga clan raised his fingers on his forehead, where Konoha was protecting his forehead, his face was extremely calm and said:

"Compared with this thing, what's the danger?"

Hearing the words of this Hyuga clan Xia Renin, Xiao Li and Tian Tian who were standing next to each other glanced at each other slightly.

An unexpected look flashed in the eyes of the two of them, as if it was the first time they knew this companion who had just arrived.

"In that case."

"Let's go, let's meet Nei Ci together!"

A bright smile appeared on Metkay's face, and an arm was suddenly raised, his face full of blood.


Three firm voices sounded simultaneously.

In the Naruto office.

"What a bunch of passionate fools."

Hearing the faint voice coming from the office, Jilai also took a deep breath, with a smile on his face as well.

Thinking of the information about the original Shui Ying Youdou in his mind, Jilai couldn't help clenching his fists slightly.

I hope that the information about Youdou's character analyzed by the Nara clan will not go wrong!

From the first generation of Suikage Youdou secretly controlled the four Ninja villages to attack Konoha, until now, all the things that Youdou participated in have been organized by Konoha's senior management into a complete set of information and handed over to the people of the Nara clan. analysis.

I just hope that the people of the Nara clan can analyze the characteristics of the right fight.


This is the answer given by the Nara clan.

The cautious character shows that the first generation of Shui Ying You Dou will never easily get in an ambush.

The success rate of plans that want to pass seduction is very low.

And now, the only hope that Zi Lai is that You Dou's proud character will not easily take action against Xiao Li and others, or it should be said that he is disdainful.

"It's still not clear how Senju-sama's injury is recovering. Tsunade doesn't even return any information."

Jilai rubbed his swollen temples again, and said to himself like a spit.

After speaking, Jilai lowered his body and took up a huge scroll placed under the desk.

I saw the cover of this scroll, clearly written with four words.

"Book of Seal"

This is a forbidden book kept by Hokage in the past. The scroll records the ninjutsu that caused great harm or even death to the user.

Although he is only acting as Hokage now, he still has the qualification to check.

Jilai also carefully opened the scroll of the "Book of Seals" and looked at the ninjutsu on the scroll.

Seeing a certain ninjutsu on the scroll, Jiraiya's gaze stopped, and he spoke softly:

"Is this the "Forbidden Technique-Ghouls Seal"?"


The territory of Yunokuni.

In a dense forest.

While guiding Ning Ci's cultivation, You Dou kept checking the information about Cthulhu that Yu Zhiguo gave him.

Although Tang Ying gave You Dou a lot of these materials, in the eyes of You Dou, there are not many things of real value.

As for the fact that Tang Zhiguo did not deliberately conceal it, You Dou is not very worried.

Offend him for a religion that has been completely destroyed.

Thinking about it, this movie from Tang Rencun shouldn't be so stupid.

However, through these information, You Dou could understand what the so-called immortal body of Feiduan was all about.

The immortality that Feiduan obtained was not a blessing, but a curse. If you want to maintain this curse, you must kill.

That is what Fei Duan often said, offering sacrifices to the evil god.

Feidan's immortal body is not weak, You Dou doesn't believe that everyone in Tang Zhiguo can resist this temptation.

But up to now, the entire Ninja Realm has only Feidan with this ability.

This alone is enough to show that, apart from the need for constant killing, this curse is not something anyone can bear.

Of course, You Dou's appearance in Yunokuni is not interested in this so-called immortal body.

What really interests You Dou is the Cthulhu itself!

To be precise, it should be the so-called evil god.

According to the information provided by Yunokuni, this so-called Cthulhu is a new religion.

But this seems to be impossible in the right fight.

How can a new religion have the curse of immortality, and even the weird ability of "death by blood".

These two weird abilities are completely not like the new religions can possess, but give You Dou an extremely ancient feeling.

This is also why You Dou is very interested in this so-called evil god.

In this Ninja World, once you have a relationship with God, you can generally have a relationship with the guys of the Datongmu clan.

But if you say it, the only person who can be called a god in this ninja world is Otsuki Kaguya.

Whether it is Otsuki Yucun or Otsuki Yui, in the eyes of You Dou, they are not gods.

Following the map provided by Tang Ying, You Dou and Ning Ci quickly found the location of Cthulhu.

It was a cave about two people tall.

On the hard rock around the entrance of the cave, one can still vaguely see scratches.

Obviously, a great war broke out here.

As for the result, it can be seen from the still alive Tangren Village and the desolate weeds around the cave that the Cthulhu was defeated completely.

"Is this the heretical cult that Master You Dou was looking for?"

Neji looked around, a look of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

"Tsk tsk, I thought that this Cthulhu church was built in a place similar to an ancestral temple, but I didn't expect it to be a cave. It seems that this group of Cthulhu guys mixed up quite miserably at the beginning."

You Dou raised his eyebrows, and spoke with a weird tone on his face.

At this moment, You Dou suddenly remembered that Xiaonan had provided relevant information about other people in the Xiao organization when he was in Wuyin Village. When Fei Duan was mentioned, Xiao Nan's expression on his face.

When he thought of this, You Dou couldn't help being a little funny, and someone with Xiao Nan's personality couldn't help but twitch his lips.

It is enough to see that when I first met with Feiduan, it must be quite deep.

After all, people on the street to join the Cthulhu, and the flying section that is brought to the head of Xiao organization, it is impossible to make people not impressed.

"Since Uchiha Madara has withdrawn from Uyin Village, the few people in Akatsuki's organization may have already left."

"I don't know how Xiao Nan is dealing with Yuyin Village's problems now."

A sharp light flashed in You Dou's eyes, and he thought slightly in his mind.