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Chapter 279: Stone Eyeballs Like White Eyes

Along with the appearance of Xianshu Chakra, a more terrifying aura than before appeared on You Dou.

But unfortunately, even if the Chakra of Xianshu appeared, the mysterious pattern in front of him still didn't react at all.

"Don't even absorb natural energy?"

Seeing the unresponsive mysterious pattern, this time it was an accident by You Dou.

You Dou narrowed his eyes and fell into thinking again.

There should be no problem with the speculation that I just made.

These mysterious patterns connected to the blood trough could not think of any other way besides transferring energy to the evil god stone statue.

In other words, the current problem should be the energy absorbed by the stone statue.

The Cthulhu gang should have a special way to provide energy to the Cthulhu statue in front of them through blood.

This method should only be known to Cthulhu people, but unfortunately, Cthulhu people are all dead except for Fei Duan.

As for Fei Duan, although You Dou seemed to be a devout Cthulhu believer, he was probably not a high-level Cthulhu. This method was not necessarily known to Feidan's mind.

Suddenly, You Dou's eyes lit up.

Since everything in this Ninja World is inextricably linked with the Datongmu clan.

Then use the Chakra of Tail Beast!

Thinking of this, You Dou quickly moved, and the Chakra in his body began to transform.

Chakra, who belonged solely to the tail beast, poured out from the body of You Dou, towards the mysterious pattern.

With the influx of this tail beast Chakra, the mysterious pattern without movement suddenly seemed to be alive, and it began to twist strangely.

An extremely cold, empty aura appeared inexplicably on the body of the deadly Cthulhu stone statue.

Ning Ci, who was standing not far from the stone statue, only felt a chill in his body, and he took a step back inexplicably.


A series of dense cracks suddenly appeared on the stone statue of the evil god.

The next moment, the entire Cthulhu stone statue completely collapsed, and only the Cthulhu's head, which was still intact, fell to the ground.

Along with the disintegration of the Cthulhu stone statue, the breath of emptiness completely disappeared.


You Dou looked at the fallen Cthulhu stone statue in front, and couldn't help blinking.

"I knew it was so weak, so I decided to consider other ways."

Recovering the tail beast Chakra, the corner of his right bickering twitched.

Thinking of the special aura that emerged from the Cthulhu statue just now, a dignified look flashed in your right Dou's eyes.

That breath gave You Dou an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

When fighting with Asura, Asura also had this kind of aura!

Although the two breaths are not the same, the essence is the same.

This evil god really has a certain relationship with the guys of the Datongmu clan.

"Master You Dou, there seems to be something in the head of this evil god stone statue."

At this moment, Neji's voice suddenly came from the side.

You Dou was taken aback for a moment, and his body appeared beside Ning Ci in a flash.

Following Neji's gaze, right in front of the two of them, it was the head of the stone statue that could fall.

The powerful perception quickly landed on the head of the evil god, but Right Dou did not perceive anything. In his perception, the head of the stone statue was indistinguishable from the broken stones around it.

Ning Ci would naturally not lie to him, so he could only explain one thing.

Right Dou walked to the half-person height of the Cthulhu stone statue, raised his finger and snapped.

A strong force erupted from the fingertips and instantly hit the stone statue.


Accompanied by a loud noise, the stone statue shattered more than half.

At the center of the stone statue, a fist-sized eyeball made of stone appeared in front of You Dou.

You Dou reached out and took out the stone eyeball. No wonder he couldn't perceive it. The material of this stone eyeball is exactly the same as the stone statue of the evil god.

If it weren't for Neji's white eyes, I'm afraid I wouldn't find this stone eyeball at all.

You Dou looked at the stone eyeball, then tossed it casually, and threw the stone eyeball towards Neji.

Ning Ci took the stone eyeball reflexively, and a doubtful expression appeared on his face.

"Although I don't know what effect this stone eyeball had before, but now he is just an ordinary stone."

"But, Neji, have you noticed that these eyes are very similar to those of your Hyuga clan."

Right Dou put his hands behind his head, with a smile on his mouth.

The eyes of the Hyuga clan?

Ning Ci lowered his head and looked at the fist-sized stone eyeball in his hand.

At first, he didn't pay attention, but now he heard You Dou's words, Neji looked seriously.


This stone eyeball is really like the white eyes of their Hyuga clan!

"How is this going?"

A trace of astonishment appeared on Ning Ci's face, and his voice was full of incomprehension.

This so-called Cthulhu, how could such a thing happen.

Does this Cthulhu have anything to do with their Hyuga clan?

This idea just came to Neji's mind, and it was quickly eliminated.

I know my family's affairs.

The Hyuga Clan itself is an extremely traditional ancient family, and a religion that requires killing like Cthulhu, I am afraid that it will never be touched.

But why, stone eyes like white eyes, would appear in this place.

Right Dou turned and walked outside the cave, and at the same time the flat voice fell into Ning Ci's ears:

"Do you really think that the white eyes, which is called one of the three major pupil arts by the Ninja world, is inferior to writing round eyes?"

Neji's body trembled and his eyes widened a little.


the other side.

Leaving Konoha's third shift, under the leadership of Matkay, he headed towards Yunokuni non-stop.

I have to say that as a disciple of Metkay, the physical strength of the third class far exceeds that of the other classes in the same period.

Xiao Li, who is a direct disciple of Metkai, will not mention for the time being, the people of the Hyuga clan use physique with the cooperation of white eyes, and their physical strength is naturally not bad.

As a woman, Tiantian was not weak in physical strength during McKay's training.


Along with the sound of the wind, several figures quickly jumped between the big trees, and a large number of trees retreated quickly.

Tian Tian followed the crowd at the back, clenching his fists with both hands, his eyes flickering constantly.

When Ning Ci let go, even until now, every day has no regrets.

Because that was Neji's own thoughts.

What's more, once it was discovered by the Hyuga clan that Neji didn't have the seal of the bird in the cage, then what was facing Neji?It is completely imaginable every day.


Abandon your companions, abandon the bond between us!

Neji, is it really worth it if you say that?