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Chapter 281 Three Of The Seven Swordsmen Are Geniuses

Seeing the wild boar that had been roasted and simmering in oil, You Dou couldn't help his eyes light up.

It has been a long time since You Dou was resurrected.

In You Dou's mind, the last time he ate game was during the Warring States Period.

Different from the previous life, perhaps due to the energy of Chakra, the beasts of the Naruto World are not only fierce, but also more compact and chewy.

Even if the wild boar that is being grilled in front of you does not contain some condiments, it still exudes an attractive aroma.

The right bucket raised his arm and stretched out his hand in the direction of his gaze.

Seeing You Dou's movements, Ning Ci was taken aback at first, and then took a step back like a conditioned reflex.

It seemed that he was aware of Ning Ci's movements, and You Dou couldn't help but roll his eyes. It was obvious that Ning Ci thought he was asking for a long knife and stitches.

"Give me a handful of kunai, I don't have such a thing with me."

You Dou patted his body with a hint of helplessness in his tone.

Not to mention kunai, even if it is a ninja bag, this kind of equipment that ninjas always have, right Dou does not have.

Things like kunai and detonation talisman are not needed by You Dou at all, so naturally there is no need to carry them.

Hearing You Dou's words, Ning Ci, who had come to understand, thought of his move back just now, and not only a look of embarrassment rose on his face.

Quickly took out a handful of Kuwu, and respectfully handed it to You Dou.

"Cut yourself."

You Dou took Kuunai and cut wild boar on his own.

"Master You Dou, eat first." Ning Ci shook his head lightly, with a respectful look on his face.

Whether it is because of the strength of You Dou itself, or because of the behavior of teaching yourself.

To You Dou, Neji has always maintained a kind of respect he has never had before.

"If that's the case, then I'm not welcome, but if you don't eat it now, you may not be able to eat it in a while."

You Dou didn't care, so he cut off the wild boar and ate it.

Ning Ci was stunned for a while, and did not understand the meaning of You Dou's words, thinking that the wild boar would be eaten all.

Ning Ci didn't care about this. He still had a few grain pills on his body. Although it was a bit unpalatable, it could also satisfy his hunger.

Looking at the right bucket eating wild pork, Ning Ci was silent for a while, then cautiously said:

"The white eyes of the Hyuga clan mentioned by Mr. Rightto are not weaker than the writing round eyes of the Uchiha clan. I don't know what it means?"

After speaking, Ning Ci's face was full of expectation, and he looked towards You Dou with eyesight.

In the past, Neji had always believed that the white eyes of the Hyuga clan was the strongest pupil technique in the Ninja world.

But after seeing Ranmaru's red eyes that restrained himself, and hearing Master You Dou said that Shaolamyan can evolve into a kaleidoscope Shaolamyan, this super-powerful pupil technique.

Even if Ning Ci didn't want to admit it, he knew deep in his heart that the ability displayed by his current white eyes was indeed far inferior to that of writing round eyes.

And in the depths of the Cthulhu cult's cave just now, the words of Master You Dou made Ning Ci, who was a little unwilling, hopeful again.

No one hopes that the blood he relies on will be bad, let alone the Neji who was taught by the ancient family like the Hyuga clan since childhood.

Of course, the ability to roll eyes was only one of them for Neji.

What Neji cares most about is, why would You Dou-sama choose him?

In Neji's view, among the seven Wuren Qidao, Lan Wan's red eye ability coincided with his white eyes.

Although the red eye does not have the white eyes of the Hyuga family and has a 360-degree field of view without blind spots, it has the same perspective as a white eye, a phantom that even a white eye cannot distinguish, and even has the ability to predict danger.

The abilities shown by the red eye alone are unmatched by the current white eye.

Under such circumstances, Master You Dou still chose him, and even sent two of the Seven Swordsmen in the Mist, to pick him up in Konoha.

Therefore, at the moment when he entered Wuyin Village, Ning Ci kept thinking, what did Master You Dou favor him?


As soon as this idea appeared in Ning Ci's mind, it was first eliminated by Ning Ci.

Compared with Konoha's Xia Ren in the same class, he could indeed be regarded as a genius, but it was only that.

This ninja has never lacked genius.

Not to mention other Shinobu villages, among the seven swordsmen, Ringo Yu Yuri, who is only a few years older than him, and Gui Deng Shuiyue, who is the same age as him, is even younger than him!

In terms of strength, compared with these few people, Ning Ci was completely beaten. In Ning Ci's eyes, these people were the real geniuses.

Perhaps his talent is one of the reasons why You Dou cares about him, but I am afraid this is only the smallest part of the reason.

And now, Ning Ci had a faint understanding, perhaps the words that Master You Dou said in the depths of the cave.This is the reason why I am really concerned.

"Tsk tsk, it was a bit later than I expected. I have been guessing this question. How long will you bear to ask?"

After You Dou swallowed the wild boar in his mouth, a smile appeared on his face.

"Do you really want to know?" Right Doutou didn't raise his head, and leisurely continued to cut off a piece of barbecue, and said at will.

Ning Ci showed a solemn expression on his face and nodded seriously.

"If you want to know, let's get stronger first. When will you meet the conditions in my heart? I can not only tell you about the white eyes, but also give you this power."

You Dou's eyes flashed with deep gaze, and he spoke plainly.

Having said this, You Dou raised his head, took a serious look at Ning Ci, and suddenly laughed:

"Compared to Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, I am more optimistic about you."

After speaking, an interesting look suddenly appeared on You Dou's face, as if he had thought of something interesting.

Senjujuma, Uchiha Madara, and Youdou were the three of them, and no one was sure that they could completely kill each other before no one broke through the six levels first.

Under such circumstances, as long as two of the three are not completely united, then the so-called fighting has no meaning.

That being the case.

With a smile at the corner of your right bickering mouth, his eyes closed from Ning Ci's body.

It seemed that after a while, I was going to make a bet with the two guys Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto!

Just use Hyuga Neji to start this memorial against fate.

As for the bet, although the tail beast will be used!

With a slight smile at the corner of your right bickering mouth, he ate the roast wild pork again with enjoyment.

For Uzumaki Naruto, You Dou had some regrets. Originally, he planned to use Koshita Yoshiro to trick Naruto into Wuyin Village.

However, the plan is after all a plan.

Who would have thought that Senjujusuma would suddenly be resurrected, plus Uchiha Madara's resurrection, the first plan of Youdou can only be discarded.


Now that Ningci is here, it is not without gain.

On the other side, seeing Right Dou who continued to eat the barbecue after speaking, Ning Ci's nervousness began to calm down.

Although Neji didn't get the fact that the Hyuga clan had a blind eye from You Dou, he got another answer.

And this answer even made Ning Ci feel more at ease than the things he had just rolled his eyes.

Ning Ci has never worried about whether You Dou will plot something on him. From the beginning to the end, what worries Ning Ci is whether he is worthy!