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Chapter 282 Warm-up before the battle

In this ninja world, only those who possess value are truly worthy of training, and even mastering their destiny!

For this, Neji, who has been living in the separation, understands better than anyone.

In order to bring him back to Wuyin Village, Lan Wan, one of the Seven Swordsmen, was seriously injured, and even Ringo Yu Yuuri nearly died.

This matter has always been a little self-blame in Hinaga's heart.

In addition, the white eyes of the Hyuga clan overlapped with Ranmaru's red eyes.

From entering Wuyin Village to the present, Ning Ci's heart is still filled with confusion.

And the words You Dou said just now dispelled the confusion in Ning Ci's heart.

Although Youdou-sama never said anything about the power of the Hyuga clan.

But Ning Ci had a vague hunch that if he could really get that power, then his fate would be completely changed!

Thinking of this, there was a firm look on Ning Ci's face.

And at this moment, Neji suddenly remembered the words that Mr. Rightto had just compared him with Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

It's nothing compared to Uchiha Sasuke. After all, at the ninja school, Sasuke and Neji were the most talented ninjas in the same world.

Coupled with the current Sasuke, I am afraid that he has been taught by Uchiha Madara, and his strength will definitely be greatly improved. Even if you don't mention it, Neji knows that Sasuke is definitely a strong opponent he needs to face.

But why did Master You Dou mention Naruto Uzumaki?

During the Zhongnin exam, Neji did indeed lose to Naruto's hands, but this did not mean that Neji recognized Naruto's strength.

At least in Neji's current vision, there is still no way to put Naruto on the same level as him or Sasuke.

Youdou-sama wouldn't say something meaningless. Since Sasuke and Naruto were mentioned, in Neji's view, it was enough to prove that Naruto had the same status in Youdou-sama's heart.

With a little analysis of Ningci's calm personality, he can think of something clearly.

"It seems that I have really underestimated Naruto Uzumaki before."

"In that case, if I meet next time, Naruto, I will defeat you myself!"

There was a calm look in Neji's eyes, and he thought to himself.

In the cave.

The scent of roast meat mixed with the bloody smell of the other half of the wild boar fills the forest outside along the direction of the hole.

The location of Cthulhu’s cave is not only remote, but also in a dense forest.

Therefore, along with this bloody scent, the scarlet eyes in the forest aimed at the direction where You Dou and Neji were located.


A small noise came from outside the cave.

Ning Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly turned around and looked outside the cave. I don't know when, a pair of scarlet eyes appeared in Ning Ci's field of vision.

The beasts in the forest have enclosed the cave.

Even if Ning Ci did not roll his eyes, he knew that there were at least dozens of beasts outside!

how is this possible!

The bloody atmosphere of killing wild boars will indeed attract some wild beasts' ideas, but it will never appear so many all at once.

The only explanation for this situation is that these beasts are attracted by other things.

"Oh? I didn't expect to attract so much. In that case, take it as your warm-up. There will be a battle tomorrow."

Right Dou leisurely swallowed the barbecue in his mouth, and yawned.


These beasts were indeed attracted by Master You Dou.

However, what Ning Ci cares more about is, what exactly is fighting in your mouth?

While Neji was thinking about it, the beast outside was already moving.

Seeing this scene, Ning Ci turned around and rushed out of the cave without any hesitation.

Different from the peaceful cultivation method of Konoha Village, the cultivation method of Wuyin Village is more crude.

The beasts in front of you that were attracted to Master Right Dou were training for Neji.

At the beginning of this training method in Wuyin Village, Ning Ci didn't adapt, but with the passage of time, Ning Ci fell in love with this rough training method.

Because of this training method, he can improve his strength the fastest!

While staying in Wuyin Village, Ning Ci witnessed how Wuyin Seven Swordsmen trained.

Two members of the Seven Daoists attacked another member of the Seven Daoists at the same time, and it was the kind of attack that didn't leave any hands.

Until one of them can't get up completely!

How can a ninja be weak in this training method!

Rows of roars and muffled noises kept ringing outside the cave.

The strength of a beast was not strong for Ning Ci, but when the number of these beasts reached a certain level, even Ning Ci felt a pressure.

In the cave, the right bucket patted both hands gently, and a soil platform rose rapidly on the ground.

Under the roar and the increasingly strong bloody breath, You Dou turned over and was already lying on the earth platform, stretched his waist, and fell asleep directly.

Although many beasts outside the cave were attracted to them, as long as Ning Ci killed a dozen of them, these beasts would feel fear and retreat by themselves.

As You Dou said at the beginning, this is at best just a warm-up, which can be regarded as an after-dinner training, although Ning Ci is hungry till now.


The next day.

It's not dawn yet.

Four black figures have appeared at the junction of the country of fire and the country of Yuno.

These four people are exactly the third class led by Metkay.

"Teacher Kai, the front is Tangzhiguo, how did we find Ningci?"

Xiao Li's eyes flashed with excitement, and said softly to Metkay.

At this moment, compared with the excitement that could not be hidden on the faces of the three Xiao Li, Metkay's face was full of solemnity.

Hearing what Xiao Li said, Metkay couldn't help but stunned.

At this time, Metkai remembered that although he knew Neji was in Yunokuni, he didn't know the exact location.

"Teacher Kay! We rushed in such a hurry, don't tell us, now you don't know where you are."

Seeing the expression on Metkay's face every day, his face couldn't help being darkened, gritted his teeth.

"Haha, although I don't know, but Tang Ying in Tangren Village should know where it is. We have to visit Tangren Village first."

Metkay laughed and scratched his head to hide the embarrassment on his face.

"Really!" Tiantian's face showed a helpless expression.

At this moment, the Hyuga clan who had been silent for a long time suddenly spoke solemnly:

"A ninja is coming in our direction!"

Accompanied by the sound of the Hyuga clan Shimaninu, Metkai and others' faces quickly showed solemn expressions.


The four figures of Metkai flashed, and all hid behind the big tree on one side, staring at the direction ahead with the light of their eyes.

It didn't take long for a ninja from Tang Nin Village to appear in the field of vision of Metkai and others.

"Weird, there was obviously something moving here just now, could it be a beast."

This ninja from Tangren Village looked around with some doubts.

When the four of Metkai saw the forehead guard on the ninja's forehead, they were slightly relieved.

It turned out to be a ninja from Tangnin Village.