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Chapter 283 New Hyuga Concept, Neji's Ambition

Because Konoha and Tang Shinobu are allies.So after Metkay and others determined that the other party was Tang Ren, they relaxed.

In that case, the four of them naturally had no need to hide, and all jumped out from behind the hidden tree.

After seeing this, Matt and moving suddenly appeared, and the hall man was obviously startled.

"Konoha's... people."

Seeing the protective foreheads on the foreheads of Metkay and others, the Tang Ren was taken aback for a moment, and then unexpectedly said:

"I didn't expect you Konoha to send someone so soon, I thought it would take a while."

This time, instead, the three of Tiantian were slightly stunned. The meaning of this Tang Ren's words seemed to have been here for Konoha.

Upon hearing this Tang Ren's words, a gleam flashed in his eyes, and he took a step forward:

"I am their leader, Shangren, what do you mean by Tang Ying?"

"Master Tang Ying asked me to bring it to you. I hope I can provide you with some help."

The ninja from Tang Nin Cun took out a piece of information from his arms and handed it to Matkai.

After doing all this, the Tang Ren turned around and left quickly, without any nonsense.

Metkay raised his eyebrows lightly, checked the scroll somewhat cautiously, and opened it gently after finding that there was no problem.

The content on this scroll is a map of Yunokuni, and on this map, there is a specially marked location.

"It seems we don't need to go to Tangren Village."

Metkay took a deep look at the location on the map, with a smile on his face, turned his head to the three of Xiao Li.


The morning sun shone down the entrance of the cave into the cave.

The bloody smell floating in the air had already dissipated a lot with the passage of one night.

Right Dou walked to the entrance of the cave and stretched.

Outside the cave, except for the dark red blood stains on the ground, the corpses of those beasts had long since disappeared, and they had obviously been cleaned by Ning Ci.

"Master You Dou, you are awake!"

At this moment, Ning Ci's voice came from a distance.

Following the direction of the sound, Right Dou turned his head and looked.

Ning Ci was holding a pile of wild fruits in his arms, rushing towards You Dou.

"Except that the bed is harder, it's a good night's sleep."

Seeing Ning Ci walking in front of him, You Dou reached out and took a wild fruit, and said with a light smile.

"Master You Dou, what are we going to do next?"

Ning Ci looked at the right fight with a smile on his face, and asked softly.

Right Dou didn't speak directly, but looked far away, and it took a long time before he suddenly spoke:

"Neji, do you think there is a need for a system like the Hyuga clan clan and family division?"

Regarding the question that You Dou asked suddenly, Ning Ci was obviously taken aback, and for a while, he didn't know how to answer it.

"Have you not figured it out yet? In that case, let me know when you think about it."

"After the "Blood Mist Era" in the hidden village of mist, there are not many real ninja families left. The Hyuga clan seems to me a good choice."

Seeing the silent Ning Ci, You Dou smiled slightly, not paying attention.

The Hyuga?

Foggy Village!

If Ning Ci didn't understand at first, what did the question You Dou asked just now mean.

Then I thought, with the last words of You Dou, Ning Ci's whole brain was in a trance.

Master You Dou wants to rebuild another Hyuga clan in Wuyin Village!

If this matter was raised by someone else, then Ning Ci would only mock him.

But if it was done by Master Right Dou, there might be a certain chance of success!

At least from Ning Ci's point of view, the only person who can lift the seal of the "cage bird" is currently only Lord You Dou.

Ning Ci couldn't help but swallowed his saliva, and his body trembled slightly.

To rebuild a brand-new Hyuga clan, it is naturally impossible to rely on him alone.

In other words, Lord Rightto wanted to attack Konoha's Hyuga clan, or to separate a part of the Hyuga clan from the Hyuga clan.

Ning Ci couldn't help his eyes flickering slightly. Although You Dou-sama didn't say much, Ning Ci thought of something deeper.

If Haze Village really wants to re-establish a new Hyuga clan, who will be the head of the new Hyuga clan?

Neji's breathing couldn't help becoming faster.

When he first entered Wuyin Village, Neji just wanted to make himself strong enough.

But now, Neji's heart has more ambitions unconsciously!

The patriarch of the Hyuga clan is Hyuga Hizu, and Neji's father is the brother of Hyuga Hizu, speaking only from the blood level.

In the entire Hyuga clan, apart from Hinata Hinata and Sparkle Hyuga, no one can compare to Neji Hyuga, let alone Neji himself is a man!

For the inherited ancient ninja family, if you want to become the leader of the family, in addition to having strong strength, blood is also an extremely important part, because it itself represents a cohesion, or the so-called orthodoxy!

Of course, it is naturally impossible for You Dou to do this now, not just because of the current Ninja World and Konoha's problems.

There are many other things waiting for the right fight to deal with.

From the corner of You Dou's eyes, he glanced at Ning Ci's direction and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The reason why Ning Ci came to Wuyin Village was only because Right Fight could give Ning Ci a powerful force, nothing more.

For Wuyin Village, how could Ningci, who is an outsider, have a sense of belonging?

But now this thing called "ambition" will fasten Ning Ci to this boat in Wuyin Village.

"Oh, is it finally here? I finally stayed here for a good night."

"Now that Konoha is in charge, it should be Tsunade and Jiraiya. From this point of view, these two people are much smarter in their imagination."

At this moment, You Dou suddenly raised his head and looked in a direction in the distant forest, with a slight chuckle in his voice.


Ning Ci, who was thinking about it, suddenly heard You Dou's words and reacted. He quickly raised his head and looked in the direction that You Dou's gaze was staring.

"White eyes!"

Ning Ci let out a low drink, and dense blue veins appeared around Ning Ci's eye sockets.

In the depths of the forest opposite You Dou and others.

Several figures are extremely secretive, hidden among the lush branches of a big tree.

"Teacher Kay! I found them. There are two people and one of them is Ning Ci."

The Shinnin of the Hyuga clan, with a surprised expression on his face, quickly spoke to Metkai and others next to him.

"It seems that there is no problem with this map given by Tang Ren."

Metkay's heart tightened slightly, and there was a serious tone in his voice.