Xiao Li and Tian Tian, ​​who were staying next to Metkay, also showed joy on their faces when they heard the words of that name.

But at this moment!

The expression on his face suddenly froze with a surprise expression on his face.

"What's wrong, what's the problem."

Metkay was the first to notice the change in the face of the Higashiya Shinobu, and quickly asked.

"We should have been discovered too."

There was a trace of fear in Hixia Shinobu's eyes, and even a trace of tremor in her voice.

When he stared at You Dou and Ning Ci, he clearly saw that You Dou suddenly raised his head and stared in his direction.

Obviously the two people are so far apart that the other party doesn't even turn their eyes, but it feels as if they are looking at each other at close range.

It was an indescribable sense of horror!

"Has it been discovered?"

Metkay was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly laughed:

"It couldn't be more normal. Now that it has been discovered, there is no need to hide in hiding. Let's go directly to see Ning Ci and the original Shui Ying You fight."

Accompanied by Metkay's solemn voice, especially when it came to the first generation of Shuiying Youdou, the faces of the three Xiaoli all showed nervous expressions.

Although the three of Xiao Li knew it from the beginning, when they really faced it, an inexplicable fear rose in their hearts.

As if sensing the tension in the hearts of the three of Xiao Li, Metkai strode to the front of the three of them, turned his head, revealing a row of white teeth and said:

"Youth is not afraid of fear! As your instructor, I will block my life to protect you!"

"Let's go! Young man in Class 3!"

After speaking, Metkay turned his head again, squeezed his fists with both hands, and walked in the direction of You Dou and Ning Ci in strides.

Although Metkay had a relaxed expression on his face, his eyes were still full of solemn expressions.

I hope Master Jilaiya's analysis is correct!

"Teacher Kay!"

Hearing Metkay's bloody words, Xiao Li's emotions rose instantly, and he followed with similar strides.

"Really two passionate fools."

Tian Tian and that Ming Ri Xiangren looked at each other and sighed helplessly, but the sense of fear in their hearts, driven by the emotions of Matt Gey and Xiao Li, began to slowly fade.

The distance between the two parties is not too far. It didn't take long. Metkay led Xiao Li and the others, and they had already walked out of the forest.

Metkay raised his head and looked forward, and saw two figures standing quietly at the entrance of the cave opposite.

With an inexplicable smile on You Dou's face, he looked at the third class led by Metkay.

"Ms. Kay..."

Ning Ci, who was standing next to You Dou, saw the appearance of Metkai and others, his eyes full of complicated expressions.

"You dare to appear directly in front of me, I really don't know whether to say that you are ignorant are fearless, or if you are brave."

Right Dou folded his hands on his chest, and a playful smile appeared on his face.

As Right Dou opened his mouth, Ning Ci's body tightened, and a nervous expression flashed across his face.

With the strength of Lord Right Fighter, Teacher Metkai and others are definitely not opponents!


A frightening aura suddenly rose from You Dou's body, and crashed down towards Metkai and others.

Xiao Li, Tian Tian and that Sun Xiang Ren only felt a cold body, and then the body trembled uncontrollably, and a strong sense of suffocation poured into his heart.

Seeing this scene, Metkay's face changed and he couldn't take care of the others. In a flash, his body appeared in front of Xiao Li and the others, helping the three of Xiao Li to block the terrifying killing from the right fighting. meaning.

With the appearance of Metkay, the three of Xiao Li also retreated from that state of suffocation. It was only a moment of effort, but the three of them felt a sense of collapse at this time.

Metkai raised his head and looked in the direction of You Dou and Ning Ci. As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice stopped abruptly.

Seeing the right fight that appeared in front of him instantly, Metkay's pupils shrank deeply.

I saw that the right fighting figure who was standing in the distance had long since disappeared, but right now, with a plain expression on his face, standing in front of Metkay.

how is this possible?

So fast!!

Metkay, who was quite confident in his physical skills, hadn't even noticed when Right Dou moved.

"Eight Gate Dunjia is indeed an amazing ninjutsu. Just opening the seventh gate is already qualified to be my opponent. If you open to the eighth gate, it might even cause me some trouble."

"But this is in the case of opening the seventh door, or even the eighth door. And now at such a close distance, do you think you still have a chance to open the eighth door?"

A faint smile appeared on You Dou's face, looking at Metkay, who had already appeared on the forehead of the opposite person.

In the original book, the strength of Metkay who opened the eighth door is indeed terrifying. If the last kick is not on Liudaoban's chest, but on the head, I am afraid it will be the finale early.

But the reason why Metkay was so strong was entirely because Liudao Madara was too confident and allowed Metkay to enter the eighth gate.

If it weren't for Uchiha Madara who wanted to see the full eight-door Dunjia formation, with Uchiha Madara's strength at the time, Metkai would never have the opportunity to open to the eighth door in front of Uchiha Madara.

As soon as You Dou had finished speaking, his already raised fist blasted toward the position of Matkay's chest.

The speed of this punch is too fast!

Even Metkay could only see an afterimage.

However, even if the eyes cannot keep up, the body that has been exercising for many years starts to move like a conditioned reflex. His arms are quickly crossed, and he is blocking his chest.


Accompanied by a heavy muffled sound, Metkai's body trembled, and in the next instant, he was blasted out by You Dou with a punch.


A huge roar sounded, and Metkay's body directly hit a distant mountain wall, violently knocking out a large human-shaped hole.

At the same time, the right fighting figure disappeared in place again, and with the blink of an eye, it had appeared on the wall of the big hole that Metkay had knocked out.

"Teacher Kay!"

At this time, Xiao Li Sanren reacted, with a panic expression on his face, looking in the direction of Metkay's boom.

"Ah...cough, so strong."

With blood on the corners of his mouth, Metka shook away the gravel from his body, and walked out of the big hole that was swayed slightly.

At this time, the sleeves on Metkay's arms had long since disappeared, and his arms were green and trembling.

"Is Konoha's blue beast? It's really good. If an ordinary ninja hit me, I'm afraid it won't get up now."

You Dou looked at Metkay who was standing in front of him again.He shook his head gently.

"What are you going to do?"

Metkay looked at the dull right fight on the opposite side and took a deep breath.

Just as the original Shuiying Youdou said, opening the Eight Door Dunjia also takes time, even if this time is short.

And so far, Metkay has not opened the Eight Door Dunjia, except for the first reason, it is also because Metkay has not felt the slightest killing intent from the right fight from the beginning to the end.

Including the punch that You Dou hit him just now!