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Chapter 285 Three of you, let's go together!

Matt opened his body tight, his eyes fixed on the opposite right fighting.

Before being unsure of what the other party wanted to do, Metkay, who was the weaker, did not dare to behave in the slightest.

He could lose his life, but Xiao Li, the three of Tian Tian must not have an accident.

The only thing that Metkay is betting is that Master Jilaiya's guess is right!

if not!

Metkay's body was tight, and a firmness flashed in his eyes.

The Chakra, who was somewhat calm on Metkay, began to boil slightly.

You Dou glanced at Metkai, who was nervous, and didn't care at all. He turned around casually and looked at Ning Ci who was facing off with Xiao Li Tiantian and others in the distance.

"A genius like Neji is too wasteful to put in your Konoha's hands."

"If something is really doomed... then, he is the person I chose to change the destiny."

The dazzling expression in You Dou's eyes flashed, and he spoke in a flat tone.

Having said this, You Dou paused slightly for a while, then turned his head again and looked in the direction of Metkay:

"And some things need to be stopped."

"I am not very interested in your current strength. When will you fully grasp the power of the eighth gate, you will be qualified to be my opponent."

Having said this, You Dou raised his foot and gently stepped on the ground.


Accompanied by a slight roar from the ground, under the influence of the Chakra inside the right bucket, a stone pillar slowly rose from under the feet.

The chakra of the earth escape quickly formed a stone chair in the center of the stone pillar.

You Dou turned around and was already sitting on the stone chair, with a look on his face as he was watching, looking in the direction of Ning Ci and others.

At the same time, an inexplicable pressure also suddenly fell on Metkay next to him.

Matt shook his body, he felt locked in firmly.

It seemed that as long as he had any action, he would definitely be attacked by the right fighting for the first time.

Although the right fight now looks completely like watching a play, Metkay knows that it's just that the opponent doesn't bother to shoot.

As Master Jilaiya said, the original Shuiying Youdou was a very proud person!

Thinking of this, Matkay's heart was relieved.

At least judging from the current situation, You Dou will not hold back against Xiao Li and the others.

Out of the light of Metkai's eyes, he glanced at the right fight that had locked him next to him, and his expression was somewhat silent.

Until now, what really frightened Metkay was the right fight in front of him, who actually knew the level of his eight-door Dunjia cultivation!

As the original Shuiying Youdou said, he still hasn't fully grasped the status of the eighth gate of the Eight Gate Dunjia.

"Xiao Li, Tian Tian, ​​the bond between you and Ning Ci can only depend on you."

Metkay stared at the direction of Xiao Li's trio, standing stiffly in place.

The other side direction.

With anxious and panic expressions on the faces of the three Xiao Li, they watched the direction of Matkay and You Dou.

Although the things that Xiao Li three people were worried about did not happen.

But when the three of them saw Metkay standing stiffly in place, and a right-hand fighting with a completely spectator appearance.

Even Xiao Li, a guy with a weak head, vaguely understood.

"Asshole! Does that guy want Neji to attack us?"

With an angry look on Xiao Li's face, his hands suddenly clenched his fists.

Tian Tian raised his head and saw Ning Ci who was facing with a cold expression, his body couldn't help but tremble.

If the opponent is the enemy, then no matter it is Tian Tian or Xiao Li, then the two of them will definitely do it directly without any hesitation.

but now!

The opposite is Neji!

Companions who belong to the third class and grow up together!

Even if Ning Ci had defected now, no matter it was Xiao Li or Tian Tian, ​​he still couldn't admit all this in his heart, let alone attack Ning Ci.

Suddenly, the whole scene fell silent.

For this scene, the right fight sitting on the stone chair is not in a hurry.

This silent atmosphere did not last long before it was broken by Ning Ci.

Ning Ci raised his foot expressionlessly and walked in the direction of Xiao Li's trio.

Seeing Ning Ci's movements, Tian Tian's eyes flickered slightly. He just wanted to lift his foot and walk towards Ning Ci. Xiao Li on the side had already stretched out his hand and pressed it on Tian Tian's shoulder.

"Every day, don't be impulsive, have you forgotten our purpose?"

Xiao Li lowered his head slightly, a solemn expression flashed in his eyes, and he whispered to Tiantiandao.

"Although I have always believed in Teacher Kay, you and I know this very well. Neji can no longer return to Konoha. Even now Konoha is more dangerous to Neji."

Xiao Li spoke in a low voice, and at the same time cast a glance at the left side of his eyes, the name Rixiaren not far from the two of them.

Regarding the newly added Nishixiaren in their third class, whether it is Xiaoli or Tiantian, there is still a slight resistance in their hearts.

What's more, no one knows whether this Hyuga clan has any other purpose.

Hearing Xiao Li's words, Tian Tian blinked and looked at Xiao Li next to him with a strange look in his eyes.

As if perceiving Tiantian's gaze, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Xiao Li's face:

"Although my head is not very clever, Shikamaru is very smart. I secretly found Shikamaru."

That's it.

A faint flashed across Tiantian's face.

On the other side, Ning Ci walked to a distance of about ten meters from Xiao Li and stopped.

"Long time no see, Xiao Li, every day."

Ning Ci stared at the two people in front of him, and said flatly.

"Ning Ci."

Xiao Li and Tian Tian had complex expressions.

"Ms. Kai still wants to bring me back to Konoha? It's really persistent. In that case, let the three of you go together."

"Teacher Kay's current situation, you should have seen it too, defeat me, this is your only chance!"

Ning Ci sighed softly, a cold color appeared on his face, he squatted down, and quickly made an attack gesture.

"Ningji, he has become stronger."

Xiao Li's spirit was shaken, and a look of shock appeared on his face.

Biting her lip every day, she knew that the moment Neji made an attack gesture, the battle was inevitable.

Moreover, this is the kind of battle that must be divided between winning and losing!

Xiao Li took a deep breath, just about to move forward.

At this moment, the famous Hi-Xiangren who had been silent on one side took the lead to walk in front of Xiao Li and Tian Tian.

"Sorry, I know you two don't trust me, but it doesn't matter. I hope I can give this battle to me first."

The man Nishixiaren turned his head to look at Xiao Li and Tiantian who were a little startled, a trace of apology appeared on his face.

After finishing speaking, the Nixia Ren no longer waited for Xiao Li and Tian Tian to speak, so he turned his head and looked in Ning Ci's direction again.

"Unexpectedly, there are people in this world who can undo the "cage bird" that separates families."

The Hihikari Shinobu stared closely at Ning Ci's white forehead, his eyes flashed with surprise, excitement and incredible gaze, and he spoke to himself.

It took a long time before that Nixia Shinobu recovered from the excitement just now.

"Hello, Senior Ningci, my name is Hyuga Chengju."

Hyuga Chengju stood up straight, and solemnly introduced Neji.