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Chapter 286 I represent...Hyuga Branch!

Hyuga into ten?

Hearing this name, Ning Ci frowned slightly, because this name gave Ning Ci an inexplicable sense of familiarity. He seemed to have heard the name somewhere.

After thinking about it slightly, Ning Ci realized that he hadn't remembered it, so he didn't even think about it.

After all, there are so many people in the Hyuga clan, and with the cold personality of Yininji, there are not many people who really know them.

It is normal for Neji to just hear the name without knowing it.

Seeing that Neji Hyuga didn't respond, Hyuga Chengju shrugged helplessly and sighed:

"Sure enough, as a genius, you won't pay attention to the group of people behind you."

"That's why I said that your personality is really annoying."

Hyuga Chengju spoke flatly. Although his voice was filled with an annoying tone towards Neji, it gave people a rather straightforward feeling.

Tiantian and Xiao Li glanced at each other slightly, a strange look flashed in their eyes.

Hearing what Hyuga Chengshi said just now, he was obviously familiar with Neji, but since Hyuga joined the third class.

Neither Tian Tian nor Xiao Li had ever heard Hyuga Sengju talk about Neji.

"and so……"

Hyuga Chengshi quickly squatted down, making a soft fist, his eyes filled with fighting spirit and inexplicable meaning:

"So in this battle, I am not fighting you on behalf of the third group, what I represent... is the Hyuga branch!"

The moment Hyuga Chengju finished speaking this sentence, he slammed on the ground and rushed in the direction of Neji first.

On behalf of Hyuga branch?

Ning Ci couldn't help but was stunned, apparently he didn't understand what Hyuga Chengju said for a while.

However, when he saw Hyuga Chengshi who was about to rush in front of him, Neji quickly retracted his mind and took a step back!


Hinata Cheng eleven palms slapped the position where Nei Ci was standing just now, causing the air under his palm to make a muffled noise.

Seeing his defeat, Hyuga Chengshi's face didn't have the slightest dark color on his face, but the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

Roll your eyes!

In the corner of his eyes, blue veins violently violently, in the eyes of Hyuga Chengshi, the direction of the step that Ningci took back was exactly the attacking position of a gossip formation!

Soft Fist-Sixty-four Palms in Eight Diagrams!

Hyuga Chengshi's body paused slightly, and in the next instant, he raised his hands and patted the acupuncture points on Neji's body.

"You're not the only one who knows how to do soft fist-gossip sixty-four palms!"

Ning Ci let out a soft snort, raising his hands in the same way.


Hyuga Chengju and Hyuga Neji quickly fought each other, their hands kept colliding in the air with a muffled noise.

In a short time, the attack of the two people was over, and neither of them took advantage of it.

However, when the attack stopped, the two uttered a soft drink at the same time:

"Soft Fist Technique-Eight Diagrams Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!"

"Soft Fist Technique-Eight Diagrams Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!"


A move that was stronger than the Bagua Sixty-Four Palms broke out in the hands of two people at the same time, blasting them down at their opponents.

Following the fight, Neji's eyes showed a surprised look for the first time.

Although "Bagua Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms" is not a difficult move, it can be seen from the fact that the opponent can keep up with his own speed.

The guy in front of me, I'm afraid he is practicing these moves very hard!

Moreover, this is not the opponent's full force!

As the last shot fell, the two palms quickly collided in the air, and the chakras released from the palms also collided with each other, forming a counter-shock force that shook them apart.

"As expected to be a genius called the Hyuga Clan! Coming!"

Hyuga Chengshi took a step back slightly, his eyes glowing with hot light, and he rushed in the direction of Neji again.

"Soft Fist Technique-Three Hundred and Sixty-one Eight Diagrams!"

"Soft Fist Technique-Three Hundred and Sixty-one Eight Diagrams!"

The two men uttered a soft drink again, and the same attacking moves began again.

A crash sound that was denser than before sounded in everyone's ears.

"This guy has been hiding his strength?"

Xiao Li and Tian Tian looked at Hyuga Chengshi, who was almost equal to Ning Ci, with surprised expressions on their faces.

It's not just Xiao Li and Tiantian.

At this time, because of the right fight, Metkay, who was standing still on the spot, saw a flash of surprise in the eyes of the fighting on the other side.

With the strength shown by Hyuga Chengju now, coupled with the ability to roll his eyes, he was able to reach the level of ordinary Zhongnin.

Moreover, what surprised Metkay even more was Neji now.

Although the two seemed to be fighting on the same level, Matkai keenly observed that a layer of secret sweat had risen on Hyuga Chengju's forehead.

As for Ning Ci, there was a plain expression on his face from beginning to end.

How long has it been since Neji defected?

You know, during the Zhongnin exam, Ningci's strength, although he performed very well, was still at the level of the Shinnin.

And right now, if Hyuga Chengju is faintly at the level of Zhongnin, then Neji is undoubtedly Zhongnin!

Compared to Metkay's surprise, You Dou didn't have any emotional changes from beginning to end.

Regardless of whether it is reaching the level of middle tolerance or upper tolerance, in the eyes of You Dou, all rookies peck at each other.

The only thing that interests You Dou is the phrase "representing the separation of the family of Hyuga" said by Hinata Chengju.

"It seems that, knowing that I can unlock the "cage bird" seal of the Hyuga Sect family, some people in the Hyuga branch can't help it?"

Interesting gaze flashed in You Dou's eyes, and he thought to himself secretly.

It's a good harvest.

At this time, the center of the battlefield.

The two people who had been evenly matched at the beginning, with the constant confrontation, Hinata Chengshi gradually began to fall into a disadvantage.

Can't continue to bombard!

At this time, Hyuga Chengshi, from the original attack state, gradually began to turn into defense.

Although Hyuga Chengju was a little unwilling, he knew that if he continued to attack, he would definitely lose.

Thought of this!

Hyuga Chengshi forced a slap, and his body quickly retreated backwards.

At the same time, as Hyuga was retreating, his feet kept slamming on the ground, and the acupuncture points on the soles of his feet continued to gush out chakras.

Every time I stepped on it, some rubble fell in front of Hyuga Chengju.

Hyuga Chengju stretched out his hands and kept shooting at the gravel.

Accompanied by the sound of breaking through the air.

These rubbles seemed to be turned into pieces of kunai and shot in the direction of Hyuga Neji.

Seeing this scene, Neji, who was about to chase, couldn't help but halt, and then flashed to one side, avoiding the attack of the gravel.