Seeing Neji's evasive action, he didn't wait for Hyuga Chengju to breathe a sigh of relief.

I saw that Neji, who had avoided the gravel attack, suddenly burst into a powerful chakra under his feet.

Under the influence of this Chakra, Neji's figure appeared in front of Hyuga Chengju in an instant.

So fast!

Hyuga Chengju's eyes widened, but without any hesitation, he raised his hands and patted Neji.

However, just before Hyuga Chengju's attack had yet to fall, Neji's palm had already slapped Hyuga Chengju's chest first.


Soft boxing-gossip empty palm!

Ningji pressed his body down and let out a soft drink. The next moment, Hyuga Chengshi's whole body was shot and flew away by the blow.

Hinata Chengshi fell to the ground fiercely, and after a few somersaults, he stood up again swayingly, with a blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

"You deserve to be the number one genius in the division. I originally thought that even if the strength is not as good as you, the gap will not be too big. Now it seems...I am a little bit self-righteous."

Raising his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, Hyuga Chengju spoke somewhat self-deprecatingly.

After speaking, Hyuga Chengshi took a few breaths, with a firm gaze in his eyes, and renewed his soft fist attack.

He glared hard under his feet, and Hyuga Chengshi rushed towards Neji again.

"Will there be a senseless battle?"

Neji couldn't help but wrinkle slightly when seeing Hyuga Chengju who continued to rush towards him.


Within a few blinks of an eye, Hyuga Sungfu appeared in front of Neji again, attacked Neji with all his strength, and shouted at the same time:

"The weak! They are also qualified to resist fate!"

Hearing the roar of Hyuga Chengju, Neji, who had a flat face, had a rare change.

"In that case, I will use my best."

Ning Ci suddenly raised both arms, clasping his thumbs in his palms, and waves of blue chakras were released from the acupuncture points on his arms.


In an instant, Hyuga Chengshi's attack was smashed by Neji, and several palm shadows directly slapped several acupuncture points on Hyuga Chengshi's body.


A mouthful of blood spouted from Hinata Chengju's mouth, and the state of white eyes that had been opened, also retreated.

As if losing all his strength, Hyuga Kneeled on the ground.

"you lose."

Ning Ci retracted his palm and looked at Hyuga Chengju calmly.

"Ah..., I lost."

Hyuga Chengshi coughed out a mouthful of blood again, raised his head somewhat difficultly, and stared at the position of Ning Ci's forehead, a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Hyuga Chengju whispered with a voice that only Neji could hear:

"The grievances between the clan and the division, from the moment the "cage bird" appeared, it was doomed, and Hyuga Neji... the fate of the Hyuga division was in your hands."

After finishing speaking, Hyuga Chengju's eyes closed weakly and fell to the ground completely.

At the moment Hyuga Chengshi fell, he not only recalled what the elders of the separated family had said before he left.

The Hyuga branch has been waiting for an opportunity.

And now, this opportunity has appeared!

Seeing Hyuga Chengju who had fainted on the ground, Ningji's expression was a little dazed.

The fate of the separation?

The new Hyuga clan...

Neji's eyes flickered slightly, but he quickly regained his indifferent expression.

"Ten, did you lose so soon?"

Tian Tian saw that Hyuga Chengju was completely defeated, and muttered to himself.


A heavy footstep sounded beside Tiantian.

Turning his head every day, he looked at Xiao Li, who stepped aside while holding his fists with both hands, not only a trace of amazement flashed across his face:

"Little Li, you?"

"Although I am not smart, I also know that the only way to change Ning Ci is to defeat him."

"Teacher Kai used his life as a bet to win the opportunity for us to face Ning Ci equally."

Xiao Li's voice was filled with blood, and he stretched out his fist and pointed it in the direction of Ning Ci, and spoke firmly:

"So! I will never disappoint Teacher Kai's expectations. Let's do it every day!"

Tiantian's spirit was shaken, and he raised his head and looked in the direction of Ning Ci. The hesitation in his eyes slowly subsided and became firm, as if he was infected by Xiao Li, with a rare trace of blood in his tone:

"Xiao Li, you fellow, don't hold me back."

With the word "legs" falling, Tiantian took the lead in rushing in the direction of Neji, slapped the ninja bag on his side, and a scroll appeared in Tiantian's hands.

Xiao Li couldn't help but stunned slightly when he saw Tian Tian who had rushed out first, but he rushed out the next moment.

At this moment, Ning Ci, who was opposite, saw Xiao Li and Tian Tian rushing towards him without hesitation, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, but it disappeared in a flash.

As a former teammate, Ning Ci knows very well that although the two opposing guys are not as strong as him, they might be defeated if they are not careful.

What's more, during the time he was away, Xiao Li and Tian Tian would definitely become stronger with the training style of Teacher Kai.

"Little Li, help me!"

With a soft drink every day, as he ran towards Ning Ci, he quickly opened the scroll in his hand.

Hidden weapon even bombs!


A large number of concealed weapons like kunai spewed out from the scroll, densely shot in the direction of Neji.

Ningji's eyes couldn't help but squint. This kind of attack was very familiar to Ningji. Although it was a hidden weapon on the surface, it was actually just hitting people with a large number of hidden weapons.

And because of this, facing such an attack is very troublesome.

Because the attack range is too wide, it can only be carried hard.

Ning Ci lifted his foot and slid to the right, and then the whole body quickly rotated, and a large number of chakras spewed out from the various chakra points of his body.

Soft Fist-Bagua Palm Back to Heaven!

next moment.

The dense collision sound instantly sounded, and a large number of hidden weapons were bounced aside by Neji's Huitian.

Seeing that his attacks were ineffective every day, not only did he not care, but his eyes brightened.

Ning Ci's return to the sky was originally developed by practicing against Tian Tian, ​​so except for Ning Ci, Tian Tian knew better than anyone else.

There will be a certain stalemate immediately after Ning Ci launches Huitian. Although this time is short, Xiao Li should be able to grasp it!

Just at this time!

At the moment when Ning Ci launched his return to the sky, Xiao Li, who had been behind Tian Tian, ​​had disappeared in place and appeared behind Ning Ci at a very fast speed.


Because of the speed, Xiao Li, who appeared behind Ning Ci, squatted slightly and slipped briefly.

At this moment, Ning Ci's Huitian also stopped!

"Konoha Tornado!"

Xiao Li, who was behind Ning Ci, pressed his body slightly and jumped directly into the air, kicking Ning Ci's head abruptly.

"I don't have the "cage bird" seal, but there is no dead end, Xiao Li!"

Although Neji didn't look back, he could clearly see Xiao Li's movements by rolling his eyes.

Neji quickly raised his arms and blocked them above his head.


There was a dull muffled sound.

Although Xiao Li's blow was blocked, the heavy power still made Ning Ci's body squat a little bit.