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Chapter 288: In No Three Class, End?

With the help of Xiao Li attacking Ning Ci's space, Tian Tian's figure has rushed to a position not far in front of Ning Ci.

At the same time, I don't know when, two scrolls appeared in Tiantian's hands again.

Tian Tian, ​​who had rushed towards Ning Ci, forcibly stopped his forward figure, and at the same time quickly pressed the two scrolls in his hands to the ground.


As the two white smoke dissipated, the two scrolls unfolded into two dragon shapes and rose into the air.


Tian Tian raised his arms and waved hard in the direction of Ning Ci.

A large number of ninjas in the two scrolls covered the sky in the direction of Neji, attacking indiscriminately.

And at the moment when Tian Tian issued an attack, Xiao Li's figure had already retreated quickly. Obviously, this tactic was discussed in advance by the two.

Suddenly, a large number of ninjas were already in front of him. At this time, it was too late for Ning Ci to use Huitian again.

However, there was no panic on Neji's face. Instead, he raised a hand, grabbed it to the ground, and then lifted it upward.

Only then did Tiantian discover that Ning Ci was holding a nearly transparent steel wire in his palm.


An imperceptible voice sounded from the ground.

The ground in front of Ning Ci suddenly cracked, and small steel wires were quickly connected from the surrounding directions, like a spider web, blocking the direction in front of Ning Ci.

Long Sword Ninja-Wire Cobweb!


A large number of ninjas collided with the steel wire mesh in front of Ningci, making a harsh metal croak.

All the ninjas shot from the scroll every day were blocked by the steel wire mesh.

"this is?"

Xiao Li, who retreated to the back, looked at this scene in a little astonishment.

"One of the seven ninja swords of Wuyin Village "Nagablade·Stitch"!"

Looking at the weapon similar to a long needle in front of Ning Ci, Tian Tian widened his eyes and said in surprise.

Tiantian, who is obsessed with various ninjas, naturally knows the seven famous ninja swords in Wuyin Village!

At this time, Metkai, who was in the other direction, also widened his eyes at the same time, with a surprised look on his face.

Metkai never thought that You Dou could actually hand the Seven Ninja Sword to Ning Ci's hands.

Immediately afterwards, Metkay looked in the direction of Tian Tian and Xiao Li, not only a look of worry flashed in his eyes.

After seeing the "long knife·stitch" held by Neji, every day after a little stunned, he quickly reached out his hands, and his ten fingers began to swing.

Exercise equipment-Blast Dragon!!

"Ningji, I am stronger than before!"

With a soft drink every day, the large number of ninjas that were originally blocked by the steel mesh and dropped to the ground, one by one, flew again from the ground.

I saw that behind these ninjas, there were actually connected steel wires, and Tiantian was manipulating these steel wires to make these ninjas return to Tiantian's side again.

While manipulating the ninja every day, Xiao Li, who was behind Ning Ci, rushed towards Ning Ci again.

"Ningji, I have become stronger too!"

Xiao Li's figure instantly turned into a green afterimage, and in an instant, he appeared in front of Ning Ci.

Ning Ci, who has white eyes, naturally noticed Xiao Li's movements long ago. What's more, in Ning Ci's eyes, Xiao Li's threat was much higher than Tian Tian.

Therefore, when he saw Xiao Li leaving, Ning Ci grabbed the needle with one hand, and at the same time manipulated the wire at the bottom of the needle to quickly retract.

But Ning Ci still somewhat underestimated Xiao Li's speed.

"Konoha Gale!"

Xiao Li lowered his body dumbfounded, supported the ground with one hand, turned his legs up, and quickly rotated, kicking Ning Ci's chest with a heavy kick.

Ning Ci only felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then Xiao Li was kicked into the air.

not good!

Realizing that his body was in midair, Ningji's expression tightened.

"Shadow Leaf Dance!"

Xiao Li supported the ground with both hands, pressed his body down, like a spring, instantly bounced his body and kicked it in the direction of Ning Ci's chin.

Facing Xiao Li's attack, Ning Ci's expression changed slightly. As a former companion, Ning Ci knew the consequences of being attacked by this level.

Ning Ci forced his body to correct, and at the same time adjusted the chakra in his body, holding the stitches in one hand, he twisted his body abruptly.

Chakra spewed from various acupuncture points in Ningci's body and directly launched a return to heaven in the air!

And compared to the ordinary Huitian, at this time, because Ningci was holding the stitches in his hand, the periphery of Huitian was still shining with sharp rays.

Because the stitches are not only slender, but also bulky and light, Ningji holding a long knife and stitches not only did not slow down Huitian's rotation speed, but instead made the original defense against Huitian under the rotation of the stitches. , Has become a move that can attack at the same time.

Upon seeing this scene, Xiao Li's expression changed, and he quickly retracted his kicked leg, twisted his body in the air, and fell to the ground again.

"So sharp!"

Xiao Li glanced at the thin wound on his left leg, a solemn expression appeared on his face.

Although Xiao Li put his leg back in time, he was still struck by the long knife and stitches on the periphery of Huitian.


At this moment, a roar sounded from the air

Under Tiantian's control, the large number of ninjas that had been taken back by Tiantian once again blasted in the direction of Ning Ci.

And at this time, on these ninjas, all the detonating charms were pasted!

These blasting ninjas had already smashed on Ning Ci who was released back into the sky in the air.


A huge explosion sounded in the air.

"Whoo...have you won?"

Seeing Ning Ci who was covered by the flames, he gasped violently every day.

"Every day, be careful!"

Suddenly, Xiao Li's exclamation came from a distance.

Before Tian Tian could react, the long knife and stitches were thrown over and thrust into the ground not far from Tian Tian.

And the steel wire connected to the back of the long knife and the stitch is being quickly recovered at an extremely fast speed.


Ning Ci grabbed the wire with one hand and rushed directly out of the flames, and fell towards Tiantian.

Tian Tian quickly let go of the wire that operated the ninja in his hand, trying to push it backwards.

"Soft Fist-Sixty-four Palms in Eight Diagrams!"

Indifferent voice rang in Tiantian's ears.

In the next instant, Tiantian's figure was enveloped by Neji's palm.

But at this moment, a green figure rushed over and pushed Tian Tian out.


A series of muffled noises sounded in an instant.

And Xiao Li, who pushed out every day, completely withstood the attack of the gossip sixty-four palms.

With the last palm down!

Xiao Li spouted a mouthful of blood, and his whole body flew out backwards.

"Little Li!"

At this time, being pushed aside, Tian Tian also reacted, watching Xiao Li who was bombarded by Ning Ci, his voice filled with worry.

"You have already lost."

Ning Ci stood up straight again, staring in the direction of Tian Tian and Xiao Li, and said indifferently.

"From now on, the so-called third spot is gone. When we meet next time, we won't just tell the winner."

After Ning Ci finished speaking, he turned and prepared to walk in the direction of You Dou.

However, Ning Ci, who hadn't walked a few steps, stopped suddenly, turned around again, and looked in the direction where Xiao Li was bombarded.