Amidst the smoke and dust.

Xiao Li, who had completely endured Ning Ci's gossip and sixty-four palms, got up from the ground with difficulty.

"Ahem, really strong... Neji."

Xiao Li wiped the blood from his mouth, raised his head weakly and looked in the direction of Ning Ci.

"Even if you stand up, you have already lost."

Ning Ci looked at Xiao Li, his eyes flashed unbearable, but his tone remained cold.

Hearing Ning Ci's words, Xiao Li took a deep breath, clenching his fists with both hands.

"I have always wanted to prove that even if I can't understand ninjutsu or illusion, I can become an excellent ninja. This is the whole of my life. This is my ninja!"

"And now, it's time to verify my endurance!"

Xiao Li squatted down and released the weight restrained on his feet.

With a heavy load in his hand, Xiao Li randomly threw it aside.

The load quickly fell to the ground, smashing the ground into two deep pits, making a heavy muffled noise!

"Heavy weight? Xiao Li..."

A trace of astonishment flashed in Tian Tian's eyes, and an incredible expression appeared on his face.

Although every day knows that Xiao Li always carries weight in his usual training, but he did not expect that the weight of this weight is so exaggerated.

Neji's pupils couldn't help shrinking even more, and without the slightest hesitation, they quickly retreated backwards.


"Eight Door Dunjia-Open the door!"

A powerful Chakra breath quickly rose from Xiao Li's body, flushing away all the acupuncture points and meridians sealed by Ningci Baguazhang Huitian.

As soon as Xiao Li stepped on the ground abruptly, his figure disappeared in an instant.

This speed!

Tiantian, who was sitting aside, couldn't catch Xiao Li's figure at this time.

In Tiantian’s vision, only a vaguely green blur could be seen, and he rushed in the direction of Ning Ci.


A burst of air sounded from Ning Ci's left side, and Ning Ci raised his palm and slapped it in the direction of the left.

But in the next instant, this palm was lost.

But Xiao Li's figure had already appeared on Ning Ci's right at this time.

Konoha whirlwind!

"Your white eyes may be able to keep up with my speed, but your body can't keep up."

Xiao Li spoke plainly, and a big round kick hit Ning Ci directly.

Ning Ci's body stiffened, and then Xiao Li kicked him into the air.

Neji, who was in mid-air, quickly corrected his body.

Never let Xiao Li lean in!

Xiao Li's watch lotus Hua Ningci had seen it before. Once he was hit by that blow, Ningci would suffer serious injuries even if he did not lose.

Thinking of this, Ning Ci grabbed the long knife and needle in his hand and threw it in the direction of Xiao Li.

Seeing the long knife and stitches shot at him, Xiao Li's head slightly twitched, and he easily escaped.

But the next moment, Xiao Li's pupils couldn't help but shrink, and his body quickly moved to one side.

I saw that there was a steel wire attached to the back of the long knife and the needle's knife.

The other part of the steel wire was in Neji's hands.

The steel wire Ning Ci was manipulating slightly with his finger, the long knife and needle that Xiao Li had evaded, suddenly turned a 90° right angle in the air, and shot it in Xiao Li's direction again.

Very fast!

Seeing this scene, Xiao Li had no choice but to avoid it again.


A sound of breaking through the air continued to ring in everyone's ears.

Neji used the steel wire behind the long knife and the needle knife to continuously attack Xiao Li from a long distance.

Whether it is the long knife or the needle itself, or the steel wire behind the knife, it is not only sharp, but also extremely lethal.

Coupled with Ning Ci's subtle Chakra control, the speed of the long knife and the stitch's bursting shot was actually the same as Xiao Li's speed.

Suddenly, Xiao Li couldn't get close to Ning Ci at all, and instantly fell into a disadvantage.

Even Xiao Li's body was continuously cut with small wounds by steel wires.

Exercise equipment-natural disaster!

"Ningci, don't forget me!"

Every day, holding the scroll that suddenly appeared in his hand, he threw it into the air abruptly. Along with a puff of white smoke, a thick iron chain ninja shot out from the scroll.


Tian Tian embraced the iron chain with both hands and slammed it in Xiao Li's direction. The thick iron chain instantly hit the long knife and needle, making a harsh sound.

Ning Ci wrinkled his eyebrows lightly, grabbed the steel wire in his hand and pulled it back, trying to manipulate the long knife and stitch to avoid the chain's attack range.

But the next moment, Ning Ci suddenly found that the long knife and the stitches seemed to be stuck by the iron chain of the day, and they could not be pulled apart for a while.

"This iron chain is not an ordinary ninja, but it is made up of a large number of magnets, and any iron ninja cannot easily get rid of it!"

"Go on, Xiao Li!"

Tiantian clasped his hands tightly around the chain and shouted at Xiao Li.

Thank you every day.

"Eight Doors Dunjia-Open the door!"

Xiao Li let out a loud shout, and a strong energy gushes from Xiao Li's body.

In the next instant, Xiao Li rushed in the direction of Ning Ci again.

As he ran, the bandages on Xiao Li's arms began to unravel.

Shadow Leaf Dance!

With the blink of an eye, Xiao Li had already appeared in front of Ning Ci, and a fierce side kick kicked Ning Ci into the air, who had not yet reacted.

Immediately afterwards, Xiao Li's body followed him, constantly kicking and hitting Neji who was in the air.

At this time, Ning Ci, who was being constantly attacked by Xiao Li in the air, had no way to correct his body, let alone avoid Xiao Li's attack.

Ning Ci could barely cross his hands and protect his chest to reduce the damage caused by Xiao Li's attack.



Blue veins in Ningci's eyes violently violently, Chakra inside his body kept pouring down the steel wire into the long knife and stitches.

The side of the long knife and the needle that was tightly sucked by the chain was covered with Neji's Chakra.

This chakra is constantly weakening the attractiveness of the iron chain.

Finally caught up!

Under Neiji's control, the long knife and stitch completely broke away from the magnetic force of the iron chain, and retracted along the steel wire in the direction of Neji at a very fast speed!

Table lotus!

At this moment, Xiao Li's unwrapped bandage also completely bound Ning Ci.

"Teacher Akai! Now is the time to implement my Shindo!"

Xiao Li tied Neji with a bandage in the air, and then headed down, spinning down at a very fast speed.

at the same time!

Because the wire connecting the other section has been held tightly by Ningji.

As for the fast-recovered long knives and needles, as the two of them were spinning, this steel wire instantly bound Xiao Li!

Xiao Li, who was falling rapidly, also found the steel wire binding him, and his expression couldn't help but change.