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Chapter 291 Thank You Everyday

If he loses in the hands of Xiao Li and others.

What are the consequences?

Ning Ci didn't know, nor would he think about it, because he would never allow himself to fail!

Neji's eyes flashed with unprecedented determination.

Hearing the voice from Ning Ci, Xiao Li, Tian Tian and Hyuga Chengshi showed solemn expressions on their faces at the same time.

Although the elders of the Hyuga branch entrusted the future to Neji's hands.

But this does not mean that Hyuga Chengshi will be merciful, and Hyuga Chengshi also has his own pride!

The eyes of both sides collided in the air.

Ning Ci, Xiao Li and others all knew that the next attack was probably the last blow.

With their current physical state, there is no way to support a high-intensity battle.

One hit determines the winner!

The entire battlefield was silent for a moment.

In the next instant, several people moved at the same time.

Ning Ci stretched out his hand and raised it fiercely, grabbing the wire with one hand, and shooting the long knife and seam in the direction of Xiao Li's trio.

With Ning's precise Chakra manipulation, the long knife and the needle pierced the air at an extremely terrifying speed.

"I won't let you run away again!"

Seeing this scene, Tian Tian let out a soft drink, picked up the scroll in his hand and flicked it, accompanied by a puff of white smoke, and an iron chain appeared in each of his hands.

Now, Xiao Li and Hyuga Chengshi are in very poor physical condition. Although the distance between Tiantian and Ningci is not far, it is not close.

This is why Ning Ci manipulated the long knife and stitches to attack from a distance.

Every day is clear about this.

and so.

"I will block Neji's Shinobi, and you two will fly to me!!"

Tian Tian raised the two iron chains in his hands and flicked them lightly, and tied them directly to the waists of Xiao Li and Hyuga Chengshi.

At the next moment, Tian Tian's arms swiftly exerted strength, and the iron chain that bound Xiao Li's two people was slammed in the direction of Ning Ci.


With two breaking sounds, Xiao Li and Hyuga flew out in an instant.

At the same time, Tian Tian manipulated the two iron chains in his hand while pinching the long knife and the needle.

"In terms of manipulating the ninja, I will not lose to anyone, not to mention, I am the axis of the third class fan, Ningci!!!"

With a solemn expression on Tian Tian's face, his arms swiftly waved, and the two iron chains were like long snakes, pinching the long knife and needle shot from the air.

There was no way for the long knife and the needle to attack Xiao Li and Hyuga Chengju who were in mid-air.

Seeing the long knife and the stitches being held back every day, Neji's face changed without the slightest expression, as if he had expected this scene a long time ago.

At this time, the twelve people Xiao Li and Hyuga Cheng had also appeared in front of Ning Ci.

Eight-door Dunjia-open the life!

Xiao Li let out a loud shout, and the violent Chakra swarmed out of Xiao Li's body and quickly gathered on Xiao Li's fists.

"Ning Ci, this is my last blow!"

Xiao Li raised his fist surrounded by a pale green chakra and slammed it in the direction of Ning Ci.

Hyuga Chengju quickly adjusted his body in the air, making a palm movement.

Hope of separation?

Let me see the gap between us!

"Soft Fist-Eight Diagrams Empty Palm!"

Hyuga Chengju let out a low drink, raised his hand and slapped it in the direction of Neji, and the vigor formed by Chakra burst out instantly.

"It really should be over."

Seeing the two people attacking him at the same time, Ning Ci's eyes flickered slightly, mobilizing all the Chakras in his body, and quickly folded his hands in front of his chest, palms facing outward.

Gossip-Break the air!

A large number of chakras surfaced on Neji's palms at a speed visible to the naked eye, forming a large energy column.

In the next instant, this energy column gushed out, and instantly enveloped Xiao Li and Hyuga.

This attack?how is this possible!

How could Ningci master the techniques of the Zong family?

Hyuga Chengju's eyes widened suddenly, with incredible gleams in his eyes.

Before Hinata Chengju could react, he was hit by a road attack.

the other side.

"It seems to be over."

Right now sitting on the stone chair stood up and stretched lazily.

Although there was no surprise in the end, Ning Ci was able to master the moves taught by You Dou when he was on the boat so quickly.

At this point, You Dou was somewhat surprised.

The Hyuga Sect's family has a very powerful move called "Bagua·Shanshan".

This trick is to use Chakra to make a blow like a huge laser beam, which is so powerful that it can even destroy a hill in an instant.

The reason why You Dou knew about such moves was because he had fought with the head of the Hyuga clan during the Warring States Period.

I have to say that the head of the Hyuga clan was very strong at that time, and it was not at all comparable to the head of the Hyuga clan.

And You Dou taught Ning Ci's "Break the Air Strike", which was born out of the "Bagua·Break Strike" of the Hyuga clan at the time.

Although the two moves look similar, they are completely specious.

"Really a good talent."

You Dou looked in the direction of the battlefield, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

And there were only two people standing in the center of the battlefield.

One is Ning Ci and the other is Tian Tian.

At this time, Tiantian's expression was a bit stunned. She did not expect Xiao Li and Hyuga Sungshi to lose so quickly.

"Every day! Give up!"

With a look of unbearable expression on Metkay's face, he suddenly yelled in Tiantian's direction.

Hearing the voice coming from Metkay, Tiantian's original stunned expression disappeared.

"Teacher Akai, Xiao Li and Hyuga Chengshi worked so hard, how can I give up!"

Tian Tian clasped the chains tightly in both hands, slammed on the ground, and rushed towards Ning Ci.

Looking at Tian Tian like he was rushing, Neji's eyes suddenly became very calm.

Until he rushed to Ning Ci every day, only three meters away.

Ning Ci gently spoke with a voice that can only be heard by a genius:

"Thank you, every day."

Long Sword Ninja-Catapult!

A faint chakra rushed into the back of the long knife and needle along the wire.

The next moment, the long knife and the stitches shot out like a compressed spring.

In an instant, the long knife and stitch were directly inserted into Tiantian's chest.

Tiantian, who had rushed forward, only felt his body stiff, and then fell completely.

The steel wire controlled by Neji quickly retracted, and the long knife and needle returned to Neji's hand again.

At this time, he fell on the ground every day, except that his body could not move, the whole person still maintained a clear consciousness.

Although Neji's blow seemed to pierce her chest, it did not cause much damage.

Just stabbing at an acupuncture point, making Tiantian's body instantly paralyzed.

He lay stiffly on the ground every day, with crystal tears in his eyes.

Tian Tian naturally heard the last sentence "Thank you, Tian Tian" that Ning Ci said.

Tiantian also understood the meaning of the gratitude Ning Ci said.

It was Neji who thanked Tian Tian for not stopping when he defected.

In the same way, in that thankful sentence, Tian Tian also heard a decision.

From then on, they were really enemies.

On the other side, Metkay saw that the last person in Class 3 fell, and the eyes of Ning Ci flashed with no loss.

The bond between Neji and Class 3... is completely over.