Metkay took a deep breath, although his heart was still full of unwillingness.

But Metkay knew that from now on, they and Neji had become enemies.

"It seems to be over, a bit slower than expected."

There was a faint smile on You Dou's face, and he said with a light smile as he watched Ning Ci walking towards him.

"Sorry, Master You Dou."

Ning Ci walked to the right Dou, with an apologetic voice, and bowed his head slightly.

Seeing Ning Ci's apologetic expression, You Dou waved his hand casually, obviously not really caring.

"Speaking of which, since your disciples have already been defeated, what should you do?"

Right Dou turned and looked at Metkay, with a smile on his face.

Metkay, who was standing not far away, froze at first, and then his body quickly tightened, staring at the right fighting.

Suddenly, the atmosphere on both sides quickly became serious.

Neji, who was standing behind You Dou, looked at Metkai with a trace of worry and tension in his eyes.

Although Mr. Akai's strength is strong, he is not the opponent of Master You Dou.

Although the two sides have completely become enemies, for Metkai, Neji still feels guilty in his heart.

Metkay's throat squirmed slightly, and the light from the corner of his eyes rolled in the direction of the three of Xiao Li.

I don't know if it is intentional or unintentional.

Xiao Li, Tian Tian and Hyuga Chengshi, the direction in which the three fainted was in a straight line with that before Metkai, and their bodies were all in the same position.

Seeing this scene, Metkay's heart was slightly relieved.

Now Metkay had planned in his heart to explode the Eight Door Dunjia with all his strength before the right fight started, and then quickly escaped with Xiao Li and the three.

Thanks to Xiao Li's body staying together, it can save Metka a bit of time.

Just when Metkay was about to make an outburst of eight-door Dunjia.

Suddenly, You Dou raised his eyebrows, turned his head and looked at the direction behind everyone.

And at this moment, the solemn atmosphere among the people disappeared instantly.

Feeling the change in the right fight, although Metkay still had a solemn look on his face, he sighed with relief in his heart.

Although it is not clear what happened, from the changes in the right fighting atmosphere, Metkai guessed that there is no need to fight.


A black figure quickly jumped between the trees, with an anxious expression on his face.

In a few blinks, this figure has appeared in front of everyone.

Yuzo Kinoshita looked in the direction of Youdou, his eyes lit up, and he hurried over quickly.

"What's wrong? Is something wrong?"

Seeing Yuzo Kinoshita, who was supposed to be stationed on the ship, appeared here, You Dou's eyes were not only curious.

Obviously something important happened to get Yuzo Kinoshita to come here in person.

"Yudo-sama, Madara Uchiha has taken action!"

Yusan Kinoshita knelt half-kneeled in front of the right fighting body, with a serious look on his face.

Has Uchiha Madara finally acted?

You Dou's eyes lit up, glanced in the direction of Metkay, and said flatly:

"Just leave your life for now, go back and tell the fellow Senjutsu Junma that the transformation of the Shinobi world is about to begin."

After speaking, You Dou took Neji and Yuzo Kinoshita without looking back, and returned to the big ship that was staying at the seaside of Yunokuni.

It wasn't until the figures of You Dou completely disappeared from Matkay's vision that Matkay's tight nerves were relieved.


As soon as Metkay stepped on the ground, his figure disappeared in place, and appeared in front of Tiantian and others in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the three people lying on the ground, Metkay's eyes were full of guilt, and he quickly squatted down to examine the bodies of Xiao Li and Hyuga.

After discovering that the injuries of the two people were not serious, but only fainted because Chakra was over-consuming, Metkay was relieved.

At this time, Ning Ci's Chakra on Tian Tian's chest acupuncture points also gradually decreased, and Tian Tian, ​​who had been harder, also regained consciousness.

"Teacher Akai..."

Tian Tian climbed up from the ground, with a weak voice in his voice, and his eyes flashed with crystals when he looked at Metkai.

"Ningji finally kept his hands, but I will meet next time..."

Metkay sighed softly, as if he had already known it.

As for the next words, Metkay did not continue to say, Tian Tian should be clearer than him.

the other side.

On the boat in the misty village.

At this time, the entire ship had already turned its course, leaving Yunokuni, heading towards the direction of the water country.

While You Dou was standing at the bow of the ship, while the sea breeze was blowing quietly, Koshita Yuzo and Ningji stood respectfully behind You Dou.

Yuzo Kinoshita didn't speak first, but cast a glance from the corner of his eyes, standing beside him, Ningji who was constantly oozing cold sweat on his forehead.

"Forget it this time, I don't want another time."

You Dou looked at the sea in the distance, and said without looking back.

"Yes, Master You Dou."

Ning Ci couldn't help trembling deep in his heart.

The things that he secretly helped Teacher Maitkai and Tiantian were discovered by Master You Dou.

"You also have some injuries. Go back to the cabin and rest."

Right Dou stretched his body, turned to Ning Ci and said with a light smile.

Ning Ci nodded, turned and left without hesitation, and walked towards the direction of the cabin.

Just before You Dou-sama hadn't spoken, Neji clearly sensed a killing intent.

This killing intent did not come from Master You Dou, but from Yuzo Koshita next to him.

If You Dou-sama really meant to kill him just now, I'm afraid Yuzo Kinoshita would do it instantly.

Ning Ci took a slight breath, and he suddenly understood that the arrival of Teacher Metkay and the third class might just be a test for Master You Dou.

It seems that he passed this test.

Thinking of the killing intent that Yuzo Kinoshita had shown to him just now, Ning Ci knew that this place was not Konoha after all, but the village of Wuyin.

His identity is too sensitive. If it weren't for Master Right Dou's value, I'm afraid he would have no way to gain a foothold in Wuyin Village.

After seeing Neji fully enter the cabin, You Dou's gaze fell on Yuzo Kinoshita:

"Say it."

"You Dou-sama, according to the information received, Uchiha Madara went to the border of the Fire Country a few days ago."

"It directly captured the five tails and eight tails of Yanyin Village and Yunyin Village."

Yusan Kinoshita's face was full of solemn expressions, and he spoke softly.

"As expected of Madara, he didn't do anything, he took the two heads and tails as soon as he shot."

Hearing what Kinoshita Yuzo said, the corner of his right bickering mouth was slightly chuckled.