Uchiha Madara made a sudden shot, and it was about the tail beast.

This can be regarded as an extremely serious matter for the major Ninja villages.

What's more, Yuzo Kinoshita is very aware of the grievances between this adult of his family and Uchiha Madara and Senjujuma.

Therefore, Yusan Kinoshita has a solemn expression on his face.

However, when Yuzo Kinoshita saw You Dou's relaxed look, the worries in his heart suddenly subsided a bit.

"Where did this information come from?"

A hint of curiosity flashed in your eyes, and he looked at Yuzo Koshita.

"It's Xiaonan from Uminin Village, and the other party's information also mentioned that the group of Uchiha Madara seems to have other actions."

"However, since the ninjas in Yurenin Village are generally weak, no one was sent to follow them, so it is not clear what the group of people are going to do."

With a serious look on Yusan Kinoshita's face, he quickly spoke.


You Dou was slightly surprised, but then a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The group of people under Uchiha Madara naturally refers to Otomu and other Akatsuki members who were subdued by Uchiha Madara.

However, in the eyes of Nagato and Xiaonan, these people have betrayed the Akatsuki organization.

If it weren't for this group of people now, Xiaonan and Nagato wouldn't have much chance of winning, the two would have been unable to help.

You Dou raised his head, looked towards the sea in the distance, and was silent for a while, and said in a flat voice:

"Return to Wuyin Village as soon as possible."

"Yes, Master You Dou!"

Yusan Kinoshita nodded quickly in response.

Two days later.

On a street in Wuyin Village.

Ringo Yu Yuli held the apple wrapped in a paper tape with both hands, and followed You Dou with the joy of Ruoyouruwu.

Right Dou reached out and took out a red apple from Ringo Yu Yuri's paper bag, and ate it casually.

Looking down at his somewhat messy clothes, You Dou couldn't help showing a bitter smile.

"Lan Maru has taken Neji to rest, Master You Dou, don't worry."

Ringo Yu Yuri shook her long brown hair and spoke softly.

"I'm not worried about Ning Ci. Anyway, where did you get the news of my return..."

Right Dou held his forehead and said helplessly.

After returning from Tangzhiguo, as soon as You Dou arrived at the gate of Wuyin Village, he saw Ringo Yu Yuri and Tao Di Nozhan and the others, welcoming him at the gate.

What really makes You Dou feel speechless is that you are greeted as soon as you greet, but why is it so grand?

The members of the Seven Swordsmen, except for Ning Ci, all arrived at the gate at once. It is completely conceivable how curious ordinary ninjas and civilians are.

No matter where it is, it is human nature to join in the fun.

When you heard the words of You Dou, Ringo Yu Yuri couldn't help but flushed. They originally just wanted to simply greet Master You Dou.

As a result, they completely underestimated the influence of their "seven swordsmen."

Coupled with Master You Dou's position in the entire Wuyin Village, the entire gate was almost blocked.

Although ninjas joined in to maintain order in the end, the situation is still not much better. After all, being able to see Lord Youdou does not always have this opportunity.

Although you can walk away directly, they are all villagers in Wuyin Village after all, so they can only squeeze out abruptly under a group of people, and the clothes are not messy.

"Everyone has been training during this period, so I plan to take a break, and the guy Shuiyue heard from Qing that Master You Dou is coming back, so..."

Ringo Yu Yuli's face flushed slightly, and she threw the pot directly on Gui Deng Shuiyue's body.

Hearing what Ringo Yu Yuri said, You Dou shook his head a little funny.

"Master You Dou, I feel the need to fight."

After a while, Ringo Yu Yuri raised her head slightly, her eyes flashing with an eager look.


Right Dou was taken aback, and looked at Yu Yuri Ringo unexpectedly: "Your instincts are a bit sharp."

"Really! Is it Konoha!"

Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes lit up, and there was even a hint of excitement and war in his voice.

Last time, he almost died in the hands of Konoha's group. Ringo Yu Yuri has always been worried about this matter.

At this moment, the flat voice of You Dou directly passed into Ringo Yu Yuri's ears:

"You're too early to be happy, let's talk about when your injury has completely recovered."

With the sound of the right fighting, Ringo Yu Yuri looked like a vented ball, and the expression of excitement on his face was instantly replaced by a pitiful expression.

Unfortunately, You Dou simply ignored it.

After walking down the street for a while, the two separated under Ringo Yu Yuri's reluctant gaze.

After finally breaking free from the crowd, You Dou naturally didn't intend to be surrounded, and disappeared on the street in a flash.

Water Shadow Office.

Terumi Ming, who was lying on the table dealing with official duties, suddenly raised his head and looked at the sofa in front of him. A hint of joy flashed in his eyes:

"Master You Dou, you are back."

"Sure enough, it's more comfortable than on board."

You Dou sat on the sofa beside him with a contented expression.

Terumi looked at the messy clothes on You Dou and couldn't help being a little bit funny.

Terumi Ming naturally knew about the gate of Wuyin Village.

But this matter is considered a good thing in Terumi Mei's eyes.

Whether it is Konoha's Senjujuma or Youdou-sama, their appearance can bring a strong cohesion to their Shinobu Village.

And this kind of cohesion is not something that a mere Hokage or Water Shadow can do.

"Yunokuni's hot springs are well-known in the ninja world, as well as the Rose Street in Yunoin Village. I thought you would stay in Yunokuni for a while."

Terumi Mei looked towards the right and smiled in her eyes.

You Dou couldn't help but roll his eyes. If it weren't for the information you suddenly sent, I'm afraid You Dou is really soaking in the hot springs of Yunokuni.

As if sensing the emotion of You Dou, Terumi Ming's mouth couldn't help but smile again.

"The matter between Uchiha Madara and Tailmon is a big deal after all."

Terumi Ming coughed slightly, and said embarrassedly.

You Dou severely despised Terumi Mei's expression of gloating just now.

"The guy Uchiha Madara has captured Goo and Yao, is there any action in Iwagakura and Ungakura?"

You Dou looked at Terumi Mei curiously.

Neither Ohnoki from Yanyin Village nor Yunyin's fourth-generation Raikage Ai is a good temper. You Dou is curious about what actions these two ninja villages will do.

"According to the information collected so far, Iwakura and Ungakura have not taken any action, and there is no way to determine where Uchiha Madara is."

Terumi Ming put away the smile on her face and said solemnly.