Unable to determine the location of Uchiha Madara?

You Dou raised his eyebrows lightly, perhaps this was the reason why Yanyin Village and Yunyin Village did not move much.

Can't find Uchiha Madara, even with the fiery temper of the fourth generation Raikage, there is probably no other way than throwing the table.

However, the loss of a beast is a huge loss for any Shinobu Village.

With a trace of worry on Terumi Ming's face, Uchiha Madara immediately caught the two beasts, and it would never end there.

The remaining tail beasts in the other villages are probably also in Uchiha Madara's plan to capture them.

Thinking of this, Terumi Mei was slightly worried.

Through the information provided by Xiaonan and Nagato in Yuren Village.The Eye of Reincarnation can summon huge weapons called Outer Golems.

This weapon has the energy that can swallow the tail beasts. Once the nine big tail beasts are swallowed, such a terrifying weapon, even with the strength of Lord Right Dou, may not be able to resist.

Terumi Ming looked up with a worried look, and looked at the right side who was sitting on the sofa.

Terumi could not help feeling anxious when seeing Youdou's leisurely expression.

This guy is worried for him for nothing!

"Youdou-sama doesn't seem to be worried. Could it be that Uchiha Madara's movements were in your expectations?"

Terumi Mei stared at You Dou and said with a hint of resentment in her eyes.

Seeing Terumi Mei's expression, Right Dou was slightly weird, but he still spread his hands and spoke softly:

"I'm not a god, so how could I expect Uchiha Madara to move, but..."

Having said that, You Dou paused slightly, with a rare trace of seriousness on his face:

"However, I really have been waiting for this moment."

Terumi Mei was taken aback for a moment, and then his eyes flashed quickly.

At this moment, Terumi Ming suddenly thought of something.

Since You Dou-sama's resurrection, it can be said that there have been constant movements, especially those against Konoha.

However, since the resurrection of Senju Zhuma and Madara Uchiha, the three parties once or twice handed each other, and then calmed down again.

During this period of time, Master You Dou's movements became less.


It is not so much that the movement is reduced, as it is that the three parties are deliberately maintaining a balance.

At this time, You Dou slowly stood up from the sofa, staring at the Ninja map in front of the office.

"Unlike Uchiha Madara's unconcerned peace, my peace must stand on the right side, so this villain can only be Uchiha Madara."

You Dou stared at the map with a faint smile on his face.

The reason why the balance of the so-called Ninja world has been maintained during this period of time, even the right fighting will try not to disturb this balance, it is not the right fighting idle.

Among the three, the one who hopes to drag this balance for longer is naturally Senjujuma, because this is what Senjujuma wants to see.

However, it is not for Uto and Uchiha Madara, but Uto and Uchiha Madara are different.

The peace that the right fighting hopes for is definitely not an enemy of the entire Shinobi world. According to the words of a great man in the previous life, it is the correct line to win a group and defeat a group.

Among the batch to be defeated, Konoha bears the brunt!

At least the whole Ninja world knows that the relationship between Wuyin Village and Konoha can be described as bad.

After all, the original Mizukage Right Fight was sealed by Konoha's Chizuma and Uchiha Madara together. This happened to everyone's expectations.

Since your resurrection, You Dou has indeed done this, always looking for Konoha's troubles.

Even in the process of attacking Konoha, You Dou counted the other major Ninja villages, but in the final analysis it was because of the greed of the major Ninja villages.

At least until now, except for Konoha, You Dou has not taken the initiative to find any trouble in Shinobu Village.

Even if everyone knew that You Dou had the ambition to unify the Ninja world, but before You Dou had no real actions, no Ninja village would take the initiative to jump out.

And now, You Dou finally waited until someone took the initiative to jump out.

Obviously, Uchiha Madara can't help it!

From the moment Uchiha Madara captured the two beasts of Iwagin Village and Ungin Village-this prologue has already been opened!

It can also be seen that Uchiha Madara immediately grabbed the two beasts.

After being immersed for so long, Uchiha Madara is definitely planning or calculating something.

However, no matter what Uchiha Madara is planning, as long as the tail beast is in the hands of Youdou, and Youdou is confident, he will always be one step faster than Uchiha Madara.

Staring at the map of Ninja World in front of him, a light flashed in You Dou's eyes:

"It's time to take all the tail beasts back!"

With the sound of the right fighting, the entire Shuiying office suddenly fell silent.

next moment.

Terumi Mei stood up abruptly from the seat, licked her scarlet lips, and said with excitement in her eyes:

"Master You Dou, do you need to dispatch the Hidden Fog troops!"


Looking at the excited Terumi Mei, You Dou was slightly confused.

You Dou stretched out his hand and rubbed the somewhat swollen temples, and said helplessly:

"I didn't say I want to go to war now."

Hearing the sound of right fighting, the excitement on Terumi Ming's face stopped abruptly, and was replaced by a wave of loss.

I thought it was going to go to war!

I have to say that the ninjas of the hidden mist village have a natural enthusiasm for fighting, which may also be due to the influence of the "Blood Mist" period.

You Dou directly ignored Terumi Mei's lost expression, looking at the location of Yunyin Village on the map.

"The guy Uchiha Madara is so strong, the big Ninja villages can't protect their tail beasts."

"In order to prevent Uchiha Madara from being arrested, our Mizuhide Village is just helping them temporarily keep the tail beast."

A charming smile appeared at the corner of the right bickering.

As for how long it will be kept in the end?It can only be known by heaven and earth.

The reason why You Dou set his target on Yunyin Village was that at present, You Dou was only four-tailed Monkey King, and the Chakra of Two-tailed Journey had not collected all of them.

And now the four people in Yanyin Village, Zhuli Laozi, are not in the village.

Even if You Dou had sent ninjas from the village in advance to search for the whereabouts of the four people, Zhuli Laozi, but unfortunately, they still haven't found it until now.

Therefore, You Dou could only go to Yunyin Village first to capture the two-tailed and traveled Ren Zhuli back.

Do not!

It should be called protection.

"Anyway, before going to Yunyin Village, take a break, and let Lan Wanhe prepare for it again."

You Dou's gaze moved away from the map of Ninja World in front of him, stretched out, and said to himself.

Thinking of this, You Dou turned his head to look at Terumi Ming, and waved his hand:

"I'm going back."

After that, You Dou's figure had disappeared in the Hokage office.