Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 295 Terumi Ming's sulking, Deidara's actions

Seeing the disappearing figure, Terumi stomped her foot severely, turned back to her desk, and continued to deal with government affairs.

It's just that the scroll on the table was accidentally scratched by Terumi Mei with a pen.

Because the misty village is close to the sea.

Coupled with the humid climate all year round.

Compared with other Ninja villages, most of the buildings in Wuyin Village are much taller.

Of course, not all buildings are like this, such as Terumi Ming's home.

When You Dou left the water shadow office, the sun had already revealed the appearance of going downhill.

Although the appearance of a two-storey house looks very ordinary, when you walk into the house, it seems to enter another world.

Similar to Terumi Mei's usual exquisite dress, the furniture and decorations in the entire house are extremely exquisite.

Although You Dou doesn't have much concept of money, he also knows that Terumi Mei is a veritable little rich woman.

In the hall.

You Dou was lying halfway on the sofa, revealing an extremely enjoyable look.

During that time on board.But there is no way to be so comfortable, and sailing at sea is never calm.

Youtou closed his eyes slightly, but thought about Uchiha Madara's next movement in his mind.

Of course, compared to Uchiha Madara, Rightto cares more about Senjujuama.

After all, no matter what Uchiha Madara is going to do, the ultimate goal should not change, but Senjujuma is different.

This is also the place that makes You Dou feel the most headache. After all, with the character of the guy Senshou Zhuma, no matter what action he makes, it is possible.

And for Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, Rightto did not seem to care as much on the surface.

"Unfortunately, the resurrection of Senjujuma was completely unexpected, and Koshita Yoshiro's death is a pity."

You Dou opened his eyes slightly, a trace of pity flashed across his face.

Soon, You Dou's eyes flickered again: "However, it may not be."

When Right Dou was thinking about it, the sound of the door opening suddenly sounded.

Terumi Ming rubbed her swollen head and walked in casually.

When Terumi Ming saw the right fight lying on the sofa in the living room, he was obviously taken aback.

"I'm back." You Dou waved his hand at Terumi Mei and said flatly.

"I thought you went to the bubble."

Terumi Ming looked at the right fight, with an unexpected look on her face.

Although Terumi Mei initially arranged You Dou to live in her own home, the number of times You Dou actually came here can be counted with one hand.

Most of the time, the right fight generally stays in the bubble.

After all, the place where the bubble lives is at the border of Wuyin Village, where villagers are extremely rare, and experimental ninjutsu is extremely convenient for You Dou.

"Since it's here, let's have a meal. You're hungry after waiting for a long time."

With a slight movement at the foot of You Dou, the whole person has disappeared on the sofa.

When he reappeared, You Dou had already sat on the back of the sofa as a dining chair.

At this time, Terumi Ming realized that the table in front was already full of various foods.

Could it be that Master You Dou did it for me?

Seeing this scene, Terumi Ming's heart beat suddenly, and a hint of blush quickly appeared on his cheeks.

"Really, the villagers are really enthusiastic. They were given so much food without spending a penny. They were a little embarrassed."

"Why are you standing there in a daze? Eat quickly, or it will be cold."

You Dou shook his head in sigh while eating food on the table.

Hearing the words of the right fight, Terumi Ming's face stiffened, and he stomped her foot severely, strode to the table, picked up the food and started to eat.

You Dou raised his head and glanced at Terumi Ming's slightly stiff face, not only a little confused.

But the next moment.

Right Dou's attention was once again attracted by the fish balls on the table.


Yanyin Village.

When You Dou and Terumi Mei happily enjoyed dinner.

With the help of night.

A white shadow quickly passed through the night sky.

"...Well, it's been so long, the village really hasn't changed a bit."

Deidara looked down at the Yanyin Village ahead from the air, with a smile on his mouth.

Looking at the empty sky ahead, Dida stretched her hand and quickly pressed it on the giant bird made of clay.

The giant bird, which was originally extremely fast, was not only faster by Dedala's operation.

At the same time, this giant bird made of clay flies on a special route in the air, as if hiding something.

As the giant bird kept advancing, Dedara's smile became more and more serious.

As Deidara guessed, since he left Yanyin Village, the enchantment has not undergone extensive changes.

As an apprentice of three generations of Tokage Ohnoki, Deidara naturally has some understanding of the village's enchantment.

Therefore, for the current Deidara, the entire Yanyin Village can be said to be unimpeded.

"Old man, you really don't worry about me..."

Deidara looked down at the Yanyin Village below and said to himself.

"Hehe, do you regret it now?"

Behind Dedala, a slightly special Bai Jue let out a chuckle.

"Humph! I won't regret it."

Hearing Bai Jue's voice behind, Dedara frowned slightly and let out a cold snort.

As if feeling Deidara's dissatisfaction, Bai Jue shrugged slightly and did not continue to speak.

At the speed of the clay giant bird, Deidara and Bai Jue were flying fast over Yanyin Village, as if looking for something.

It took a long time.

Deidara's face began to show an impatient look, and she spoke to Bai Jue behind without looking back:

"How about it, haven't you found it yet?"

Bai Jue shook his head helplessly.

"Sorry, I didn't sense it."

"It's really unexpected. It seems that the four-tailed man Zhuli is not in Yanyin Village."

Bai Jue scratched his head and said with some embarrassment.

"It's really troublesome." Dedara frowned slightly, with a special tone in his voice.

"If that's the case, you can only use the second plan, although the two plans are not related, hehe."

Bai Jue reached out and touched his chin, pretending to be contemplative.

"You are too wordy, just say one more thing and throw you down."

Dedala's tone was a little uncomfortable.

With a frightened expression on Bai Jue's face, he immediately stretched out his hands to cover his mouth.

After seeing Bai Jue closing his mouth, Deidara let out a soft snort, turned back to look at Yanyin Village below, and controlled the giant bird to stop in mid-air.

next moment.

Dedara took the clay out of his arms and quickly squeezed it.