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Chapter 297 Scorpion, Fei Duan, and Horns All Appear

Seeing Oh Nogi's plain gaze, Deidara's heart was stunned.

"Valiously destroying the village, it seems that you haven't changed much until now, Deidara."

Onoki took a serious look at Dedara and shook his head gently.

"Hmph, if the artist does not pursue stronger stimulation, he will become dull!"

Deidara let out a cold snort and retorted without hesitation.

Hearing Deidara's words, a look of regret and disappointment flashed in Ohnoki's eyes.

Deidara can be said to be the most talented ninja in the entire Yanyin Village. Even at the beginning, Ohnogi planned to train Deidara as one of the candidates of the earth shadow.

"In that case, let the old man see your growth!"

As soon as Oh Yemu's voice fell, a soil clone quickly emerged from Oh Yemu's body.

As soon as this earth clone appeared, Ohyeki grabbed the earth clone's neck and squeezed it, and the earth clone instantly turned into mud.

At this moment, Oh Yemu's hands quickly formed seals.

Earth Escape-Rock Pillar Gun!

Under the agglomeration of Onoki Chakra, the soil formed by the soil clone quickly condense.

And it kept getting bigger, turning into a sharp spear-like spear, and quickly shot out in the direction of Deidara.

Deidara hurriedly manipulated the giant bird at his feet, evading to one side, and at the same time, both hands sealed.

"It's not over yet!"

Onoki saw Dedala's evasive action and quickly made a seal with one hand.

Tu Dun-Tu Long Gun!

The spear, which was flying in the direction of Deidara, quickly expanded and exploded in the air.

The mud spattered by the explosion turned into a long spear again, and shot it in the direction of Deidara and Bai Jue.

At this moment, even if Deidara wanted to avoid it, it was too late. The scope was too big.

"So strong, as expected to be Tuying!"

Bai Jue's eyes widened, and his voice was full of surprise.

Unlike on the ground, normally speaking, in such a high sky, the power of soil escape ninjutsu has been suppressed to the extreme.

But Oh Yemu in front of him, using the mud formed by his clone, easily performed two consecutive powerful soil escape ninjutsu.

"I'm not as weak as you think, old man!"

Deidara let out a soft drink, and the giant bird under his feet quickly waved its wings.

Feather-like clay shot out from the wings of the giant bird and exploded quickly.


A series of roars exploded, and a large amount of black smoke filled the surroundings, obstructing Ohnogi's vision.

Upon seeing this scene, Onoki frowned slightly, and quickly rushed into the black smoke, toward the location where Deidara was just now.


"Didara, what do you want to do?"

Onoki's eyes flickered slightly, and a thoughtful look flashed across his face.

After thinking slightly, Onoki chased in the direction where Deidara had fled without hesitation.

No matter what Deidara wants to do, Onoki has always been confident in his own strength.

In the night sky, two dark shadows quickly passed over Yanyin Village in tandem.

"Sure enough to catch up."

"Really a stubborn character."

Deidara glanced slightly to the rear, then regained his gaze and continued to look forward.

However, Bai Jue, who was sitting behind Dedala, could see Dedala's slightly trembling shoulders.


Or something else?

Bai Jue stroked his chin, and resisted asking, because Bai Jue was afraid of being thrown from the giant bird by Deidara.

Both sides were flying very fast, so it didn't take long for Deidara and Onogi to fly out of the range of Yanyin Village.

At this time, Deidara's speed also slowly dropped, even turning around in the air directly, and confronting Ohnogi again.

"Finally didn't run away? What do you and your companions want to do when you deliberately lead the old man out of Yanyin Village?"

Looking at Deidara and Shiraito on the opposite side, Oh Noki's face was sneered.

"I know I want to draw you out, and I didn't hesitate to keep up, old man, your character is really annoying."

Deidara jumped up from the giant bird and stared at Ohnogi with an unhappy expression on her face.

After speaking, Deidara grabbed Bai Jue at the back and jumped from the giant bird to the ground below.

The giant bird at Deidara's feet rushed toward Ohnoki's direction.


A huge explosion sounded in front of Onoki, and it was obvious that this blow was only delaying Deidara.

When Deidara fell down in the air, there was a look of excitement on his face, a loud laugh, and the rapid formation of his hands.

Detonating Clay-Little Asuka!

Detonating clay-biplane!

A large number of clay bombs were constantly thrown out by Deidara, turning into flying creatures to firmly surround the big wild wood above.

At the same time, just in case, Dedala's mouth suddenly bulged, and clay kept pouring out of Dedala's mouth.

C2-the dragon!

A giant flying dragon made entirely of detonating clay quickly detoured behind Ohnogi, blocking the way out.

After doing all this, Deidara and Bai Jue just fell on the ground. Obviously Deidara had already begun preparations from the beginning.

After all this was done, Deidara let out a sigh of relief.

Facing Ohnogi, Dedara was not as relaxed as it seemed on the surface.

Onoki glanced at the large number of clay bombs that surrounded him tightly, without any nervous expression on his face.

"So many clay bombs, it's really cold."

Onoki's eyes narrowed slightly. Although his eyes were fixed in Deidara's direction, the corner of his eye was constantly scanning the surrounding area.

"Is it cold? Art is something like cold feelings that produces instant enthusiasm!"

Deidara let out a big laugh, staring tightly in the direction of Onoki, with a rare seriousness in his voice:

"Old man, your time should be over! You have lived long enough!"

"End? Who gave you the courage, the companions you hide around?"

Onoki raised his head slightly, a trace of contempt on his face.

Accompanied by the sound of Ono Mu's body, the surroundings were quiet!

"No way, it seems to have been discovered."

Standing next to Deidara, Bai Jue murmured in a low voice.


A sound of collision of leaves sounded from the surrounding forest.

The three figures stepped on the leaves and slowly walked out from behind the shadow of the big tree.

Scorpion, Fei Duan, Jiao Du!

"Didara, you let us wait too long. From your look, it seems that the four-tailed man Zhuli has not been found."

Scorpion spoke with a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice, very unhappy.

Hearing the sound of the scorpion, Deidara curled his lips.

"It's not that I didn't find it. The four-tailed person Zhuli is no longer in Yanyin Village at all."

Bai Jue shrugged and said helplessly.

Four people Zhu Li?

Hearing the conversation between several people, Ohnogi clearly understood the purpose of Deidara and others.

"It turned out to be the idea of ​​hitting Zhuli, Deidara seems to have completely betrayed the village!"

Onoki stared at Deidara coldly, and along with the dialogue between several people, the last trace of fantasy in his heart completely disappeared.

A strong power and killing intent rose from Oh Yemu's body.