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Chapter 298 Deidara, you lunatic!

Feeling the powerful momentum of the big Ye Mu body rising, several people present were slightly shocked.

This is the power of the three generations of earth shadows in Yanyin Village!

"As expected to be the shadow of a village, this momentum is really exciting, kill you! If you dedicate it to Lord Cthulhu, Lord Cthulhu will definitely be happy."

Feiduan pulled out the March sickle from behind, and exclaimed with excitement!

If it hadn't been for Ohnoki flying in mid-air at this time, I'm afraid Fei Duan would have already rushed up.

"Shut up, this is a ninja who has been alive since that era. You can't be too careful with him."

"What's more, the third generation of Tuying holds the blood succession elimination that is above the blood succession limit!"

Jiao Du stared steadily in the direction of Ohnogi, his voice was unusually cold.

The scorpion on the side did not speak, although it just stood quietly on the spot, it gave people the feeling that they could launch an attack at any time.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere quickly became tense.

Bai Jue, standing beside Deidara, smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth:

"So, Deidara, what are you going to do?"

Deidara directly ignored the white corner and raised his hand with a light wave.

Jiaodu and Xie's complexion changed and they quickly jumped towards the back.

At the moment when the two left their place, three explosions sounded at the same place where the two were just now.


The reaction was slow for the flight section of the previous shot, and he was frightened and couldn't help but let out a scream.

"Asshole! Deidara, what the hell are you doing!!!"

Fei Duan endured the pain he was wearing, grinning, and shouted at Deidara.

It wasn't that he possessed an immortal body. The blow exploded just now, and he paid attention to killing ordinary ninjas.

Both Jiao Du and Xie looked at Dedara in the same way. Although they did not speak, their eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

"Hmph, you don't need to intervene in this matter, just watch the play on the side."

Deidara let out a soft snort and spoke proudly.

"I want to sacrifice you to Lord Cthulhu!"

Feiduan yelled again, holding the March sickle in his hand, and rushing in the direction of Deidara.


Before flying a few steps, the ground in front suddenly cracked.

A long centipede composed entirely of detonating clay quickly rushed out of the ground, coiling the entire body of the flying section.

Fei Duan stiffened and stopped quickly.

"Do you dare to do anything, this centipede will explode immediately."

Deidara glanced at the fly section, and said flatly.


Feidan showed an angry look and yelled at Dedara. Although he would not die, he would feel pain.

The clay centipede on his body was enough to easily blow Fei Duan's body into several petals.

Deidara didn't pay much attention to Feidan's scolding. After a slight glance towards the direction of the scorpion, Deidara regained his gaze and looked at Oh Yemu in the air.

"Have you started fighting? It's really interesting."

Oh Yemu put his arms around his chest and watched this scene coldly.


Dedala pinched a seal with one hand and let out a low drink.

The large amount of detonating clay that originally surrounded Ohnoki all moved, and quickly rushed in the direction of Ohnoki.

"Dust escape-the technique of stripping the original world!"

Onoki folded his hands together, and quickly opened a transparent cone-shaped barrier between his palms.

The next moment.

The enchantment of this cone expanded rapidly, sweeping across all the clay bombs around it.

But all the clay bombs that were swept away by the original world stripping technique disappeared without even exploding.

Seeing this scene, Deidara's eyelids twitched slightly.

Although he was expecting it, Deidara was still a little surprised when he saw Oh Nogi deal with the large number of clay bombs he made so easily.


A gust of wind suddenly came from behind Oh Yemu.

C2·The dragon suddenly moved at this time, and its huge two wings slammed in the direction of Ohyemu.

A violent wind that resembled a ninjutsu in the wind was formed instantly, and Ohnoki was in mid-air, unable to maintain a stable flight state under this violent wind.

Fall directly from the air to the ground!

"Soil Escape-The Art of Increasing Rock!"

As Oh Yemu was falling, his hands quickly formed seals, which acted on his body.

Under the action of this ninjutsu, Onoki's body weight increased rapidly, forcibly stabilizing his body.

And this is, Onoki is less than five meters from the ground.


The C2·Dragon in the sky spread its wings and fell downward from the sky, and a huge shadow instantly enveloped Ohyeki.

And the ground under Oyeki also cracked at the same time.

Countless clay centipedes, clay spiders, clay Gemini snakes, and clay grasshoppers rushed out of the ground like a scramble, rushing over the sky in the direction of Ohnoki.

Even with the centipede that was originally on the fly section, he also released the fly section and rushed out.

At this moment, from the sky to the ground, Ohnoki had nowhere to hide.

"Old man! Use your original world stripping technique. Except for this ninjutsu, you have no other ninjutsu that can withstand such a wide range of explosive attacks."

Deidara looked at Ohnogi and let out a big laugh, with a trace of madness in his eyes.

Instead of letting you die in the hands of Uchiha Madara!

It's better to die in the hands of your former disciple!Teacher Ohnoki!!

"Is this bastard crazy, he plans to blow up the entire forest!!"

Jiao Du's face changed wildly, and the scorpion beside him retreated violently in the outer direction again.

At this time, even the flying section, who was not afraid of death, fought a cold war all over, and hurriedly ran towards the periphery.

The scene before him is enough to prove that Dedara, a lunatic, may have been preparing for dealing with Onoki for a long time.

A cold sweat broke out on Oh Yemu's forehead, and his former disciple really gave himself a surprise!

Earth Escape-Rock Clone!

A full six avatars made of rocks appeared at the same time, each avatar stood in one position, both hands were tied at the same time, and he shouted:

"Dust Escape-the technique of boundary stripping!!!"

Although Chen Dun is powerful, it has a shortcoming that is not a shortcoming, and can only attack one position temporarily.

As for the clay bomb attack on such a large scale, Ohnogi could only use the clone to make up for the omission, and because of the huge range.

Onoki can only freeze harder than the original world stripping technique, a more powerful boundary stripping technique.

A large amount of whiteness lit up the sky above the entire forest for an instant, as if a small sun appeared in front of everyone.

Jiaodu, Xie, Feiduan and others closed their eyes at the same time to block such a strong light.