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Chapter 301: The Three People Who Arrived in the Kingdom of Thunder

The name Asura is too old.

The immortal slug, who had lived for a thousand years, didn't immediately think of this name for a while.

In fact, if you really want to talk about the familiarity of Asura, it should be the toad immortal of Miaomu Mountain who knows best.

After all, in the memory of Immortal Slug, Immortal Toad had practiced with Asura.


The immortal slug knew that it was not Ashura that Qianshouzhuma really wanted to ask.

In the look of expectation between Qianshouzhu, Immortal Slug was silent for a while, and slowly said:

"Speaking of Ashura, then I have to mention another person."

"Who?" Senshouzhujian's spirit was shaken, and he asked quickly.

"The founder of Ninzong, you call the existence of the Six Dao Immortals."

Immortal Slug's two huge compound eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a slight dignity in his voice.

Six immortals?

Suddenness and surprise flashed across the eyes of Senjuzuzu.

Obviously, I didn't expect that the name Asura would involve the legendary six immortals.

Next, the Immortal Slug was basically talking, and Qianshou Zhuma was listening.

With the passage of time, the expression on Senjujuma's face became more and more solemn.

For Immortal Slug, this information is at best only a memory of the past, but for Senju Zhuma and Konoha, it is extremely secret information.

Soon, Immortal Slug stopped.

Senjuzuzuma stood up, with a grateful expression on his face:

"Excuse me, Immortal Slug, the information just mentioned is extremely important to me."

Immortal Slug didn't speak, obviously he didn't care.

In response, Senjujuma just smiled.


A footstep suddenly sounded from behind the Senshou Zhuma.

The expression on Senju Junma's face couldn't help but froze, and he slowly turned his head to look at Tsunade behind him.


"When will you stay here until?"

Tsunade stared at Senjujuma with wide eyes, and said in a very dissatisfied voice.

The current Konoha, but only the fellow Jiraiya supported him.

Tsunade was quite uneasy about the unreliable guy Jiraji, not to mention that the current Ninja world was extremely unstable.

Once something happens, Jilaiya alone may not be able to hold it.

"I know, I know, go back to the village now."

Senshouzhu scratched his hair and looked helpless.

Seeing Senjujuma's casual expression, Tsunade's fists creaked.

If the guy in front of him was not his grandfather, I'm afraid Tsunade could not bear a punch.


Thunder Country.

Founded on the peak of the high school into the cloud.

Clouds and mists permeate all the year round, and from time to time there are deafening thunder sounds in the air.

This is also an important reason why it is called the Land of Thunder.

A fairly flat mountain road.

"No wonder the group of guys in Yunyin Village are generally good at physical skills, and it's only strange if physical skills are weak in this environment."

No longer cut Tao Di, carrying the decapitating knife, glanced at the surrounding environment.

Lan Wan on the side took a breath and nodded vigorously.

Seeing Lan Wan panting a bit, Taodi curled her lips slightly without cutting.

People who didn't know thought about how weak Lan Wan was.

But who knows that this little devil in front of them is the strongest guy in the seven swords crowd.

Withdrawing his gaze from Lan Maru, Tao Di looked at the right Dou who was walking forward with a solemn expression on his face.

"Master You Dou, are we really going directly into Yunren Village like this?"

Taodi didn't think about it for a while, trying to make her words tactful.

Is it really okay for them to be so swaggering now?

After all, no matter how you say it, this place is already within the scope of Yunyin Village.

"We are not here to fight, so naturally there is no need to hide."

With a surprised look on You Dou's face, he glanced at Tao Di strangely before cutting it.

Tao Di couldn't help but twitch without cutting the corner of her mouth, a look of helplessness appeared on her face.

When I left Wuyin Village, Taodi would know the purpose of going to Yunyin Village this time without cutting and Lan Wan.

Thought of this.

Tao Di gave another glance, and the heartless Lan Wan next to him twitched the corner of his mouth again.

They came to Yunyin Village, but they came to beg for the tail beast!

And the beast originally belonged to Yunyin Village Tail Beast!

How could there be no fighting to happen.

Originally Taodi thought that they would sneak into Yunyin Village, and then secretly take away the tail beast from Yunyin Village.

With the strength of Lord Right, coupled with Ranmaru's red eyes and his cooperation, there is still a great chance of success.

But what is the operation of this swaggering behavior?

Although he was courageous, even the shadow dared to assassinate, but that was all carefully planned.

Thinking of the ninja who was about to face the entire Yunyin Village, Taodi couldn't help feeling a little numb without cutting it.

The Right Fighter, who was walking in the forefront, didn't pay much attention to Taodi's thoughts of not cutting off at this time. Instead, he looked around from time to time, with a smile on his mouth.

At this moment, Lan Wan, who was following You Dou's butt, had already opened his red eyes.

"Master You Dou, I found several guys from Yunyin Village."

Lan Wan took a breath and said excitedly.

In the state of not transforming, walking for such a long time is not a small amount of activity for Ranmaru.

"Has it appeared? It was faster than expected."

Taodi no longer cuts the decapitated knife on his shoulder with one hand, and there is a hint of coldness in his voice.

"Master You Dou, would you like Lan Wan to get rid of those guys first?"

Lan Wan's eyes widened slightly, and she squeezed her small fist a little excited.

Hear what Ranmaru said.

You Dou glanced at Ranmaru and Momoji who were almost excited, and a strange look appeared on their faces.

Sure enough, after Taodi didn't cut these guys again, Ranmaru was affected.

"As a peace-loving village, we are not here to fight. Of course, if someone else does it first, then they can be killed."

With a serious expression on You Dou's face, he stretched out a finger and shook it, teaching Ran Wan.


A trace of clarity flashed in Lan Maru's eyes, and he nodded vigorously.

When Taodi on the side saw this scene again, his eyelids jumped fiercely.

On the other side, a few Yun Ren hidden in the dark, when they saw an unsuspecting, leisurely right-fighter, all their faces showed extremely uncomfortable emotions.

Just like the three of them swaggering, it's hard not to be discovered.

"It's a ninja from Wuyin Village, how could the other party appear here?"

A Yun Ren frowned and said softly.