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Chapter 302: The Nervous Yunyin Village!

The other Yun Ren glanced at each other slightly, their faces also showing a trace of doubt and solemnity.

In accordance with the unspoken rules between the major ninja villages.

Under no special circumstances, the ninjas between various ninja villages should not approach other ninja villages (only ninja villages, not the scope of each major country).

Of course, if you sneak in secretly, it's a different matter.

However, if you really care about it, this rule is only the ninja among the five ninja villages.

As for other small ninja villages, even if there is no such rule, they dare not easily appear within the scope of other big ninja villages.

As for how to determine that these three people are the ninjas of Wuyin Village?

Wearing such a big misty village guard on his forehead, the few Yunren present were not blind.

"There should be no information coming from the village, there will be Wuren visiting recently."

A Yun Ren twisted his neck gently, and a killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Looking at these three swaggering ninjas in Wuyin Village, the faces of several other Yun Ren also showed killing intent.

These guys are simply a provocation to Yunyin Village!

"Huh! No matter what these three people are here to do, I will know these Mist Shinobi first!"

One of them, Yun Ren stood up, just about to rush towards the three people in front of You Dou.

However, at this moment.

The face of a ninja next to him suddenly changed, and he quickly reached out and grabbed the companion who was about to do it.

"What's wrong, Datong?"

The Yun Ren was surprised when he saw the companion who was holding him.

"You, you guys, have you noticed that..."

Datong couldn't help but swallowed his saliva, as if he had discovered something, he stuttered and said.

"Say something!"

Seeing Datong's nervous look, the other Yun Ren frowned.

"Among the three, the young man walking in the front is not like the legend, the first generation of Shuiying You Fight!"

There was a tremor in Datong's voice.

As Datong's voice fell, the Yun Ren who was about to rush out, his body instantly froze in place.

The next moment, this Yun Ren stiffly retracted a few steps.

It was clear that the two sides were still a long way apart, but the few Yun Ren present suddenly became cautious.

Just now, the few people didn't pay attention to it carefully, now they came back to their senses, and secretly looked over.

In an instant, the few people present were in cold sweat!

That's right!

The first generation of water shadow right fight!

"Retreat immediately and notify Master Raikage!"

Several Yun Ren shivered all over and quickly returned towards Yunyin Village.

As soon as these Yun Ren moved, Lan Wan, who had been observing with red eyes, naturally noticed it first.

"It's strange, Master You Dou, those ninjas who secretly observed us suddenly left."

Lan Wan scratched his hair and said with some doubts.

"Huh, I discovered our identity and went to rescue soldiers."

Tao Di no longer sneered at the corner of her mouth, and shook her wrist calmly.

Lan Wan's eyes lit up slightly, showing a small excited look.

You Dou didn't have much interest in the actions of those little ninjas. Compared to these, what made You Dou more interested was the environment of Thunder Country.

I have stayed for a long time in a country like the Water Country, which is close to the sea and shrouded in water mist all year round, and suddenly came to this country with mountain peaks everywhere, it is not interesting.

It's a pity that You Dou's mentality of appreciating the scenery.

No matter whether it's not cutting Taodi, or Lan Wan, there is no way to experience it.

As the three people of You Dou approached Yunyin Village more and more, the whole air seemed to be filled with a solemn atmosphere.

At this moment, even if Lan Maru didn't use his red eye ability, he could still observe a dark shadow flashing on both sides of the road from time to time.

These figures are obviously all ninjas from Yunyin Village!

However, the ninja in Yunyin Village seemed to have received some order.

So far, no one has jumped out to stop the three of You Dou.

On the contrary, most ninjas are hidden on both sides of the road, watching the three people advance in secret.

Those Yun Ren who left, the speed of transmitting information was obviously much faster than the three You Dou had imagined.

In a short period of time, a breath of ninja kept pouring out of Yunyin Village and dispersing to the surroundings.

Gazing in the direction of Yunyin Village, You Dou showed an interesting look on his face:

"Have you started decorating it so soon? It's a martial arts ninja village."

Ran Maru and Momoji, who followed You Dou, did not have that relaxed look if they didn't cut them.

The faces of the two of them had begun to show solemn expressions.

The beheading knife that was originally not cut by Taodi, and was carried on his shoulders at will.

At this time, Taodi was no longer holding tightly in his hand.

Although the Lan Maru on the other side didn't move much, but the red eye ability had been fully activated.

The three people of You Dou still kept walking, following the road, step by step towards the location of Yunyin Village.

The three of them were getting closer and closer to the cloud hiding, and at the same time, the dignified breath that filled the air became more and more terrifying.

It didn't take long.

A very characteristic village built on a mountain peak appeared in front of the three people's vision.

And at this time, the footsteps of the three people from You Dou stopped.

Because dozens of ninja figures in Yunyin Village had already blocked the front of the three of You Dou.

Standing at the forefront of this group of Yunren was a figure with dark skin, light yellow hair, and an extremely strong body.

Of course, the most striking thing is the white cloak worn by this figure and the hat with the word "Thunder" engraved on its head.

The fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai stared closely, and the three right-to-do people who appeared in front of them flashed with unprecedented solemnity.

No matter what the purpose of the first generation Shuiying suddenly came to Yunyin Village.

Four generations of Raikage Ai are not allowed, these three people are close to the village!

With a relaxed look on You Dou's face, he stared at the Yun Ren who was waiting in front of him. After scanning slightly, he found that there were no two-tailed Ren Zhu Li among the many Yun Ren.

Have you guessed something?

Or simply just in case?

You Dou smiled slightly, no matter what it was, the fourth-generation Raikage that looked a little rough before him was much smarter than it seemed on the surface.

"Your Excellency Shuiying Youdou, you suddenly appeared in Yunyin Village, what's the matter?"

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai is a little rare, not as irritable as usual, but solemnly speaks.

Hearing the voice of the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai, You Dou raised his eyebrows slightly, and said with a hint of doubt in his tone:

"Who are you guys?"

With the sound of the right fighting sounded, Taodi next to him jumped fiercely without cutting his eyelids.

On the top of the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, wearing the hat that was exclusive to Raikage, Taodi would not believe that Lord You Dou hadn't seen it.

Sure enough, hearing You Dou's somewhat doubtful words, the hands of the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai suddenly clenched his fists!