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Chapter 303 Help You Protect the Tail Beast

On the forehead of the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, several green veins rose up.

For the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, whose personality itself is irritable, it is no longer easy to speak calmly like this.

And what you said just now was like adding fuel to the fire.

"Master Raikage!"

A Yun Ren on the side saw the fourth generation of Raikage adults who was about to explode at any time, not only showed a nervous expression on his face, he quickly reminded in a low voice.

At this time, it is not easy to fight with Wuyin Village, or to be precise, with the original Shuiying Youdou.

No one in the entire Ninja World dared to underestimate any of the three masters!

After all, these three guys, almost everyone has the power to end troubled times.

Some time ago, Uchiha Madara had no worries about shooting at the same time in Iwagaki Village and Ungyun Village, and captured the tail beasts of the two major Shinobu Villages.

This is equivalent to Uchiha Madara standing on the opposite side of Iwagaki Village and Ungyun Village.

They don't know how Oh Yemu in Yanyin Village will deal with this matter, but they know that Raikage-sama of their own family will never give up!

Uchiha Madara is already their enemy, if at this time, he would be in conflict with the original Mizukage right.

Suddenly confronted the two three great masters, and added the misty village behind the original Shuiying Youdou.

Even if Yunyin Village, which has always considered itself powerful, might be in danger of being destroyed.

The solemn atmosphere filled the air.

Although the two sides had just met, Zhong Yunren's heart had already been raised in his throat in just a few words.

Standing next to the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai, a Lei Ying guard began to see a layer of secret sweat on his forehead, and the light from the corner of his eyes couldn't help but glance at the surroundings slightly.

Know that the first generation of Shui Ying You Dou is here!

Naturally, they were not unprepared in Yunyin Village. Although they couldn't say they came out in full force, they almost all used all the hands they can use now.

But even so, the ninjas in Yunyin Village still didn't dare to do anything.

Because no one has the absolute confidence to be able to keep the original Shuiying Youdou.

After a moment of silence.

The fourth generation Raikage Ai took a deep breath and said in a heavy voice:

"I am the fourth generation Raikage of Yunyin Village, Ai!"

"So you are Raikage."

You Dou made a look of seriousness, and only then did he show a daze on his face.

Seeing the acting expression of her own adult, Tao Di didn't cut her heart a little bit to laugh, but she had to forcibly hold back the situation now.

"I don't know your Excellency You Dou, what is going on in Yunyin Village!"

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai Qiang held back the irritability in his heart and asked again.

With his character, he obviously doesn't have much patience to listen to the inconsequential words of You Dou.

Seeing the impatient look of the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai, Right Dou shrugged, slightly boring.

"I want to take away the Erwei Ren Zhuli from your Ninja Village."

You Dou stared at the four generations of Raikage Ai on the opposite side, and spoke very casually, as if to say an insignificant thing.

But with the words of You Dou, the sound fell!

The already tense atmosphere became even more tense.

The ninjas on the side of Yunyin Village heard that You Dou was about to take away their tail beasts, and almost simultaneously pulled out Kuunai from their waists, and they were ready to fight.

And see the opposite action.

Tao Ji did not cut and Ran Maru, who had been standing behind You Dou, but stood in front of You Dou.

Ran Maru pouted, with an angry expression on his small cheek.Staring at Zhongyun Ren who was opposite.

Although Ranwan looked like a child, no one dared to look down upon Ranwan.

The guy who can be stayed by the original Shuiying Youdou is not a simple character.

As for Taodi not to kill this long-famous rebellious ninja, how can the many ninjas present not know?

With a smile on You Dou's face, he stepped forward and gently patted Tao Di No Zhan and Lan Wan, indicating that the two of them should not be nervous.

"It seems you are reluctant to look at you, but taking away Erwei Ren Zhuli, this is helping you."

You Dou raised his head to look at the fourth generation Raikage Ai with an angry look on his face, and continued to speak with a light smile:

"Uchiha Madara doesn't just want two-tailed beasts, so I don't feel relieved that Erwei Renjuli is in your village."

"My personal suggestion, give me the tail ** for protection."

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai let out a cold snort, and the already hot temper was no longer suppressed at this time:

"Don't bother you in Mizuki Village. If Uchiha Madara comes, we in Yunyin Village don't just enter when we want to enter, and we leave when we want to come out!"

When it came to the last sentence, the fourth generation of Raikage Ai's voice was obviously aggravated.

At the same time, the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai raised his arm and grabbed the imperial robe on his body, just as he was about to tear it off.

Behind the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, a beautiful ninja with a wheaten skin was suddenly squeezed out.

This ninja is Azabuyi, the secretary of the fourth generation of Raikage.

Seeing Ma Buyi who was supposed to be standing behind suddenly appeared, the fourth generation Raikage Ai frowned, and couldn't help but pause slightly.

After Ma Buyi squeezed to the front, looking at the young man with a faint smile standing in front of him, he endured a coldness in his heart.

If you hadn't seen the portrait a long time ago, no one would have thought that the young and overly young man opposite would be the first water shadow in the legend.

Even if Mabuyi is not a perceptual ninja, he can still feel the almost terrifying Chakra in You Dou.

It's like a volcano that can erupt at any time.

Mabuyi took a deep breath, with a solemn expression on his face, and said to You Dou:

"The existence of the tail beast is an important power to balance the villages. This is the agreement that Senshou Zhujian signed with the adults in each village to abide by."

At this point, Mabuyi stopped, unknowingly a layer of sweat appeared on the palm of her hand.

According to Mabu Yi, the original Mizukage Uto and Uchiha Madara are a little different after all.

There are two meanings in what Mabuyi said:

The most superficial thing is that the things of the tail beast were decided by the shadows of the villages at the beginning, and this naturally includes the Wuyin Village.

And the second level of meaning is the Thousand Hands Zhuma mentioned by Mabuyi, after all, the Senshou Zhuma is also resurrected now.

At the same time, Azabu Yi reminded Youto in a faintly reminder that at the beginning, Youto had already been sealed by Chijuma Senju and Madara Uchiha.Otherwise, Wuyin Village will not sign the agreement to split the tail beast.

And now, the first generation of Shuiying Youdou may still be sealed by these two men.

After listening to Ma Buyi's words, not only did you not show an angry look on your face, but instead looked at Ma Buyi with interest.

Is the female Yun Ren in front of me so courageous, even he dares to threaten?

Of course, threats are not actually counted, because You Dou also heard another meaning from Mabuyi's words.