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Chapter 304 I'll take it back!


That's right, You Dou also heard a hint of cooperation from Mabuyi's words.

As long as it can be achieved, Yunyin Village can cooperate with Youdou to deal with Uchiha Madara.

A mocking smile flashed in You Dou's eyes, and he was indeed the secretary of the fourth generation of Raikage.

Wuyin Village naturally has relevant information about Mabuyi, a capable ninja full of wisdom, calmness, and good at judgment and analysis.

Under the extremely tense situation of both sides, Mabuyi was indeed a very talented ninja who could come up with such a method.

As long as the immediate trouble can be temporarily resolved, the future things can be completely denied.

After all, You Dou came too suddenly, and Yunyin Village had no time to prepare in a hurry.

Under such circumstances, Mabuyi knew that, let alone keeping the right fight, it would be too late to hide Erwei Renzhuli.

You Dou looked at Mabuyi quietly, and suddenly laughed, with some disdain and ridicule in his laughter..

"So, you seem to have made a mistake. I'm not here to discuss with you, just to inform!"

"Whether it is Uchiha Madara or Senju Junma these two guys, in our opinion, the tail beast can be suppressed at best."

"The guy in Thousands of Hands actually sent these tail beasts out, then I will take them back!"

"Compared with the power of the tail beast, you don't understand what is meant by the power to end troubled times!"

You Dou stared at the four generations of Lei Ying Ai and others on the opposite side, with undisguised mockery in his voice.

Obviously, there was no aura erupting from You Dou at this time.

But the many clouds present suddenly felt a little bit cold in the air inexplicably.

At this time, the atmosphere in the air has become extremely solemn!

With indifference in You Dou's eyes, he watched the four generations of Raikage Ai and continued:

"On this stage of Ninja World, in my opinion, you are not even qualified to be on stage."


Accompanied by You Dou's voice fell.

The fourth generation Raikage Ai suddenly clenched his fists and made a squeaking sound, and at the same time a strong electric glow burst out all over his body.

"Don't even have a chance to be on the stage? I don't think so!!"

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai suddenly threw away the Raikage hat in his hand and let out a violent shout.

Ma Buyi's expression changed, and before he could persuade the Master Raikage to persuade him, he saw the fourth generation of Raiking Ai disappear in a flash of lightning.

At the moment when the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai started his hands, he was in a deep direction, and the same figure seemed to cooperate, rushing in the direction of the right fighting.

And this figure is exactly Kirabi who has not appeared, hiding in the dark.

The four generations of Raikage Ai and Kirabi screamed in two opposite directions at the same time:

"Lei Dun-a hot knife for Lei Dan!"

"Lei Dun-a hot knife for Lei Dan!"

Feeling the extremely faint smell of a tail beast behind him, Kirabi, with a hint of surprise at the corner of his right bicker:

"Oh, he didn't die?"

You Dou just finished speaking, as if suddenly remembering something, he patted his head gently, and whispered:

"I almost forgot Yao's abilities. I think it was when Uchiha Madara took Yao, Yao left you with a tail to let you survive."

In the process of You Dou's words, Momoji and Ranmaru, who had been guarding both sides of You Dou, disappeared at the same time when they saw the other party's hands.

Taodi No longer saw the fourth-generation Raikage Ai, who was shining with a lot of thunder and lightning, with a hideous and excited look on his face:

"Four generations of Raikage! Really a good opponent!"

Without cutting it, Tao Di directly swung the decapitating knife in his hand, and the blue veins in both hands violently slashed out to the front with all his strength.

On the other side, Ranmaru's eyes widened, and his red eyes stared at Kirabi who rushed from behind.

"Lan Wan, I saw you a long time ago!"

Ran Maru inhaled fiercely, and the originally delicate body rapidly expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Under Kirabi's somewhat surprised gaze, Ranmaru became a muscular man with a stronger body in the blink of an eye.

The two sides collided together instantly!

Click... Click!

A harsh cracking sound resounded from the beheading knife, resounding through the air!

No more blood spurted from Tao Di's mouth, the whole person couldn't help but backed backwards, his feet made a deep mark on the ground.

"It's really terrifying power, much more violent than Ranmaru's power."

Taodi did not cut again, watching the decapitated sword whose hand was broken in two, a trace of fear flashed in her pupils.

But in an instant, Taodi adjusted the state again without cutting.

With both hands clenched with only half of the decapitated broadsword, Taodi will no longer stare at the opposite four generations of Raikage Ai, as long as the opponent makes any movement, he will immediately rush up.

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai also stopped at this time, looking at the peach ground that had only been slightly injured, and no longer cut, a trace of surprise appeared on his face, but it was replaced by anger in an instant.

At the same time.

Ranmaru and Kirabi in the back collided with each other and made a huge roar.

Neither Ranmaru nor Kirabi could not knock the opponent out, and could only stand in a stalemate!

With the two as the center, the ground where the two are on quickly sinks and cracks, and spread to the surroundings.


Ranmaru and Kirabi secretly used force again, and both sides jumped towards the rear at the same time with this force.

As the two sides fell for the first time, many Yun Ren reacted at this time.

Suddenly, countless Yun Ren jumped out from all directions and surrounded the three of You Dou.

See this scene.

Taodi No longer cut and Lan Wan's expressions not only tightened, they stepped back slightly toward the middle, their faces full of dignity.

"Really, isn't it good to get the tail out obediently?"

You Dou remained expressionless, but there was a chill in his voice.


At the same time, an indescribable aura radiated from the right side, and spread to the surroundings at a rapid rate.

The face of the fourth generation of Raikage Ai showed a rare look of jealousy, and countless lightning and lightning intertwined all over his body, covering the whole body of the fourth generation of Raikage Ai.

Just when the atmosphere on both sides is about to be triggered.


The terrifying roar of the beast sounded from the direction of Yunyin Village, approaching the people at a very fast speed.

"Oh, I don't need to bother to find it when it's down."

Perceiving the breath of this tail beast, You Dou raised his eyebrows, with a smile on his face.

On the other side, the faces of the four generations of Raikage Ai, Ma Buyi and other Yunren not only changed.

what happened?

Don’t you let the two Yumu people hide first!