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Chapter 308: Taking Away the Seven-Tailed Person

Looking at the appearance of Lan Wan, Fu curled his lips slightly:

"Where's the kid?"

Ran Wan, who was initially a little angry, turned red when she heard Fu's words: "You are the kid!"

Seeing the two people look at each other unpleasantly, You Dou was slightly dumb.

Standing behind Yumujin took a deep look at Fu, she felt a terrifying Chakra very similar to her from the opponent's body.

That is the chakra of the tail beast!

Is this the Nanao Renzhuli of Takinin Village?

A thoughtful gaze flashed in the wooden man's eyes, and the first generation of Shui Ying You Dou appeared here, apparently trying to take away the seven-tailed man Zhuli.

In this way, the person in front of Zhuli named Fu is in a very similar situation to her.


Since the wooden man's eyes flickered slightly, the two of them could join hands.

"If you two want to fight, it's never too late to fight on the road."

Looking at Ranmaru and Fu who stared at each other with big and small eyes, You Dou smiled slightly.

On the way?

Hearing the sound that You Dou suddenly remembered, Fu, who was arguing with Ranmaru, couldn't help but froze.

Shibumu on the side reacted first. Although his face was full of tension, he still stood in front of Fu.

"Your Excellency, you want to take Fu?"

Shemu's body was slightly tight, and there was a hint of fantasy in his voice.

However, You Dou nodded without hesitation, completely breaking Shemu's last illusion.

Before Shemu and Fu could continue to speak, You Dou had already taken the lead to look in the direction of Yumu and made a please gesture.

Although You Dou did not speak, but seeing the movements of You Dou, Yu Mu Ren understood what the opponent wanted to do.

Without the slightest hesitation, the wooden man stepped forward with a thought in his heart.

next moment.

An evil, dark red chakra quickly overflowed from Yumu Man's body.

After a little display by the wooden man, he recovered the tail beast Chakra in his body.

At this time, Fu looked at Yumu with a surprised look on his face, gently covering his mouth and said:

"You, you... are also Renzhuli?"

Seeing Fu's surprised look, Yu Mu Ren said with a bright smile on his face:

"Hello, Fu, I am Zhuli from the second tail of Yunyin Village. You Muren."

Seeing Yumu Ren not only showed the tail beast Chakra, he even introduced himself, and You Dou glanced at Yu Mu Ren unexpectedly.

Immediately afterwards, the corner of his right bickering was slightly raised, and it was a bit interesting for the wooden man to cooperate like this.

Being the same as a person Zhuli, plus that both of them are women, Fu naturally has a sense of closeness to Yugi.

On the other side, Shibumu couldn't help but become more nervous after hearing what Yumu said.

You Dou and the others are from Wuyin Village, and the Mu Ren said just now that they are from Yunyin Village.

But now the people of Yunyin Village, Zhuli, followed the people of Wuyin Village, no matter how they looked at it, it was a bit unusual.

"Fu, if you want to protect your village, you'd better follow me."

You Dou stood aside and said calmly.

With the sound of You Dou's words, Fu and She Mu's body tightened at the same time.

"I have no interest in dealing with your village, but that guy Uchiha Madara may be."

"Uchiha Madara has captured Yao and Goku. That guy will definitely attack the next tail beast. If you stay in Takinin Village, it will not be a good thing for your village."

Youto didn't hesitate to throw Uchiha Madara to the villain's position, and Yoshitou said.

Think of the other party's domineering behavior in Yunyin Village.

The corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitched fiercely.

If it hadn't been known in advance, what kind of person the original Shuiying Youdou was, Yumu would almost believe the other party's nonsense.

There was a daze on Fu's face. She didn't know the name Uchiha Madara, but since the last time Right Fight came to Taki Shinobu.

Fu deliberately went to inquire before knowing.As well as the nasty guy in front of me, there is also a person named Uchiha Madara and Senjujuzuma.

But he only knows these things. Fu, who has been staying in Takinin Village, naturally knows little about things outside.

However, Shibuki on the other side is different. As the shadow of Taki Shinobu Village, whether Shibuki wants to or not, he must understand what is happening outside.

at this time.

With a tangled look on Shibumu's face, he naturally knew that what You Dou said was indeed true.

Although Fu knew very little, she was not stupid. Through the tangled expression on Shibumu's face, she knew that the hateful guy on the opposite side was not lying.

"My lady grows so old, but she hasn't been to Wuyin Village yet, and is planning to go see it."

Fu let out a soft snort, pretending to be indifferent, and walked in the direction of You Dou.

Seeing this scene, Shibumu was slightly stunned, and reflexively raised his hand, preparing to grab Fu.

At the moment when She Mu's hand was about to catch Fu, Fu suddenly turned around and avoided She Mu's hand.

At the same time, Fu's face was full of smiles, which looked like Shemu:

"By the way, tell the old man the elder, forget what the villagers say, they don't like me anyway."

After speaking, Fu turned around again and walked towards You Dou and the others without hesitation.

Seeing Fu's look at death, You Dou couldn't help but curl his mouth.

Just let you go to Wunin Village, not let you go to die...

"It's time to go back to the village."

You Dou led the crowd, turned and walked outside Takinin Village.

Until, Fu and You Dou and others completely disappeared from Shemu's vision.

Shemu still stood in place in a daze, still did not put down his raised hand.

It was a long time.

Shemu sat limply on the ground.

Shemu's dialect was instantly enveloped in a layer of mist, and he looked at where Fu had left:

"Sorry, Fu... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."


In a very secret cave.

in the dark.

A pair of long and golden pupils suddenly opened, and Da She Wan's eyes flashed with deep gaze, looking at a place in the darkness:

"How are things going?"

In the originally dark environment, a shadow flashed.The figure of Yao Shi's pocket appeared where Da She Wan was looking.

"All the strongholds have been inspected. Except for a few hidden and deeper strongholds, they have basically been destroyed. They should all be made by Wuyin Village."

Pharmacist Dou lowered his head slightly, and said in a low voice.

"Really, I was expecting it. It seems that Your Excellency You Dou was worried about me from the beginning."

Hearing the news that the stronghold was basically destroyed, Oshamaru showed no expression on her face, instead she chuckles.

Seeing Master Dashewan's unconcerned response, the pharmacist's pocket on the side was slightly surprised.