Black shop?

As soon as these two words came out, the shop owner at the end of You Dou could not help shaking his hands.

"Right... Lord You Dou, you are joking, these things are given to you for free."

The owner of the store was crying, with an unusually nervous tone in his voice.

"It's free! I thought the boss would add money, thank you boss."

Right Dou scratched his head, showing a look of embarrassment.

The shop owner waved his hand quickly and said nervously:

"Master You Dou is too polite. It's already our honour for you to come to our small noodle restaurant. How can you add money."

"Since the Lord You Dou returned, the village has become more prosperous than before. These are all the contributions of Lord You Dou. It is too late for us to thank you."

There was a hint of excitement in the store owner's voice, and his eyes flashed with worship.

When the shop owner said that, You Dou was a little embarrassed.

"Master You Dou, please use it slowly."

The shop owner bowed slightly, with a hint of excitement in his expression, turned and walked towards the kitchen behind.

Obviously, the owner of the shop was also very surprised when You Dou-sama suddenly appeared in his family's noodle restaurant with little traffic.

Even the owner of the shop can already expect that his noodle shop will be full every day after Master You Dou leaves!

"Sure enough, I still have a habit of eating things made in my village."

You Dou took a bite of the noodles in the bowl, with a trace of satisfaction on his face.

I have to say that the shop owner is still very generous, and the total value of the bowl of noodles has exceeded the total value of the bowl.

When You Dou showed an expression of enjoyment and ate noodles.

Jingle bell~

Jingle bell~

As the wind bell rang outside the door, a familiar fragrance came along the door.

"You were here."

A gentle voice came from behind, with a hint of joy in the voice.

Right Dou bulged his cheeks, swallowed the noodles in his mouth, turned his head to look at the walking figure, and said with some doubts:

"Terumi Mei? Why are you here?"

Terumi Ming rolled his eyes, and within a few steps, he walked to the position beside the right side and sat down.

"Master You Dou is hungry, won't I be hungry?"

Terumi Ming hummed a little in her voice, then turned her head to look inside the noodle restaurant, and shouted to the shop owner:

"Boss, give me a copy exactly like this one..."

Terumi Ming opened her mouth and looked to the right.

When he saw the large amount of face in front of You Dou, his voice couldn't help but pause.

Wei Wei hesitated for a while, before Terumi said softly, "It's fine to come about half a share..."

A smile appeared on You Dou's face, he ate the noodles in the bowl, and said leisurely:

"This noodle is specially made by the boss, even if you want to order it, you can't order it."

Terumi Mei squinted her eyes slightly and raised her eyebrows lightly.

At this time, the shop owner heard the sound of noodles coming out from behind. When he saw Terumi Mei, the excitement that had just calmed down, became excited again.

"Shuiying, Master Shuiying, what do you need?"

The shop owner said in a very excited tone.

"Give me a special noodle."

Terumi Ming pointed to the face in front of Youdou, and then spoke softly to the shop owner.


A daze flashed in the store owner's eyes, but when he heard Terumi Mei's tone, a dazed expression appeared on his face.

It didn't take long.

A bowl of noodles that was much less than that of Youdou's, but extremely delicate, was gently placed in front of Terumi Ming.

Terumi Ming showed a satisfied expression on her face and nodded slightly to the shop owner.

"Master Shuiying, use it slowly."

"If you need anything else, Master You Dou, just give it to you."

After the shop owner put the noodles down, he spoke with respect.

Feeling the triumphant look of Terumi Ming next to him, You Dou smiled helplessly, and continued to eat the noodles on the table.

Because the location of this noodle shop is not good, and the shop is relatively small, so far, the entire noodle shop has two customers, Youdou and Terumi.

The shop owner had already realized that it wasn't appropriate for him to stand next to him, and he had returned to the kitchen behind.

For a while, the whole noodle shop only left the sound of two people eating noodles.

However, no matter whether it was You Fight or Terumi Mei, the two did not feel any awkward atmosphere, but felt a sense of tranquility with appropriate benefits.

"Every~, so full."

Right Dou took the last bite in the bowl and patted his belly, revealing a look of satisfaction on his face.

At this moment, You Dou looked at Terumi Ming next to him, and found that the other party had already finished eating.

"By the way, at this time, you should be in the water shadow office."

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he asked softly.

"There are too many things to deal with, so I have to be lazy. Besides, there are Changjuro and Qing, leaving for a while, no problems will arise."

Terumi Ming stretched out her hand and rubbed her temples, then looked at Right Dou and blinked, and continued:

"Master You Dou, don't you plan to report me?"

You Dou quickly waved his hand, with an innocent expression on his face:

"Even if you really think so, there must be a place to report it."

In the village, there is no place to report on his own shadow laziness.

"How does You Dou-sama plan to deal with the problems of Erwei Renzhuli and Nanzhuli? Most of the ninjas in the village are a little nervous because of this matter."

Terumi Minjin moved her body back slightly, put a comfortable posture, and asked softly.

Master You Dou took a trip out of the village and brought two big-tailed orcs with Zhu Li when he came back. There is no way to hide such an important matter.

Of course, the right fight itself did not intend to hide it.

You Dou coughed slightly and looked away from Terumi Mei.

Terumi Ming's figure is already very good, coupled with a somewhat lazy look, it gives people a different kind of temptation.

"With bubbles and a few people in the Seven Knives watching over, there shouldn't be any problems."

"If there are any movements, I don't mind experimenting with them. The forbidden technique used by the bubble teacher at the time must be lacking in such materials."

Right Dou's voice was very flat, as if he was talking about an extremely common thing, but there was a hint of killing intent in his tone.

Terumi Nodded, with a serious expression: "In this case, I will let Qing comfort the ninjas in the village."

You Dou felt that he had digested almost, so he stood up and smiled and said to Mei Ming:

"Let's go together, looking at you, it seems you have encountered a little trouble."

Terumi Mei helped the long brown hair in front of her eyes, nodded lightly, and stood up as well.

"Master You Dou and Master Shuiying walk slowly."

Seeing that the two were about to leave, the shop owner quickly walked out from behind, bowing respectfully to Youdou and Terumi Mei.