A secluded road in Wuyin Village.

Terumi Ming put her hands behind her back, quietly following Youdou.

"Is there something wrong with Shayin Village?"

You Dou stared at the front and suddenly asked.

Terumi Mei was taken aback for a moment, and then a smile appeared on her face.

"You Dou-sama is usually lazy, but it seems that he has been paying attention."

Terumi Ming turned his head and glanced at You Dou. It was clear that You Dou had said it. This is indeed something that Terumi Mei has been upset recently.

Hearing Terumi Mei said that she was lazy, You Dou showed a helpless look on her face, waiting for Terumi Mei to tell the matter.

"Some time ago, Chiyo represented Shayin Village and negotiated with our Wuyin Village and reached some cooperation agreements, but things were not as smooth as expected..."

Terumi Ming frowned Liu's eyebrows lightly, and paused for a while, as if he was sorting out the appropriate language. After a while, he spoke again:

"The properties of Wuyin Village can be regarded as a scarce resource for Shayin Village. The transportation line of Kaduo can indeed save a lot of time and money."

"But it is always separated from the country of fire, and it is quite troublesome to transport. It can only be transported around the border of the country of fire. Although the benefits are huge, it is too wasteful of manpower. You have to guard against small actions in the country of fire."

Terumi Ming said that he looked towards You Dou and found that You Dou nodded slightly, and then looked at her with continued gaze.

"Master You Dou is really..."

Terumi Ming murmured slightly in her heart, knowing that these troubles were probably just minor problems in the mind of Master You Dou.

She did have one more troublesome thing. Obviously, Master You Dou wanted to know this one.

"It's just the exchange of resources. We don't have much problem, but if we go deeper, the old lady of the thousand generations, but not as happy as when the agreement was signed."

"The ninjas in Shayin Village are a bit exclusive, and the old lady of Chiyo seems to be secretly contributing to the situation. Our Wuyin Village is progressing very slowly in the Wind."

Terumi Mei's voice contained a hint of dissatisfaction. Obviously, the thousand-generation mother-in-law made Terumi Mei a headache during this period.

Seeing Terumi Mei's headache, You Dou couldn't help but smile.

It seems that Terumi Ming has eaten a lot in the hands of a thousand-generation mother-in-law.

After all, Terumi Mei is still too young. If she talks about her strength, Terumi Mei, who has double blood and heir bounds, may also be ranked higher among many film-class powerhouses.

But in terms of political skills, Terumi Ming Paima can't keep up with a thousand-generation mother-in-law. Of course, the same is true for Youdou.

It's just that, in most cases, the right fight, which is superior to most ninjas, doesn't need political skills.

Just like the original Thousand-Handed Pillars, if you talk about political skills, the Ten Thousand-Handed Pillars are not as good as the Thousand-Handed Pillars.

But relying on strength, Qianshou Zhuma can still crush other Shinobu villages to death, and the tail beast is divided, and it is very lavish.

"Chiyo in Sandyuki Village, but the ninja who has survived the Third Ninja World War, is too underestimated but will suffer."

A smile appeared on You Dou's face, and he cast a sullen look at Terumi Mei and continued:

"When Chiyo came to Wuyin Village to sign the agreement, the situation in Shayin Village was not so good, and Gaara, who was very powerful, was in our hands."

"Four generations of Kazekage died, and coupled with the war just experienced when the Four Ninja Villages attacked Konoha, the situation of the entire Shayin Village at that time was probably extremely poor.

"In such a situation, Chiyo came to Wuyin Village alone, not only for the purpose of returning to Gaara, but also for fear of the settlement of Wuyin Village."

You Dou looked into the distant eyes with deep gazes, stretched out, and put his hands behind his head.

How can such a person be underestimated if he can quickly judge and make the most correct decision in the most dangerous situation!

Terumi Mei's original frowning willow eyebrows slowly unfolded. If the two exchanges, Terumi Mei knew that she would never be able to achieve the level of a thousand-generation mother-in-law.

Suddenly, Terumi Ming's uncomfortable feeling in the hands of the thousand-generation mother-in-law not only improved a little.

"So, Master You Dou, what should I do about Shayin Village?"

Terumi Mei found a lot of problems that she didn't understand, as long as You Dou-sama spoke, he could easily solve them.

"Since it's an old fox, let the old fox deal with it."

With a smile at the corner of the right bickering, he spoke casually.

"Master You Dou said---Elder Yuanshi!"

Terumi Ming's eyes lit up, how did she forget the old fox.

With the solution to the problem, Terumi Ming's mood rose a lot in an instant.

Suddenly, Terumi Ming surrounded You Dou and kept talking about interesting things that happened in Hagkage Village when You Dou left.

Of course, there are also some things that happened in Ninja World.

On the road, You Dou and Terumi Mei let out a laugh from time to time.

It didn't take long for You Dou, who was forced to go shopping by Terumi Ming, hung all kinds of bags all over her body.

It wasn't until You Dou's body that there was nowhere to hang the bag, Terumi Ming stopped, and You Dou heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, these things are not for You Dou to spend money, otherwise it is enough to make You Dou bankrupt.

on the street.

"Look, Master Shuiying is shopping with Master You Dou!"

"You said, Lord Shuiying and Lord You Dou have already dated?"

"I don't know, but if it is true, this is a major event in the village."

"I can hear the ninjas in the village say that Master Shuiying is usually unsmiling. Look at the smile on Master Shuiying's face now..."

"But Master Shuiying really should find a man to socialize, after all, he is in his twenties."


On both sides of the street, with curious and gossip gazes, they looked at Youdou and Terumi Mei who were walking in the center of the street, and kept talking in a low voice.

Although the villagers on both sides deliberately lowered their voices, how could they not hear with the ears and eyes of Youdou and Terumi Ming?

There was no obvious change in expression on the face of the right fighting, which was covered with bags.

However, when You Doutou looked at Terumi Mei who was beside her, she found that Terumi Mei was lowering her head deeply.

Vaguely, You Dou could see Terumi Mei's flushed cheeks.

When You Dou heard the last discussion from the villagers nearby.


Terumi Mei squeezed her fist fiercely, and there was a clear click between her bone fingers.

The corner of the right bicker twitched fiercely, and couldn't help but move a step to the side.

Fortunately, the people who said this just now were just ordinary villagers. If they were the village ninjas, they might have been punched to the wall by Terumi Mei.