Under the gaze of the gossip around, even if he was cheeky with the right fight, he couldn't help it for a while.

You Dou and Terumi Ming glanced at each other slightly, and at the same time they quickly retracted their gazes, and their pace couldn't help speeding up.

Soon, on the street, where the two passed by, a string of violent smoke was left.

Until they were completely out of sight of the villagers, You Dou and Terumi Mei stopped and took a deep breath.

"This group of guys! How dare you make a joke around the water shadow!"

Terumi Ming clenched her fist and murmured softly.

In the process of talking to herself, the corner of Terumi Ming's eyes turned to the right side of her to fight.

Just in time!

At this moment, You Dou's gaze also looked at Terumi Mei who was panting nearby.

The eyes of the two met again, Terumi Ming's face showed a blush, and he quickly retracted his eyes.

Right bucket grabbed his hair, and there was a rare awkward look on his face.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became a little ambiguous.

After a while, You Dou took the lead to break the silence.

"After buying so many things, I will take them home first."

You Dou shook the things on his body, and said with a chuckle.

"Well, I also have some things that need to be handled by the Water Shadow Office."

Terumi Ming nodded, pretending to be calm, and said softly.

You Dou smiled, not knowing how to speak, and after waving his hand at Terumi Mei, he walked towards Terumi Mei's house.

After not getting far, You Dou seemed to have suddenly realized something and stretched out a hand to support his forehead.

"Really, I deserve to be a single dog!"

Thinking of the atmosphere just now, You Dou whispered to himself.

However, if you were to go through the scene just now, you would still have no action.

It's not You Dou hypocritical.

Because of the seal, although You Dou looks on the surface to be in his twenties and is about the same age as Terumi Mei, if he counts her actual age, she might be enough to be Terumi Mei's grandfather.

What's more, whether people like themselves or not is another matter.

Rightto held his forehead, and instead of thinking about this troublesome thing, it was better to think about how to deal with the two guys Uchiha Madara and Senjujuma.

On the other side, looking at the figure of You Dou fading away, Terumi Ming patted his flushed cheek.

"Really, as a man, I don't take the initiative at all."

Terumi Ming said in a low voice.

After speaking, Terumi Mei quickly looked around and found that there was no one, then he was slightly relieved.

Terumi Mei lifted the long brown hair in front of her forehead, exuding a mature, dignified breath, with a smile on her mouth:

"However, You Dou-sama does not look as wooden as he imagined."


The next day.

Water Shadow Office.

You Dou sat on the sofa on one side, quietly listening to Ao and Chojuro, reporting to Terumi Mei.

Most of this information comes from Shayin Village.

The general content of the intelligence is the transaction between the rich resources of Wuyin Village and Shayin Village, which satisfied both parties.

In the Kingdom of Wind, where most of the country is located in the sandy zone, coupled with the fact that the Daimyo of the Kingdom of Wind continues to reduce the number of ninjas and military expenditures,

It seems that Shayin Village is relatively poor, but it is not!

As one of the Five Ninja Villages, the comprehensive strength of Shayin Village is indeed at the end of the Five Ninja Villages, but it must not be underestimated at will.

With the disappearance of the three generations of Fengying and the group of dragons without a leader, Luo Sha can sit in the position of Fengying in a short period of time, relying on more than just strength.

Don't underestimate the role of any movie-level powerhouse!

Four generations of Fengying Luosha used magnetic escape to collect a large amount of placer gold, and with his own efforts, the chaotic sandy hidden village was completely settled.

It is completely conceivable that the sandy hidden village can be completely settled down. For the entire sandy hidden village, the dust collected by the four generations of Fengying Luosha can be described in huge amounts!

In a huge amount, with these dust, the hidden village can easily possess the capital to trade with any other Shinobu village.

In terms of strength, Shayin Village is indeed not strong, but when it comes to financial resources, Shayin Village is second only to Konoha Village among the Five Ninja Villages.

Although the fourth generation of Fengying Luosha is dead, the large amount of dust collected during his lifetime can still support a long time.

Not to mention, Shayin Village itself possesses the unique methods of refining puppets in the Five Great Ninja Villages, as well as the technology for making poison.

These are all, can be easily taken out for trading and exchange of money.

Of course, in addition to the intelligence of cooperation with Shayin Village, there are also some secret actions of misty ninjas.

It's just that compared with the transaction, these actions are not going well.

After Ao and Chojuro told the relevant information, the two reverently withdrew from the water shadow office.

"You Dou-sama, doesn't seem to be particularly satisfied?"

Terumi Ming turned her head and looked at Right Dou, who was sitting on the sofa with a slightly frowning eyebrow, with a hint of curiosity in her tone.

"Our goal has never been to cooperate with Shayin Village, but to turn it into our vassal. Therefore, we should speed up our actions in Shayin Village as much as possible."

You Dou said softly, although his voice was flat but with a hint of seriousness.

The situation in Shayin Village now, although there are thousands of generations of mother-in-law in charge, is better than the news of the death of the fourth generation Fengying Luosha, when it was just passed back to Shayin Village.

But in essence, the situation of Shayin Village has not changed.

At the beginning, when Shayin Village was clearly in a weak situation, he still brazenly launched the Konoha collapse plan. From this point, it can be seen that Shayin Village is helpless in its own situation.

Financial resources are not equal to strength!

It takes a certain amount of time and a sufficient transformation process. Obviously, Konoha didn't want a hidden sand village that gradually became stronger near him.

Of course not only Konoha, other Shinobu villages probably have the same idea.

However, compared to Konoha's suppression, the suppression of the other big Ninja Villages was nothing.

After all, between Shayin Village and Wuyin Village, a country of fire and a sea were cut, and the threat was too low.

As for Yanyin Village and Yunyin Village, there are large and small Ninja Villages between them, and there is enough buffer zone.

Being suppressed by Konoha so ruthlessly, Shayin Village didn't do anything but was a little abnormal.

In today's situation, Wuyin Village and Shayin Village are cooperating.

On the surface, Wuyin Village provides resources, Shayin Village provides funds, or supports Wuyin Village in some special circumstances.

But in essence, it is the infiltration of Wuyin Village to Shayin Village.

The principle of being beaten when falling behind is universal in every world.

The current situation of Shayin Village is not so good. For Wuyin Village, this is a golden opportunity!

Naturally, Wuyin Village will not let go of such a good time for cannibalization. Of course, this requires a process or some time.

After all, the two mothers-in-law and Hai Lao Zang are not decorations.

Terumi Ming nodded gently, and she naturally attached great importance to this matter.

"If Chiyo Wakasago's hindrance is too strong..."

Having said that, You Dou's voice paused slightly, and then suddenly mentioned another thing:

"The Shayin Village now seems to have not established a new generation of Fengying, right?"

A light flashed in Terumi Mei's eyes. Although You Dou-sama did not clearly say, Terumi Mei understood the meaning of the words in the first time.