Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 314: Change

Support the new Fengying?

Terumi Ming's eyes flickered slightly, and a charming smile appeared on her white cheeks.

Of course, it is too early to discuss this matter. After all, the current penetration of Shayin Village has just begun.

The sudden change of high-level change is not only for Shayin Village, but also for Wuyin Village.

However, if there is external influence, then this is another matter...

You Dou didn't speak out this point, but thought of it silently in his heart.

No matter what this external force is, it can't be Wuyin Village.

Next, You Dou stayed in the water shadow office for a while, and then voluntarily left.

After all, he is a hand-handling shopkeeper, and almost everything in Wuyin Village must be determined by Terumi Ming, she is not as leisurely as You Dou.

Of course, part of the reason is that, I don't know what's wrong today, Terumi Mei always licks the brown curly hair on her forehead from time to time.

And the body exudes a mature and charming aura that makes You Dou couldn't help but look at it a few more times.

Suddenly, You Dou was a little skeptical. He had often seen Terumi Mei before, why didn’t she find Terumi Mei’s charm so great?


The sound of the door closing of Shuiying office sounded.

Watching You Dou leave, Terumi Mei paused slightly as she licked her hair, and the original straight back also slowly relaxed.

"Is the action I just made too bold?"

"According to the book, there shouldn't be any."

Terumi Ming gently supported her forehead with one hand, her face was blushing, and she spoke to herself.

Terumi Mei recalled the actions he had just done again, but simply straightened his chest and licked his hair.

There shouldn't be anything bold, Terumi definitely thought of it in her heart.


the other side.

The right fighter who left the water shadow office was walking on a road in the village, planning to go to the place where the bubble lived.

"I don't know. You Muren and Fu Zhuli are not compatible with the foam guy."

With a smile at the corner of your right bickering, he muttered to himself softly.

With the dull and lazy character of the bubble, you can now imagine that you can fully imagine that with the addition of the two people who are not worried about Yu Mu Ren and Fu, the bubble must have lived quite well.

Two-tailed man Zhuli is made of wooden man.

Seven-tailed man Zhu Lifu.

You Dou's eyes narrowed slightly. Although the pure strength of these two men is not very good, once the tail is transformed into a beast, the destructive power exerted is still quite terrifying.

Bringing these two people back to the village, You Dou did not show any kindness.

In addition to preventing the Uchiha Madara from getting the tail beast, he also intends to borrow the power of the human column to do some small experiments.

Yes, it is indeed a small experiment.

After all, the bubble belongs to my own family. For my own family, right fighting is still very conscientious.

As for Sanwei, You Dou can't catch Sanwei all the time, and she has to change shears.

You Dou did not expect the two men to have much loyalty to Wuyin Village.

Fu may be able to follow the orders of Wuyin Village because of the relationship with Takinin Village, but Yukiman may not be as obedient as Fu.

However, You Dou didn't care much. The Mu Ren followed You Dou to Wuyin Village so happily, naturally, she had her purpose.

For this purpose, You Dou was obviously not very interested. After all, it was a short while, and You Dou had no idea about dealing with Yunyin Village.

While thinking about Right Dou, several figures walked towards each other from the other side of the road.

Walking in the forefront is Ringo Yu Yuri and Gan Persimmon Guiyu.

Behind these two people, there were three people who followed each other, looking like Xia Ren who had just graduated.

Compared to the indifferent appearances of Ringo Yu Yuri and Ganshi Guiyu, all of these Xia Renhuan were a little bit tired, with a look of exhaustion.

Obviously, these people have just finished the task and returned to the village, ready to go to the water shadow office to handle some tasks completed.

Even though Ringo Yu Yuri and the dried persimmon ghost shark were walking in the forefront, they were obviously separated by a certain distance.

The dried persimmon ghost shark looked indifferent, but Ringo Yu Yuri had a trace of vigilance deep in his eyes, as if he was somewhat defensive against the dried persimmon ghost shark.

Facing Ringo Yu Yuri's somewhat wary gaze, Gan Shi Gui Yu looked indifferent.

Suddenly, the dried persimmon ghost shark was the first to spot the right fighting coming from the front. Not only did he stop his footsteps, his face quickly showed a solemn expression, and said respectfully:

"Master You Dou!"

Ringo Yu Yuri on one side was taken aback for a moment, and then he also reacted.

"Master You Dou!"

Ringo Yu Yuri quickly followed the gaze of the dried persimmon ghost shark. When he saw Right Dou, not only a beam of joy flashed in the depths of his eyes, but also stopped, and spoke respectfully.

Hearing these two respectful voices, the right fighting who was thinking also raised his head and looked forward.

"It turned out to be the two of you. It seems that you have returned from a mission."

Seeing Ringo Yu Yuri and Ganshi Guiyu, a gentle smile appeared on your face.

Except for some special mission needs, most of the Wunin Seven Swordsmen are idle.

Once people are idle, it is always easy to cause trouble.

Especially the Seven Swordsmen, who have rather weird personalities, so You Dou asked these people to simply take the place of Xia Ren who just graduated.

After all, these guys, among the many upper ninjas, are among the top ones, enough for the lower ninjas to learn a lot from them.

It can also be regarded as a disguised improvement of the strength of Wuyin Village.

You Dou originally thought that if these people were to be the instructors of Shinnin, they might be a little uncomfortable.

However, it now appears that Ringo Yu Yuri and Gan Persimmon Ghost Shark have adapted well.

Of course, it wasn't just the Ghoul and the others. In addition to Bai, Neji and Gui Deng Shui Yue, even Jun Maro was thrown by You Dou to the school as a temporary teacher.

Thinking about it, working as a substitute teacher in school for a period of time should be able to change Junmaro's withdrawn character.

As for Ranmaru, he was also thrown into the Ninja School by You Dou, but instead of going to be a contemporary teacher, he was a student.

Although Ranmaru's strength is good, some basic knowledge and common sense are still too lacking, and this shortcoming can be made up in the ninja school.

You Dou guessed that Lan Maru had not been able to enter the state of Curse Seal II. Perhaps part of the reason was that Lan Maru did not have much conception of some chakra changes.

Hei Ho Lei Ya is not a good teacher. What's more, Hei Ho Lei Ya only used Lan Wan as a tool from the beginning.

Naturally, he would not teach Ranmaru something about chakras or ninja common sense.