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Chapter 315 The sneer of the sneer of the village

When You Dou was talking with Ringo Yu Yuri and the dried persimmon ghost shark.

The six people who followed Ringo Yu Yuri and the dried persimmon ghost shark each could not help their eyes widening, their eyes gleaming with curiosity and admiration and looked towards You Dou.

"Could it be that this is the legendary Master You Dou from Wuyin Village?"

"Yes, you didn't hear Ringo Yu Yuri Shangrenin and Dry Persimmon Guiyu Shangnin, have you spoken!"

"Unexpectedly, the legendary adult is so young."

"Yes, yes, so handsome!"

"You are too superficial, Riying!"

"This lord, even Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara in the village of Konoha must join hands to take seriously the existence."

A pair of surprised and admired eyes, as well as low voices of discussion came from the group of Xia Ren.

Although these Xia Ren, although deliberately lowered his voice, how could he not hear it with the strength of the few people present.

"It's really energetic."

You Dou lowered his head slightly, looked at the group of Xia Ren in Wuyin Village, scratched his head, with a gentle smile on his face, and said with a light smile.

When you heard the words of You Dou, Ringo Yu Yuri and Gan Persimmon Guiyu's face changed slightly.

"Now, do you really want to go back to the ninja school and retake it?"

Ringo Yu Yuri quickly turned his head, looked at the three Shiren who followed him, and said in a cold tone.

With the sound of Ringo Yu Yuri's voice, the three scared faces showed horror at the same time, and they quickly closed their mouths.

They graduated with great difficulty, and they were even able to choose the legendary Yu Yuri Xiang Ringo to be the instructor of the Seven Swordsmen, and they didn't want to go back to school.

More importantly, in the eyes of the three scared people, this is simply too shameful.

The dried persimmon ghost shark on the side was not intimidated by the three people who followed him, but a faint murderous intent radiated from his body.

In a moment, the three Xia Ren who followed the dried persimmon ghost shark not only closed their mouths, but also shuddered from fear.

Seeing this scene, You Dou was a little bit dumbfounded and couldn't help but shook his head slightly.

You Dou took a few steps forward, looking at the six Xia Ren with a gentle smile on his face, waved his hand and spoke softly:

"Don't be so nervous, what are your names?"

Hearing You Dou's questioning, all of these people suddenly became nervous and looked at each other a few times, but suddenly quieted down.

But soon, among the few Xia Ren, one who seemed to be a little mature, came out first:

"Hello, Lord Youdou, my name is Guayama Ryusuke."

Watermelon Ryusuke's hands clenched his fists slightly. Although it seemed to be calm on the surface, tension and excitement could still be heard from the voice.

Watermelon Ryusuke?

Hearing this name, to be precise, this surname, an interesting look flashed in You Dou's eyes.

If you said that you were not sure at the beginning, then when you saw the light from the corner of Guashan Ryusuke's eyes, and from time to time, he turned to the direction of the dried persimmon and ghost, and you were already determined.

Watermelon Ryusuke's eyes were very secretive, but how could he escape You Dou's eyesight.

Is it the first user of the big sword shark muscle, a member of the watermelon mountain blowfish ghost?

Speaking of it, there is a considerable relationship between the dried persimmon ghost shark and the watermelon puffer fish ghost.

You Dou smiled lightly, and didn't say much. Watermelon Ryusuke was still a little too young. Since he could find it so easily, he must have discovered it long ago.

It's just that the dried persimmon ghost shark didn't care about it at all. A modest level of tolerance was not enough to attract the dried persimmon ghost shark's attention.

"Hello, Master You Dou, my name is Isshiri Sakura."

A cute-looking girl said excitedly.

"Hello, Lord Youdou, my name is Omura Mind History!"

With a big round frame glasses, Xia Ren said nervously.

"Hello, Master You Dou, my name is..."

Following the opening of Guayama Ryusuke's mouth, several other Xia Ren also plucked up the courage to introduce themselves one by one.

After listening to these introductions of Xia Ren, You Dou smiled and nodded, and said seriously to the six Xia Ren:

"Come on, you are the future of the village!"

"Yes!" Excited expressions appeared on the faces of the six Xia Ren and nodded vigorously.

You Dou smiled mildly, and straightened up again to look at Ringo Yu Yuri and Ganshi Guiyu:

"Excuse me, you two, I think you still have to go back and submit the task in a hurry, I won't accompany you."

Dry persimmon ghost shark grinned slightly, did not speak, nodded to You Dou, led the three Xia Ren, and walked forward.

Ringo Yu Yuli looked to the right, and seemed to have something to say.

But under You Dou's somewhat puzzled gaze, Ringo Yu Yuli's face turned red, and she quickly turned her head to look at the three people behind her:

"Let's go too."

After speaking, Ringo Yu Yuri took the three to endure, and left like a trot.

Right Dou looked at Ringo Yu Yuri who was disappearing quickly, spreading his hands slightly and continuing to walk towards the place where the bubble was.

On the other side, until the figure of You Dou, completely disappeared from the perception of the Ghouls.

The dried persimmon ghost shark slightly turned his head and glanced at the three Xiaren behind him, and an inexplicable look suddenly appeared in his eyes.

"Mr. Itachi, if I say that I am an incurable person, that's not all..."

Dry persimmon ghost shark looked into the distance, thinking secretly in his heart.


Accompanied by a slight sound of breaking through the air, a figure flashed from behind and appeared beside the dried persimmon ghost shark.

It was Ringo Yu Yuri who was a little behind.

"Your Excellency, what were you thinking about just now, it's not like you usually do."

Ringo Yu Yuri gazed at the dried persimmon ghost shark calmly, with a hint of indifference in his voice.

The expression of the dried persimmon ghost shark remained unchanged, and he didn't even move his head, but his mouth was slightly open with hard teeth:

"Speaking of it, you seem to have always been hostile to me."

"is it."

Ringo Yu Yuri realized that he did not see anything from the face of the dried persimmon ghost shark, and looked back again.

Suddenly, the two of them calmed down, and the six Shiaren who followed them, took a curious look at their instructor.

I don't know why, the six Xiannin present suddenly found out that the relationship with each other seemed not good.


Ringo Yu Yuri looked at the dried persimmon ghost shark sharply with a low voice:

"Not only you, but also Taodi, if you don't kill the person who once killed her companion in the village, how can you easily let others down?"

After listening to Ringo Yu Yuri's words, the cracked mouth of the dried persimmon ghost shark closed slightly and let out a deep laugh.

"Do you really know yourself, Ringo Yu Yuri?"

The voice of the dried persimmon ghost shark was low and hoarse.


Ringo Yu Yuri's eyebrows wrinkled lightly, apparently for a while, she didn't understand what the dried persimmon ghost shark was talking about.

Facing Ringo Yu Yuri's somewhat sharp gaze, the dried persimmon ghost shark didn't care at all, or even ignored it.

The dried persimmon ghost shark had no intention of explaining at all, he passed Ringo Yu Yuri directly and walked forward.