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Chapter 316: Isn't Justice Covered With Ambition

Facing the front, the dried persimmon ghost shark suddenly speeding up, followed the three people behind him, and at the same time was taken aback.

But soon, an indifferent voice entered the ears of the three of them.

"Are you planning to let me submit tasks to you?"

Hearing the indifferent voice of the dried persimmon and ghost, the three of them couldn't help but shiver.

The three Shiina Shinobi bowed gently to Ringo Yu Yuri, and trot to catch up.

Obviously, the dried persimmon ghost shark has a very powerful influence on these few people.

Because Ringo Yuyuri and the others behind him were separated from each other by a certain distance, and there were so many of them, it was natural that they couldn't hear the conversation between Ringo Yuyuri and the dry persimmon ghost.

The few people present at Xia Ren can only roughly infer that the relationship between Ringo Yu Yuri and Gan Shi Gui Yu seems to be quite bad.

Seeing the figure of the dried persimmon ghost squad fading away, the three Shijinshi behind Ringo Yu Yuri, looked at the chills of her own guide, Shijinshi, glanced at each other slightly, did not dare to make any sound.

If You Dou knew that at this moment, if Ringo Yu Yuri and Gan Persimmon Guiyu had such a friendly relationship, not only would they not have a headache, but I am afraid they would even laugh out loud.

It's impossible to count on Wunin Seven Swordsmen, who have different personalities and completely different tempers, to be friendly and help each other.

Really speaking, with the exception of Lan Wan, the tempers of Ringo Yu Yuri and others are bad personalities for most ordinary people.

However, everything is often not absolute.

Who can be sure that these guys gathered together by a group of bad personalities are not as firm and powerful as those who call each other their companions?

In You Dou's eyes, Ringo Yu Yuri, Tao Di Nozhai and others' bad characters are filled with more firm and pure beliefs than most ninjas!

The justice or forbearance pursued by Naruto Uzumaki is not just the ambition covered in a layer of skin!

Close to the edge of Wuyin Village.

On the empty ground, a black figure slashed across the ground at an extremely fast speed, and only a black afterimage could be detected at such a speed.

The moment this figure crossed the ground, it suddenly turned a right angle, then went straight to the sky, and appeared in the mid-air tens of meters high in the blink of an eye.

Fu, who was suspended in mid-air, took a strong breath, with a relaxed expression on his face, and then opened his eyes wide, looking at the misty village below.

"It's worthy of being one of the five great forbearance villages. It's really a big village. At such a height, you can only see a part of the entire Wuyin Village."

"Furthermore, the taste of sea water is completely different from the taste of rivers."

Sniffing the unique breath of the sea in the air, Fu let out a small exclamation and said to himself.

You know, when Fufei reached such a height in Takinin Village, he could easily see the whole picture of Takinin Village.

While Fu was suspended in mid-air, observing the Wuyin Village, a flat voice suddenly sounded from behind Fu:

"As a foreigner, it is not a good habit to observe other people's villages so unscrupulously."

"And flying so high, but it's easy to be treated as an enemy."

Hearing this sound suddenly sounded, Fu's pupils shrank slightly, and the two transparent wings behind him couldn't help but pause.

Fu quickly turned around and looked in the direction behind him, only to find that there was no single figure.

At this time, Fu turned around again, looking around cautiously.

As a human being, Fu's perception is naturally not weak, but just now, Fu did not feel the presence of a ninja.

This is also the main reason why Fu was suddenly surprised.

"There aren't any ninjas, so is it teleporting?"

Fu said to himself, flying to such a height, I am afraid it is the enchantment of the hidden fog village that is not in the sky.

Thinking of this, Fu knew that he was probably warned by the ninja in the dark part of the misty village.

It is worthy of being one of the five great Ninja villages, and it is possible to arrange such an enchantment in the sky. It really is not a small Ninja village like Takinin village.

Fu, who has the ability to fly, understands better than most ninjas the difficulty of arranging enchantments in the air, as well as the financial resources and manpower required.

Even if you don't count the financial resources, just take turns to guard the enchantment ninja, you need a dozen ninjas to guard.

And the number of these ninjas, but the number of ninjas in a small ninja village.

Facing the warning from the secret ninja, Fu flew down quickly from the air even though he was reluctant.

Just after landing, Fu felt a figure appeared behind him.

Fu's face changed slightly, thinking that it was a secret ninja who wanted to shoot himself, turning around and backing quickly.

When Fu, I said to see the figure behind me clearly, I paused slightly.

"It's you?"

When Fu looked at Right Dou, who was standing there with a faint smile on his face, his retreat stopped.

In front of this guy, his actions didn't make any sense.

"It's really dishonest. It seems that you were warned by the Anbu guy."

You Dou looked at Fu with an unhappy expression on his face, and spoke in a flat tone.

Hearing You Dou's words, Fu couldn't help but tighten in his heart!

The reason I came to Wuyin Village was to protect my village, Takinin Village, if my behavior just now made the guy in front of me unhappy.

My own village is dangerous!

"I'm just a little boring, who knows that you can't fly in the air in the hidden village of mist."

Thinking of this, although Fu's tone was a bit blunt, he still explained quickly.

Seeing Fu pretending to be calm, You Dou couldn't help shook his head.

"It seems that when you were in your own village, you didn't learn some common sense of Ninja world."

"Not to mention the Five Great Ninja villages, even those small Ninja villages, if you are found wandering above other people's villages, you will be treated as an enemy."

You Dou spoke plainly. Although he said something serious, his tone was very relaxed, obviously he didn't care much.

Then feeling that You Dou was not angry, Fu couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief deep in his heart.

"Really, the bubble guy seems to be quite relieved to you."

After speaking, Right Dou raised his foot and walked towards the place where the bubble was in front.

Since Fu could come here alone, whether it was intentional or unintentional.

This is enough to prove that the bubble is relatively reassuring to Fu, and does not spend too much attention on Fu.