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Chapter 317 Three-tailed clone

Although the bubble's personality is a little lazy, You Dou believes that it is very reliable in some matters.

Since Fu had no problem with the bubble, You Dou would naturally not care about these small things.

After You Dou finished speaking, he raised his foot and walked forward, leaving Fu alone in a daze.

Fu looked at the right fight gradually moving away, with a tangled look on his face, but soon, a trace of determination flashed in Fu's eyes, and he quickly followed.

You Dou walked at a normal speed, and didn't leave too far, Fu Xiao ran a few steps before chasing him up.

"Are you not angry?"

Fu followed You Dou, and after a moment of silence, he asked uncertainly.

You Dou was a little surprised, and glanced at Fu who was following him on one side, with a hint of randomness in his tone:

"It's just a small matter, why should you be angry?"

Looking at You Dou's expression, this time Fu some didn't know how to speak.

Are you kidding me?

She is a human being, let alone a small village like Takinin Village, even the Five Great Ninja Villages must be taken seriously.

In the face of human pillar power, any village will maintain a vigilance and surveillance. After all, once the human pillar power is out of control, the destructive power caused by it is too great.

Even if the man with terrifying power in front of him can suppress the tail beast with one person's power, it does not mean that he can ignore the destruction caused by the human column power.

Although the location here is a bit remote, it is still the interior of the Wuyin Village.

In Fu's view, let alone being in another Shinobu village, even if it was her own village, she would still be punished for sneaking out like she is now.

Seeing Fu's speechless look, You Dou not only felt a little funny.

Apart from being a little arrogant, this girl is also more cute than imagined.

I don't know whether to say that this girl is naive or simple (silly).

"You don't really think that no one knows about you sneaking out, do you?"

You Dou turned his head slightly to look at Fu, and said a little funny.

Just now Fu flew into the sky and was only warned by the Anbe Ninja, he should actually be able to detect something, but Fu didn't even think about that place.

Hearing You Dou's words, Fu couldn't help but stunned, and then a trace of suspicion appeared on his face.

As a seven-tailed person, Fu can not only fly, but also emit countless small particles of phosphorous powder through the two wings behind the body.

This kind of phosphor powder not only has the ability to block the opponent's vision, but also makes Fu invisible.

It's not that Fu is boasting. Under the effect of these phosphorous powders, ordinary ninjas can't find her existence.

What's more, she didn't find any ninja stalking him in her perception.

Facing the confident Fu, You Dou just smiled slightly, and then under Fu's puzzled eyes, he raised his foot to the ground and stepped on it slightly.

next moment.

Accompanied by the action of the right bucket retracting its feet.A crack suddenly appeared on the ground below, in Fu's somewhat surprised gaze.

The small tortoise, the size of a palm, got out of the ground.

As soon as the little tortoise appeared, it quickly climbed onto the shoulder of the right bucket and lay there honestly.

Seeing this scene, Fu couldn't help his eyes widening. He was being followed by a tortoise, and he didn't even notice it.


Suddenly, Fu felt a chakra that was familiar to her from the little turtle lying on the shoulder of You Dou.

This chakra breath was very much like the chakra of the tail beast in her body.

Could it be that……

Fu took a closer look, and sure enough, there were three slender tails behind the turtle.

"It seems you guessed it. This is a little turtle and not Sanwei is just a small clone of Sanwei."

Seeing Fu's expression, You Dou smiled lightly and explained patiently.

When talking about this, You Dou stretched out his finger and teased the three-tail clone who was lying on his shoulder.

However, the three-tailed avatar lying on the shoulders of You Dou did not dare to move under You Dou's teasing.

Fu, who was standing on the side, saw the appearance of the three-tailed clone, and felt that the three-tailed clone was shivering.

As if Sanwei seemed to be afraid of right fighting, such a thought suddenly appeared in Fu's mind.

Nanao Shigeaki who was staying in Fu's body naturally also saw the appearance of Sanwei's clone through Fu's glasses.

"It's really shameful Jifu."

Nanao Shigeaki spoke tauntingly at Miso Iso in a way of communication that belonged solely to the tail monster.

Not long after this ridicule sounded, Mioi Isao's voice also sounded in Nanao Shigeaki's ears.

"On shame, wouldn't it be even more embarrassing for you to be sealed in a little girl and be slaughtered by others?"

Mioi Isofu swiftly counterattacked, his voice was rampant.

From a certain aspect, Sanwei Isosuke does have the qualifications to be rampant. Of the nine big-tailed beasts, I am afraid that only Sanwei Isosuke has not been sealed in Renzhuli's body.

"Huh, Isao is still the same as before, which makes people feel annoying."

The seven Shigeming let out a sharp cold snort.

"There is one thing, I have discussed with the rhino, and I am planning to discuss it with you and Yu Travel."

Mitsuo Isoki put away some mocking voices, and spoke to the seven Shigeaki with a serious tone.

"not interested."

Nanao Shigeaki's sharp voice was somewhat indifferent, and as the voice fell, he directly expelled Mitsuo Isosuke's consciousness.

For the seven Shigeaki and Mioi Isosuke who were communicating secretly, let alone Fu, even Youdou didn't notice it.

After all, this is a unique way of consciousness communication between the tail beasts. Without the consent of the tail beasts, no one can enter this consciousness.

Outside, You Dou retracted his fingers from Sanweifen, with an inexplicable smile on his face, looking at Fu at the moment:

"Looking at your appearance, it seems that I really want to go out and take a look. I can promise you this request."

"After all, Wuyin Village is very big, and there are even a lot of fun places."

Although Fu appeared to be more mature, she was still only a young girl. Therefore, Fu, who possessed the ability to fly, naturally yearned for freedom in a different way.

And since being brought back to Wuyin Village by You Dou, Fu has been here for a while, naturally a little unbearable, which is why Fu sneaked out this time.

Sure enough, after hearing You Dou's words, Fu Meng raised his head, his eyes bright.

Seeing Fu's expression, You Dou showed a satisfied look on his face, followed by a hint of abduction in his voice:

"If you want to move freely in Wuren Village, you just have to promise me one condition."

"That's to join...Mist hidden village."

Fu's expression stiffened slightly, looking at the smiling right fight, suddenly turned his head and let out a cold snort.

"In this case, I have nothing to do."

You Dou spread his hands, made a helpless look, turned and left and walked away.

However, You Dou hadn't gone far, suddenly turned his head to look at Fu, and smiled:

"Next time if you want to fly into the air like this time, it's best to talk to the bubble in advance. If you want to, he won't disagree.

"Otherwise, it's a very troublesome thing to be warned by the ninja in Anbe."

As the figure of You Dou gradually disappeared, Fu stomped his feet vigorously.

At the same time, through this meeting, Fu suddenly discovered that the man named the first generation Shuiying who scared Ninja world just now was not as scary as he thought.

Instead, there is an inexplicable gentleness...

Thinking of this, Fu shook his head quickly and threw out the inexplicable thoughts in his mind.

At the same time, Fu kept reminding himself that that fellow is a villain who will force himself to leave the village!

That's right, not only herself, but also Yugi's sister was also persecuted by this guy.

When Fu performed his inner drama, You Dou had already come to the place where the bubble was.

The bubble at this time is leaning against a branch of the big tree, spitting bubbles leisurely.